Steampunk Keno

On online Riversweeps Platinium gaming platform, a game-lover can find more than a hundred slot games that will highly meet their expectations. On this newly established platform, there are not only new kinds of slots but also worldwide famous games that people love to spend their free time. These games’ graphic design are so well-done that they are even better than playing real slot machine games. There are different kinds of slots: multiline, fruit slots, classic lines, keno, etc. SteamPunk Keno 15 is one of the innovative games in the market.

Playing Steampunk Keno

It has 80 numbers that the players should choose between 1 to 80 to mark cards: they should mark the card with minimum 1 and maximum 15 numbers that are between 1 and 80. Then, 20 numbers are randomly generated and displayed. When the drawn numbers match with player’s marked ones, it is counted Hit. Players choose the numbers that they want to bet on; once they have done with marking, they should click the “Start” button.



In the window of the game, there is a table called “Game Table” in which the total numbers of Hits are shown. Players can mark their cards automatically by “Quick Pick” button or by themselves. To clear all the chosen numbers, players should click the button “Clear Card.” All in all, Riversweeps Platinium offers a wide range of games with full of fun and prizes. While winning a lot of awards, you will spend your free time on Steampunk Keno.


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