Top 45 Most Used Gambling Terms: The Glossary

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Online casino games are simple to learn in most cases. However, the gambling terms are not. You need to know the meanings of specific terms before you master any genre of online sweepstakes games. Without knowing them, you will not understand the system and execute winning strategies whenever you play. Gambling terms can be quite intimidating at first sight for a beginner. However, that should not demotivate you. 

Instead, you can learn them by practicing over and over. Through this guide, your job will be a lot easier than before because you will not have to read every single gambling term whenever you see one. We will discuss the gambling glossary in alphabetical order, and it will also help you find and learn about the most used gambling terms easier than before. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

What Are the Most Popular Gambling Terms? 

#1 All or Nothing

It is a term about Keno. For example, all or nothing refers to those keno tickets that can win only if the owner could match all the selected numbers or nine of them on their ticket. 

#2 Ante

Another popular video poker-based term is Ante. It refers to the first-round deposits in poker. That deposit should be made before the dealer gives cards to players. 

#3 Aggregate Limit

This term is describing the capacity of a particular online casino website to payout the winnings of the players. It is a threshold for online sweepstakes platforms, and they cannot exceed this limit. 

#4 Bankroll

Bankroll refers to the funds that players set aside for only gambling purposes. If you are playing once in a while, there is no need to have an excellent bankroll management strategy. However, for avid sweepstakes players, it is a must. 

#5 Beginners’ Luck

Coincidentally, the player who just started the game on a sweepstakes website somehow manages to get on a winning streak, and this gambling term refers to those cases. 

#6 Bug

Bug refers to the joker card that can be included in some variations of online poker in gambling terms. 

#7 Burn Card

In most table card games, this strategy is used to protect the other players. Whenever the dealer starts to give out the cards, they tend to set aside the first card in the deck to prevent an unfair advantage in cases when someone sees the first card. 

#8 Card Counting

gambling terms

Card Counting is an old-school cheating strategy that has been used for decades in blackjack tables. Keep in mind that this is a challenging strategy to implement, and you need to have a solid mathematical background to perform this. It is a strategy that allows players to see whether or not they can get advantage in the next draws. They tend to make their decision of betting according to the remaining cards. 

Regardless of the card suit, a player needs to remember the drawn cards for their value so that he/she might guess if the next coming card will favor the dealer or the player. In this case, the players add

  • (-1) for 10, J, Q, K, and Ace
  • (0) for 7,8, 9, 
  • (+1) for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (of any suit)

to the equation. 

#9 Carpet Joint

It is a phrase used to describe American casinos that are considered luxury places that only host the high rollers. 

#10 Discard Tray

This Gambling term refers to the cards that have been discarded or used in the game which the dealer holds. Until the next round, the cards in the discard tray cannot enter the game. 

#11 Double Down

It is a phrase that refers to the specific bet type in table card games. For example, doubling Down on specific bets means that the player will deposit the same amount of the initial wager. 

#12 Dolly

As you might know, there are several Roulette variations in the sweepstakes market. In American roulette, the dealer is not pointing out the winning number with the stick. Instead, they tend to place plastic on the winning number, which is called the dolly. 

#13 Even Money Bet

It is a common betting strategy in online sweepstakes games. In this strategy, the odds are 1:1, and the potential winning will equal the amount that you bet in the first place plus the same amount again. 

#14 En Prison

It is a betting strategy that is rooted in French Roulette. While the player uses this strategy, his/her bet stays on the table for another round. 

#15 Face Card

It is among the gambling terms that are used to define the group of cards and identify them quickly. As you might guess, face cards are the Kings, Queens, and Jacks in the deck. 

#16 Fill

Fill refers to the last card that is drawn in poker. By using fill, the player completes the hand and sees whether or not they have a winning chance by using it. 

#17 Fish

Fishes are the players who are constantly losing the game but continue to play. 

#18 Flat Betting

gambling terms

As you might guess, Flat Betting refers to those who are wagering the same amount repeatedly without making any adjustments. 

