Innovative Online Casino Features that Best Casino Software Provides

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In the past few years, the online gambling industry welcomed new innovative features for casino games. Players can now play their favorite games from desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets as well. Major props to the best casino software providers for establishing new and exciting features for players like us. The companies like Microgaming, iBetSoft, Riversweeps Platinum, and Playtech have stepped up big and designed crafty features that took online gambling experience to another level. This post aims to cover those features and address the fundamental changes and improvements in online gambling games. 

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are stimulating casino games that are linked to the highest cumulative cash prizes around the gambling world. The bonus game of these slots is what makes them unique. Games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune are two primary examples of the progressive slots. In both of these games, players earned over millions of dollars over the past few years. The best casino software can provide these fantastic games which online gamblers love to play and compete in. 

Live dealer Casino Games

Live dealer games are another reason why you need to employ the best casino software for your gambling platform. It is not a common feature of the games, and not many online casinos offer these games. Though, it is better to note that live dealer experience brings a new level of immersion to the gambling world. Players can get caught in the atmosphere and feel the vibe of brick and mortar casinos. If you cannot head to the real casinos, the live dealer games are the best choice for you. To enjoy the thrilling live dealer games, you need to choose the market leader gambling platforms that cooperate with the best casino software providers

Mobile Casino Games

A new generation of online casino players is lucky because they have a chance to enjoy mobile gambling. Smartphone usage has been increasing tremendously, and as a result, casino software providers decide to design a new platform where users can access casino games without any limitation. Developers of online casino software for sale seize that opportunity and created unique slot games for casino players. There are both advantages and disadvantages to playing these games. For example, for casino slot players, it is better to use smartphones because it is easier to spin reels without losing the flow of the game. Though for bingo and keno players, it can be hard to catch up because of the screen size. Overall, this invention made casino players’ life easier because it positively impacted the accessibility of our favorite casino games. 

3D Casino Games

Advanced technology leads to significant evolutions in the online gambling industry. One of them is the 3D slot games that we can play online. The graphics, sound effects, and visualization of these games create an ambiance like you are playing a console video game. These games now feature characters, have levels, and different prizes for each completed task. For example, let’s take one of the best casino software provider Microgaming’s popular game, “Jungle Jim: El Dorado.” The magnificent CGI scenery that this game has improved the gaming experience of the players and adds another value. The storyline of the game motivates you to continue and urges you to win big, so the excitement doubles up. 

Multiple Screen Slots

Multiple Screen slots are another invention that helped players to enjoy their favorite casino games at the same time. Before the best casino software developers came up with this idea, online slots had considerable competitive advantage over brick and mortar slot machine games. The benefit was that, online casino players could switch the games whenever they want and without leaving their seats. With few clicks, you could end up on another game and play it. With these new additions, casino slots became even more entertaining because right now, you can play two or even three casino slot games at the same time. Multiple screen slots allow you to enjoy this feature, and that is another exceedingly practical aspect that can help you to win more cash at online gambling platforms. 

Usage of Bitcoin

As we enter the digital age of banking, we have new ways that make it easier for us to spend and keep our money. The online wallet services such as Skrill, PayPal, Paysafecard, Neteller helps us to save and spend our money without any limitation. Online casinos saw these changes and quickly adapted to new payment methods. Bitcoin casinos are another wave of online casino platforms that functions and takes deposits with bitcoins. No banks and transfer fees are taking part in bitcoin transactions, so it is very efficient. Besides, it is safer to play with bitcoins in online casinos rather than using other payment methods. Best casino software providers include bitcoin online casino software for sale on their package. So, by employing their services, you can provide users with a payment method, which is an open-source cryptocurrency. 

Avalanche Reels

This innovative feature of the slot games invented by Net Ent and first used in Gonzo’s Quest casino game. Avalanche reels refer to the various kinds of ways that help symbols to appear on the reels. The company replaced the traditional spinning feature and made it in a way that symbols fall on the screen like in Tetris style block building games. If a player can match needed symbols on the reel, then that line would explode, and new lines will fall into places. It is a more complicated system through it gives players the opportunity to win more. The avalanche effect of the slot game will continue till players keep lining the winning symbols on the same reels. 

Storyline and Soundtrack

Slot game developers realized that the storytelling technique could make the games more engaging for players. So, they decide to develop casino games which have a deep storyline, start and finish. It is annoying to watch the reels spin and display symbols all the time. Thus storytelling brought a new adventure to the table. Nowadays, we have lots of online casino slots that feature a villain to defeat and the hero to root for. The main characters of these storylines are about the theme of the game. For example, let’s take a popular slot game Immortal romance, which is based on Twilight. This slot involves a catchy storyline of mysterious vampires. Anyone can embrace this great story and enjoy spinning reels to win and entertain themselves. 

Another effect that we are going to discuss is the soundtracks of new slot games. If casino players decide to spin the reels for hours, there should be a music that creates the right balance between inspiring yet ambient sounds. There are several slot games about famous musicians and bands in which the soundtrack plays a huge role. For example, Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead, Guns N’ Roses are among those slot games. 

Final Thoughts

There are lots of features that recently added to the online gambling industry and improve the functionality while making it more exciting for players. Nowadays, players can enjoy 3D slots with high-quality graphics and sound effects, live dealer games, mobile casinos, avalanche reels, and also can have an advantage of using various payment methods such as cryptocurrencies, eWallets and more. The new generation of online casino players is lucky because now we have the best casino software developers who are actively working on innovative ways to make outstanding games for us. 

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