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If you were interested in online casinos, you probably noted that many casinos offer the same games. Besides, you may have seen somewhere at the bottom of the page a small banner with the logo of the company – the supplier of casino software or the ability to sort games by the provider. Indeed, most casinos do not create the program from scratch, most often software is bought from companies specializing in creating software for online casinos. You can call those companies as Internet sweepstakes software providers. There are about 100 such more or less known sweepstakes software providers in the world, and they compete with each other for supremacy in the world market and attracting the highest number of lovers of the online gambling industry of the entertainment industry to their products.  


sweepstakes software providers

Why are we talking about popular casino software, as a guarantee of honesty casino? There are several reasons for this. First, the larger and more famous the company, the more it values ​​its name. A large company has something to lose if it turns out that its software is “charged”, a scandal breaks out, large clients can refuse its services, players will stop playing. The sweepstakes software providers do not have a special meaning to “charge” software, because they receive a fixed fee from the casino when buying, plus a small percentage of the turnover. That is, the sweepstakes software providers themselves do not receive any special dividends from dishonest games.

The casino manufacturers do not own software companies so that there is no conflict of interest, they only sell software. Large software vendors do not transfer source codes to their customers (casinos); moreover, even the ready-made software itself is usually not transmitted. Everything remains on the servers of the software supplier, the provider itself provides service and operation of the slot games. You can easily verify this – browser casinos point to an address like or (or other addresses belonging to these companies, which will be the same for different casinos).


If we talk further, then the casino with secure software from well-known suppliers has additional advantages. The very fact of having such software speaks of the reasonably high financial capabilities of casino owners – this is not a scripting casino for $ 10 and not homegrown software for $ 10 thousand. Casinos from leading software vendors cost hundreds of thousands, or even more than a million dollars. It is essential, many newbies are worried, “but if I win a lot of money, will my casino pay me back?”. Of course, in a second casino that flooded the Internet, even if suddenly, despite its charge, you win a lump sum, the likelihood that you will be paid is minimal (well, what payments can there be if a student bought a casino for $ 100).

For a casino with a well-known software, the sum of several tens of thousands of dollars is nonsense. Jackpot software provider is generally responsible for the jackpot itself, but the largest casinos have announced payments of hundreds of thousands and even over a million pounds sterling, which is evidence of the software’s honesty and the reliability of the casino.

In general, as far as we know, casino games from major sweepstakes software providers are fair. There are no “buttons”, “levers” and other opportunities to change the payouts or the casino game results somehow. Of course, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that this is the case, but we have no doubts. We will say that the majority of players all over the world play quite a lot in casinos with popular software (they always preferred to play in them). So, there were almost no substantiated complaints about dishonest casino games by the leading manufacturers over the past ten years. In our opinion, this is the best recommendation of the software and casinos on it.

Online casino software developers

sweepstakes software providers

By and large, at the moment a little more than five sweepstakes software providers can be counted among the leaders. Up to a few dozen are on the second line: but for the most part, these are only suppliers of gaming machines. Now we will inform you about the four industry leaders.

Microgaming is a long-time leader, the most popular casino software in the world, software with the maximum number of games; there are now more than 900 of them, in general, the most-most. This company started in South Africa, then moved closer to the mainstream customer – to Malta and London. Currently, over 50 casinos use downloadable software from Microgaming and a few hundred more – a flash version of QuickFire. MG casinos are loved for a large number of great games and good bonuses.

Lately, there have been almost no scandals and cases of not very fair handling of clients by the casino only with software from Microgaming. Microgaming not only sells software but also monitors the operation of the casino, not allowing them liberties.

NetEnt is also one of the industry’s firstborn, the software is valued for great slots, now they are successfully fighting for leadership in the number of casinos. They started modestly, with several casinos in Java. Then they switched to flash and led a wave of popularity of flash games embedded on the site. These games offer almost all bookmakers, and nearly all of them have games from NetEnt. And in general, casinos with multi-software (several types of software “under one roof”) are becoming more and more popular, and again the leadership in this market with NetEnt (plus Microgaming). Now this software is in several hundred institutions, and the company is on horseback, they trade its shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, the cost is currently over $ 2 billion.

Playtech appeared a little later than its competitors, but due to the relatively low price with good quality, the number of casinos began to grow quite quickly. Even though the company is registered in Holland, its “founding fathers” are from Israel, and software is written in Estonia. The name of the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is one of the most expensive in the gaming industry (capitalization at the end of 2018 is close to $ 3 billion). Now, however, the company’s popularity, especially in Russia and Europe, is falling. The fact is that they do not give up their games to multi-casino casinos and, in general, switched to the Asian market. However, the casinos remain generally quite good.

Evolution Gaming company appeared after competitors reviewed here (in 2006), it specializes exclusively in games with live dealers. By the way, despite the narrow specialization, it is one of the largest and most expensive online gambling companies! The company is organized in London, has a British license, and a bunch of others, but the studio and the central staff are in Latvia.

Our list did not include the names of several more suppliers: RTG, BetSoft, Play’nGo, Rival (still inferior in terms of leaders), Novomatic (for all the popularity of their slots, card games and roulette are rare online).

Helpful advice

The information provided above is only for general information. To achieve success in your knowledge of sweepstakes software providers, you will need to explore this topic more deeply and carefully. The more information you have, the more chances you have to achieve significant advantages in this case.

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