White Label Online Casino Solution

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When it comes to starting an online casino business, white label online casino seems to be the best solution. It is a commonly known fact that the online gambling industry is growing every year, so more and more entrepreneurs jump in and are willing to test its waters. Most people have little to moderate knowledge about developing an online casino platform, so online casino software companies are here to help. White label is a popular method among new casino launches because it allows businesspeople to focus on marketing and promoting their brand without worrying about other aspects like software, security, or interface. Sure, everyone can start their business from scratch, but what if we tell you that you can benefit from a ready-to-operate platform that you can lease and start making profits from it right away?

In this article, we are going to find out what white label online casinos are all about, which are the best white label solutions and what makes them such an excellent option for people interested in opening an online casino business.

White label meaning

For starts, let’s see what white label actually means. A specific company produces any white label product, and it is available for purchase by other marketers. The marketers rebrand this product and design it in such way that it expresses their ideas and work ethic. The white label concept is spread all around the business world from traveling companies to make up products, and so on.

White label casinos

White label casinos follow the concept behind them: a third party provides the online casino software all the technological aspects that contribute to that platform. As a business owner, you rent the product and the services and worry about the marketing strategy and the branding behind it. Because the online casino market increased over the years, white label casinos are a viable option for entrepreneurs, but they need some research done and a reasonably good budget to start.

Who is involved?

White Label Online Casino

So far, it is clear that in a white label casino business, at least two parties take shares: the operator or the business owner and the service provider. This connection is very important because, without it, owners can never achieve a high-quality finished product. This means that the operator has to state its needs, intentions clearly, and future expectations for the white label casino software developer to know what they want.

The software provider or the supplier has to offer a complete white label casino solution. The casino platform should cover a license, gaming content, payment options, front-end development, and a control panel. From the owner’s point of view, the control panel is necessary because it allows them to manage their white label casino platform, ensuring that their website is up and running 24/7 without any problems or malicious encounters.

The operator needs to know which the best software provider is and which the best white label casino solutions are. For an entrepreneur, this is the purpose of white label casinos: an already developed product that only needs marketing, branding, and promotion to gain popularity. Usually, operators can customize the white label software according to their needs, but before that, they need an in-depth study of the market.

What should entrepreneurs know?

Before launching their white label casino, the operators need to know which the geography of his business is. This aspect concerns the targeted market, meaning where are the players coming from and what games are they looking for. The business geography holds matters like language and currency as well. Owners need to know which games are trending in the online casino world and even further, which casino games are trending in the targeted country. A relevant game variety is crucial for an online casino business because this is how you gain popularity and increase the client base.

White label casino software providers know this aspect already, and most of them offer a full gaming set. Market determination takes account of marketing issues as well.  If an operator studies his market, he will know how to brand and promote his venture. Design features like color schemes, website layout, and graphics are vital, so knowing what the targeted players are looking for is a big step ahead on the road to success.


Like in every business project, management is essential in white label casino start-ups as well. Managers have to determine the scale they are going to work at and how many employees they need. Consulting with the online casino software provider is a good idea for getting insights regarding this issue. Hiring staff is not enough in white label casinos; operators have to separate employees’ rights meaning that they need to know what every employee is doing. For example, a casino administrator is in charge of the games and the online traffic reports while a manager can access data regarding finances, payouts, and player information. Every online casino platform has a bonus system, and this issue concerns both parties involved in the white label casino. Most white label casino solution services include the bonus system from the get-go allowing the operator to change deposit amounts, game volatility or turn them off.

Lastly, operators define the payment processing system. Money transactions are under specific law regulations; therefore, this asset needs a license. White label casino producers implement their payment system in their software, processing the transactions through the operator. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can handle the payment options on their own by getting their personal license and cooperating with the payment systems of choice.

Benefits of white label casino solutions

If we compare white label casinos to start-ups built from scratch, its benefits are very rewarding. Asides from operators getting to choose from so many online casino software providers, here are the general advantages white label casinos possess:

Legislation Concerns

Generally, obtaining a license for any casino is a complicated task. Officials ask for tons of documents, and in countries like the United States, license fees are extremely expensive. Also, the law regulations concerning online casino business are very tricky and need a lot of time for understanding how they work and what they imply. Choosing a white label solution is going to save you a lot of time and peace of mind because the software comes with its own license and approvals.

Payment Systems

Even if payment processing sounds easy and operators can choose if they want to take care of it themselves, it is in fact, a tricky task. Online casinos need to cover both accepting and transferring payments on a user-friendly interface and a secure environment. On top of that, the payment system has to include multiple pay lines available for numerous countries. White label casino solutions handle the payment processing system and asides that they include server security precautions and risk management, making sure your business is fraud-free.

Customer support

We all know how this works; if we are in a store and we need help but no one’s there to help us, we’re either leaving or making a complaint. It goes the same way in the online casino world; reliable customer support is crucial. Providing a professional customer support team for your business is typically expensive, takes a lot of time and requires a lot of staff. As an entrepreneur, you need to realize that you are dealing with the online medium so that you can have 1000 players on your platform, and they are all looking for help at the same time. Therefore, the customer support service is vital, and luckily, white label casinos come with this pre-packed feature.

