Popular Slot Games – Finding the Really Good Ones

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Over the last few years, the gambling industry has been a new wave of entertainment sector through various online casino slots. Technological advancement and globalization movement have brought a fresh breath to the industry. Thus, users can now enjoy diverse online casino platforms by a computer, smartphone, or other mobile devices. Also, they can luckily hit the reels with the many advantages of multiple highly innovative features. The best online casinos of today’s world are always striving for all innovations. Big game and software designers such as Microgaming, Riversweeps, Net Entertainment, Playtech, etc. always try to deliver the latest trends to the customers. They offer various popular slot games with cutting-edge graphics, design, and structure to the gamers.

These innovations can differ through evolved jackpots or the advanced 3D versions. Hence, features of casino slot games can continuously set up new beginnings and trends over the years.

Online slot games are the most famous and preferred kind of online casino slots. Therefore, most of the online casinos try to deliver a vast range of slot games to the player. Riversweeps is one of them which brings the thrilling experience of popular slot games to players across the globe. Our dedicated developers and designers have all the skills and knowledge for presenting addictive games for you. Our game development team has an immense experience which ensures you get all the features you need in the slot games. No matter your requirements, we can adjust our offer for providing customized service. In this way, we can ensure that you will have access to the mind-blowing gaming experience. The game development service of Riversweeps offers you the online casino slots with unique features. Thus, you will be able to find engaging online slot games developed by cutting-edge technological tools. 

Innovative Features of Popular Slot Games

As you have already assumed, there are a lot of elements which makes slot games more attractive. However, technological advancement has brought more sophisticated combinations for casino games. Thence, if any online casino wants to own a list of the top slot games, they should apply these most innovative features through online slots today. 

Background Tracks

One of the significant factors of online casino slots is the background music. Most game developers often disregard this essential element. In land-based casinos, surrounding noises suppress the soundtracks of the slot machines. However, it is much easier to manage this factor. We should consider that there are some gamblers who spend hours on online casinos. Therefore, game designers need to approach the right balance through tracks.  They should not be more refreshing or inspiring and could catch harmony between the environment and mood. One of the most popular slot games which can reach it is Jack and the Beanstalk. The soundtracks of the game are both sedative and soft. At the same time, it can raise the joyful tempo when the player hit winning combinations.

In the last few years, game developers use the music of popular bands or singers as a soundtrack of the slot games. This new trend has increased the importance of this factor considerably. For example, Net Entertainment delivered their “NetEnt Rocks!” series a few years ago. This series consists of three online slots which have used band bases soundtracks. This music belongs to Jimi Hendrix, Guns N’ Roses, and Motörhead.

Moreover, using Leo Vegas’s music as a background track in the slot game was topnotch of the gaming industry. The trend of working with legendary singers or bands makes this process more ambitious. Therefore, it brings more value to the soundtrack element of slot games. 

The Favorite Themes of Popular Slot Games

One of the well-known trends of the casino gaming business is to bring popular slot games to the industry with a built-in audience. Therefore, software designers usually try to develop online games based on available and favorite characters and stories. For example, video slots such as The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 3, or Fantastic Four are the result of this innovative trend. Besides them, game development companies use legendary films, TV series, theatre plays or TV shows as a theme of online games.

Monty Python’s Spamalot and Gladiator are one of these famous slot games. Thus, there are numerous online licensed online slots based on existing themes. It is a both comfortable and guaranteed way of designing successful casino games for developers. Furthermore, the most used ideas of the best online slots belong to Marvel or DC’s fictional universe.

Story-based Popular Slot Games

It is a fact that mainly 3D video games use the hip level of storytelling through their themes. However, this feature does not belong only to them. Besides video games, online casino software started to use storytelling in multiple popular slot games. As a result, they think that users can enjoy slot games more when they have interesting content to follow. In other words, instead of engaging in the same repeated symbols, absorbing stories will be able to attract more customers to the online casinos. Can you imagine how a story of a hero and his/her scramble can be exciting for the gamblers? For example, a game called Immortal Romance has taken its theme from one of the most famous novels, the Twilight series. As the storyline of this bloody novel, the subject of the online game includes a number of vampires and their enigmatic world.

Online Wallet Services and the Gambling Industry

It is a fact that technological innovation influences each sector of the business world, including the gambling business. At the same time, constant changes which occur in various areas affect each other considerably. For example, since the digital age brought online banking to the business world, it has been easier to manage financial resources and transactions for different industries. Besides, the assistance of online wallet systems such as Skrill, PayPal, Paysafecard is undeniable on this process.

When we consider that the core of online gambling is related to money, these innovative services have not passed by the gaming industry. Online banking enables popular slot games to realize their financial transactions by bank cards safely.  On the other hand, online wallets services let gamers use digital money such as crypto-currency or Bitcoin smoothly. Although multiple digital money systems hit the business world since 2009, not all online casinos deliver compatible payment methods yet.

Bitcoin Payment System

People can transfer digital money like Bitcoin from one gamer to another one with suitable payment methods. In this case, there is no need for any transaction fee or bank assistance. Frankly, the reliability and security of digital money encourage online casinos to involve in this system. Therefore, casino business holders and online casino providers can believe in the order firmly. On the other hand, anonymity, and the efficiency of digital money can earn the trust of the players.

Thus, most of the casinos dedicate themselves to the Bitcoin casino software of online gambling. However, it does not mean that all of the gambling sectors have converted their payment methods to digital money. There are still traditional online casinos that do not support crypto-currency. Nevertheless, the most popular slot games use both traditional and innovative payment methods for their customers. Therefore, you need to check this feature before starting your gaming experience.

