Progressive Slots: How do they work?

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Many people are enjoying online casino games. There are a lot of reasons why online casino games considered the best option for adult entertainment. Some people argue that online casino games entirely based on luck, and others are disagreeing with that view. Skill is as essential for these games as luck. How to obtain those skills? To be an experienced player in the online casino, you need to play more. Experience is showing its importance while you are playing progressive slots. Amateur players are more interested in simple games that do not require much skill. However, experienced players are enjoying every bit of progressive slots. Why is that? Throughout the article, we will find answers to this question but first, let us explain to you the progressive online slot games then turn back to the main topic. 

Progressive slot games

If anyone wants to win big and risk it all on the table, they should play progressive slots online. Many casino slots online players with long experience in this field would tell you that you cannot win several thousands of dollars by playing simple games. By saying the simple games, I meant the ones with essential deposit and wager requirements. For instance, blackjack or roulette, or baccarat can be an example for that matter. If you are the player that wants to win high rewards, you need to find the casino games that have the highest payout rates. Which games have that? The progressive slots can be the best example for that matter. In the following paragraph, you will learn more about progressive slots. 

What are progressive slot games mean?

If you ever played progressive slots online, most probably you know the fact that the jackpot in those games is always becoming a fixed amount. The deposits of the players are collected, and someone wins the prize in those games. You need to feed the award in those types of slot games. As we can see from the name of the subject matter, progressive slots are progressing and increasing over time. In progressive slot games, the coins of different players collected. You put the wager and push the button. It is a little bit of a risky but very entertaining type of casino game. The excitement of every round makes your time and deposit worth playing this slot game. 

Every one of those players is impatiently waiting for the result during the game. In the end, one of those players wins the grand prize. There are various types of progressive slot games. In the following paragraphs, we will explain them in depth. 

Standalone progressive slot games

The first type of progressive casino games that we will explain is standalone progressive games. In this kind of online slot games, there is a specific slot machine that contains jackpot ticker in itself. That jackpot ticker is the only place where all the wagers are collected. The jackpot is growing after several rounds. The standalone type of progressive slots once was the only option for action-loving casino players. In recent years, other types of progressive casino games designed. It is the oldest and most played type of progressive slot game. 


The specific feature of this type of game is that you have only one slot machine. The slot machine is collecting all the payments and rewards only one player. In many parts of the globe, standalone slot machines for progressive jackpots are still in use. It is better to play with friends and entertain. However, the maximum prize in this type of progressive game is lower than the other. The maximum amount in this game will be around ten thousand dollars at best. That is why; we recommend different types of progressive online casino business games that will be discussed in the next paragraphs. If you decide to win big and go for the huge prize, then you should try local progressiveness in slot machines. What does it mean?

Local progressive slots

The standalone progressiveness was mainly popular till the next generation of casino slots online games emerged. Local progressiveness created after several inventions in online casino businesses occur. It is considered to be the next generation progressive slot game. While you have only one slot machine in a standalone progressives slot game, in this one player, can play on any slot machine in specific casino. All of those slot machines are related to each other. Every player that deposits in any slot machine in the internet cafe will contribute to the highest jackpot.


What is the amount of slot machines that included in this game? The number of slots is growing to the limit of that casino. It can be a hundred slot machines if the capacity of the internet cafe is enabling it. The main advantage of Local progressiveness slots are the high jackpots. In this game, the prize can go up to one million dollars in top deposit games. At the minimum, it will be around 100 000 dollars. That is the main reason why many casino game players are choosing this type of progressive type rather than standalone jackpots. 

Wide area progressiveness slots

The third type of this fantastic style of casino games is the full area network progressive casino games. Many casinos are using this type of slot for their business. In recent years wide-area progressiveness became a new trend for casino game lovers. Why is that? The advantage of this type of casinos is that it captures the full range of casinos. If you have two different casinos in the same state, you can relate them to each other. 


Wide area progressiveness includes all the slot machines that are operating in different casinos but the same state. This feature allows this type of casino game to accumulate the highest jackpots. Most of the time, in countries where casino gaming is accessible, the amount of pot can be one million dollars. In some cases, it can go higher to ten million. Is not it an excellent opportunity for earning the highest rewards? I think it is. If you are one of those passionate sweepstakes game players that want to risk it all for winning, then you should choose a wide range of progressive slots. These slot machines are working with IGT. The games that the company offers to the casinos are called Megabucks. 

How to win progressive slot games?

Some people may argue that there is a winning strategy in progressive jackpot slots. However, there is not. Your chances of winning the progressive slot game are equal to the other players. That game is like the lottery that is why it is hard to increase your chances of winning the best reward. 

Experts are stating that no matter what the jackpot size, there is no exact way of improving your chances in jackpots. It is estimated to be the one in a million opportunities that you will get a high reward at the end. Although, if you play progressive slots with specific hours limit, then your chances somehow can increase. The jackpot can be ten million after a lot of people deposited, though it is uncertain that either of them will win it.

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