Operators can customize this service, for example, they can choose if they want a 24/7 hotline, a non-stop chat box available, or a simple email inbox where players can state their problems and ask for help.


White casino solutions take care of everything except marketing and branding, which is the operator’s job. Managers need to check the technical features of the software to know what is possible and what is not, in design-terms. White label solutions are time-tested gaming platforms, so the engineers behind it made it easy to brand with multiple design features. This type of software usually comes with high-end graphics, state-of-the-art animations, and great sound effects.


It is one of the most significant benefits of white label casinos. The products don’t take a lot of time setting up because they come in their final shape. If the operator chooses an excellent online casino software developer, the white label casino set-up can take around two weeks, which is a very short time compared to other platforms. This news is great for owners because not many businesses can start making profits and earning customers in under one month.

Custom features

White label solutions are customizable; this being one of the reasons they are so popular. Operators have the freedom to add new games or change some game aspects along the way. White label casinos providers allow managers to shift the website interest if they want to, for example, moving from sports bets to sweepstakes slot games. This is not something owners opt for usually, but just the fact that software providers are open at changes like this is just another reason to choose a white label casino solution for your company.


This aspect is something every owner likes because it saves them a lot of time. White label casino solutions are pre-packaged deals, so entrepreneurs don’t have to deal with juridical formalities or stuff regarding technical features. Operators can invest their time in solving marketing issues and branding matters.

Disadvantages of White Label Casino Solutions


Operators stumble upon some restrictions when it comes to their white label casino preferences. The software provider selects most features such as payment options, the game variety, and so on. Lately, this policy changed for some white label casino suppliers that give their partners more freedom of choice.

Fixed range of settings

This is one of the major cons of white label casinos. White labels come as finished products, so the operator has little to no access to the game settings. The developer is the only entity that can make changes, and if the operator asks for this,  things are for sure going to happen.

Developer Control

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, most entrepreneurs don’t agree with it. When dealing with a start-up, operators are very concerned about how their white label casino works and how many people it reaches. Therefore, in the beginning, the developer offers solutions and different services to help the operator, but this also means a full developer take-over on the business.

White Label vs. Turnkey

White label casinos pass as turnkey casinos quite often, and this is a wrong impression. Even though the solutions look a lot like each other, they don’t offer the same services or advantages. Turnkey casino solutions are typically more expensive and time-consuming, and owners need to find third-party partners on their own. While turnkey software offers more liberty to the owner, overall white label solutions are most people’s favorites compared to the first ones. Entrepreneurs want a high-quality product that installs quickly. Even if the general audience frowns on the fact that white label casinos tend to look the same and work the same, it is the manager’s job to rebrand the platform and give it a more personal edge.


In conclusion, white label casinos are a good choice for any entrepreneur interested in this business area. As studies show, the budgets for white label casinos start at 15,000 dollars, reaching a maximum of 50,000 dollars. Even if the maximum amount sounds like a lot of money, in the business world, it’s not. Take in account that we are talking about a pre-packaged deal. Each white label solutions provider has more than one offering for their clients. The owner’s choice depends on his dedication and seriousness in intentions. However, white label casinos are substantially cheaper than a start-up developed by the operator.

There are significant advantages in using white label casino solutions. For example, the already-established technical features, but every owner knows that there is more than this. Entrepreneurs need to know that accessing the online casino industry is like a bumpy road. Competitors are everywhere, and without a strong online presence and a smart marketing campaign, it is difficult to make a name out of a young brand. Choosing an easy-to-remember domain name, a catchy brand name, and a relatable logo is just a few steps on this journey. Developing the gaming website and continue working hard on marketing campaigns and promotional add-ons will pay off and make your white label casino a landmark in the online gambling world.

Why white label casinos are great option

Even if these steps seem easy to follow, in reality, this is an entrepreneur only shot to success when it comes to attributing original ideas in the white label casino market. Every operator needs to know which the best white label solutions are and what online casino software they should choose to meet their needs. The online casino scene overloads with white label casinos, and this makes the market incredibly competitive. But also, turns the players into some sort of “spoiled brats.” Players continuously seek unique gaming experiences and new game features. Sometimes is better to invest in unique software.

Nevertheless, white label casinos are still a great option because it has some customizable settings. It gives operators the chance of building their own brand. Like in a basic slot games, the first thing that catches the eye is the graphic design of the game and not the technical features. It is the same for white label casinos, good promoting campaigns, pop-up color schemes and modern, relatable designs are what the players see first. Business owners that know this will surely invest in branding. Also, they already realized that white label casino solutions are in fact, the ace up their sleeve.

About RiverSweeps Platinium

RiverSweeps Platinium is a great software provider for operators interested in opening a white label online casino. We provide and maintain high-quality software at an affordable price. Our passion for technology and care for customers places us among top online casino software providers because we always know what’s best for our clients. The RiverSweeps Platinium software has excellent graphics and animations features, offering a significant impact on the users gaming experience. Our company fully supports entrepreneurs with reliable solutions and advice. If you want to start your own online casino empire starting from a white label casino, we would be happy to assist you.

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