Progressive Jackpots

One of the innovative features of the popular slot games is the progressive jackpot. Honestly, there is a category of slot games called progressive jackpot slots. These games are incredibly thrilling for online casino users. The main idea of the games is related to a cumulative cash reward pot. Any gambler can easily win this fantastic award. It provides players with additional bonus games though the online slots. The amount of cash that a player can get from these progressive jackpot slots looks like ice cream beside souffle.

Game developers have already designed most of the popular slot games like Mega Fortune or Mega Moolah by following this structure. Thus, gamblers can enjoy an additional grade of amusement by playing these games. Because of growing popularity, most of the online casino owners try to provide their customers with these fantastic slots. Therefore, gamers can find progressive slots in almost all online casinos. However, you need to be sure that you have chosen the best of these slot games.

3D Version of Online Slot Games

Another significant feature of slot games is 3D software. Since technological advancement, we can see the 2D and 3D versions of everything in daily life. Therefore, imagining the gaming world without 3D slots is almost impossible. The online casino software that is aware of this reality tries to apply 3D coding as much as possible to the gaming industry. Thus, innovation in computer and mobile devices has brought advancement in the structure, design, and progress of the popular slot games.

It is a fact that changes in graphics with 3D versions of the video games were inevitable. 3D version of slot games reminds sophisticated video games. It means that they consist of various symbols, exciting storylines, and incredible 3D displays.  For example, a game called Jungle Jim can describe these features of the 3D version of online slots. In this game, players can experience exciting storyline and models which encourage them to win big. 

Mobile Versions of Online Slots

It is a fact that online gaming began its mission with Personal computers. However, the growing popularity of mobile devices has changed the course of the process. People have started to play slot games by using their smartphones. Thus, technological advancement has shifted online gambling from computer universe to mobile phones.

On the other hand, the convenience and efficiency of smartphones make them the favorite way of online gambling.  Both casino owners and game developers figured out this new trend. As a result, they start to offer mobile versions of popular slot games. Game companies have developed the portable design of the slot games. It includes a mini touchscreen, operating system support, etc. Thus, gamblers can manage their whole casino world just by touching a small screen.

Besides, this new trend has caused the increment of mobile casino apps. When developers try to design mobile versions of the games, it increases the number of mobile slot apps. Thus, you can download these games from the application store to your phones directly. Hence, both mobile casinos and mobile gambling applications are incredible over the world. You can enjoy the mobile version of almost all slot games through smartphones.

However, we would like to remind you that some of these apps can be payable. In other words, the app store can charge you when you download mobile gambling applications. Therefore, you need to check all the rules and procedures of the mobile game app before inserting it. Besides, the game can charge you after the registration process. In this case, you can use a free trial of the slot games for a short period of time or with limited features. 

Popular Slot Games

Although all of the slot games are interesting, some of them are the most favorite for all online gamblers. It is a fact that everyone has a distinctive taste. Even, there is a proverb “taste differs.” Therefore, each online casino use has unique favorite slot game. However, there are some slot machines which most of the players appreciate as best of its type. It is not an easy task to analyze and evaluate numerous online slots. The most reliable evaluation tools on this topic are review and engagement rate of the slot machines. It can change when the subject becomes the mobile version of slot games.


If you visit any website of online casinos, you have noticed the game Starburst. It is one of the most popular slot games of the gambling world. There are multiple reasons for the success of this online slot. Frankly, its success was quite surprising for the online gaming world.  However, there is no anymore doubt Starburst is one the best casino games of the gambling universe. Starburst provides its users with real money awards. You can take these opportunities by just hitting the fixed winning combinations.

Moreover, the graphics which shines when players hit the jackpot encourages users more. The game consists of five reels and ten pay lines structure. The high number of pay lines let you understand the opportunities that the game delivers. Moreover, users can experience multiple thrilling bonuses though Starburst. Also, just as other slot games, you will encounter with Wilds which bring more jackpots and bonuses. They mainly appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. 

Family Guy

One of the most popular slot games which thrill the online gambling industry is Family Guy. Famous game developer IGT has designed this game for the gamblers. They used the NJ online casino scene by storm. Both the design and structure of this slot game can excite the users. Designers have chosen the theme soundtrack of the game successfully. It can both encourage and appease online casino users. On the other hand, the symbols of the game are also the favorite characters of the users. Thus, gamblers evaluate this game as the best slot game which based on a popular TV show.

The structure of the game consists of three reels and five pay lines. Moreover, you can find additional opportunities throughout the game. Bonuses and free spins are the most favorite feature of the online slots. For example, the slot game will provide you with three bonus rounds, and it will provide you with the odds of winning $100,000. The symbols which based on characters of Lois, Stewie, or Peter will bring you these bonus chances.


We cannot imagine the list of slots without Monopoly Mega Movers. It is one of the best online slots of the gambling industry. As you have already assumed, there are a lot of monopoly games in the gaming market.  However, we can ensure that the online slot game is the best of them with unique features.

So, for experiencing the best monopoly adventure, you only need to follow Mr. Moneybags. You will also encounter the characters of T-rex, Penguin, and Cat, which are recently developing monopoly symbols. The structure of the game consists of five reels and 30 bet lines. The number of bet lines is the notification of future opportunities. Furthermore, you will experience multiple popular slot games that will provide you with additional bonuses. These bonuses can be rewards or free spins. We want to emphasize that you can get about 100 free spins as a reward by the Wheel Feature.

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned games are among the most popular slot games in the gambling industry. As you become more familiar with them you saw that all of those slots have common features. Those features are not about the gameplay or the themes of those games. The similarities are about their quality and the casino development companies that created them. Essentially, it is the key aspect of all games. If you would like to get the best games for the gambling platform, do market research about the companies, and look for the games that audience likes the most.

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