#19 George

It is not a gambling term per se. However, in Atlantic City or Vegas casinos, the George is a local phrase used to describe the player who tips the dealers reasonably high. 

#20 High Roller

It is a form of players who are only betting large sums of money whenever they play. 

#21 House Edge

House edge is the percentage of overall bets that go right into the casino account. Depending on the type of sweepstakes game/genre you play, the house edge might differ tremendously. 

#22 Inside Bets

This term is used in roulette, and it refers to the wagers placed on the numbers located on the inside circle of the roulette wheel. 

#23 Jackpot

As you might know by now, Jackpot is the highest reward that a player can earn while enjoying various sweepstakes games. The highest jackpots can be found in progressive slots that utilize wide progressiveness. 

#24 Kicker

The kicker is also among the popular gambling terms that are used in video poker. It refers to the high-value card that is drawn at the last round. Usually, the suits like Ace and King are becoming the kicker in a particular poker hand. 

#25 Layout

The game’s layout is the term that describes the specific number of reels or rows that are presented. For instance, a slot machine might have a 3×5 layout, meaning that it offers three reels and five rows. 

#26 Low Poker

It is a type of poker that is the opposite of the initial game. In this type of video poker, the player with the lowest value hand will get the prize. 

#27 Minimum and Max Bet

In every online gambling game, there are limits regarding the wagers. The overall value of the bet should match the max/minimum wagering requirements for the player to start the game. 

#28 Martingale

Martingale is a popular roulette strategy that is mainly used in French roulette variations. Through this strategy, players are doubling the wager after each round regardless of the results that they got from the previous one. 

#29 Natural

It is a term widely used in baccarat and refers to the two-card hand of the same value. Usually, those values are 8 or 9. 

#30 Number Pool

It is widely used in bingo or keno type of games. Number pool specifies the number of options that you have in front of you to pick from. For example, in Keno, the number pool consists of 1 to 80 balls. 

#31 Outside Bets

Outside Bets in roulette

It is the opposite of inside bets. Using this strategy, a player wagers on only the numbers located at the outside circle in the roulette wheel. 

#32 Overlay

An overlay is considered a strong bet that puts the player ahead of the house and increases his/her chances of winning. 

#33 Paroli

It is another betting strategy in online roulette. By utilizing the Paroli, players will increase the bet each time when they win. 

#34 Pay Lines or Pay Table

These gambling terms refer to the places where players can bet. Depending on the type of sweepstakes game, you might have different numbers of pay lines. 

#35 Pigeon

Like the fish, a pigeon is also a term that experienced players generally use to define the newbies in the gaming room. 

#36 Push

It is a case where the results are tied in the game. Whenever push happens, neither of the players wins or loses the bet. 

#37 Quads

Whenever a player gets the same number for four different suits in video poker, that hand is the quad. 

#38 RNG

RNG or Random Number Generator is the system that ensures the fairness of online sweepstakes games. 

#39 Royal Flush

It refers to a poker hand that consists of an Ace, Queen, Jack, King, and the ten from each suit. It is among the top winning combinations that you can come up with whenever you play video poker. 

#40 Shark

Sharks are table card players who pretend to be a “fish” to win the game by tricking their opponents. 

#41 Toke

It is a type of chip that is used in different online casino games

#42 Tronc

Tronc is a type of charity box that is located in land-based casinos. All the money in this box goes right into the casino employees’ pockets. 

#43 Vig

It is the amount that an online casino charges players for making specific bets. The term is also known as the Vigorish or the juice. 

#44 Whale

Whales are the highest betting players that can be both profitable and risky for casino businesses. If they win, they take a large sum of money, but the sweepstakes parlor profits exceptionally well if they lose. 

#45 Wild

In slot games, you will regularly hear about the gambling terms like wilds. These are the symbols that have a high value, and they can substitute for any other symbol located on the same reel. 

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