How to Choose Best Sweepstakes Gaming Software Provider?

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In the past few years, internet café software and sweepstakes gaming software proved to be a fantastic business choice for any investor. Sweepstakes cafés bring a lot of money every year, so thinking of placing some video slots in your venue is a good move. On the other hand, every new-comer in the casino industry is likely to feel overwhelmed by the technical aspect and the number of software options available on the market. While most of them show the same features, at first sight, the secret lays in details always. If you want to have a successful and profitable business, you need to opt for the best sweepstakes gaming software out there. In this article, we will show gambling fanatics and business people how to choose the best casino software, what features they should look for and we will give some software solutions examples that can serve as guidance.

About Sweepstakes Games

As dictionaries mention, sweepstakes are promotional tools that allow you to win a prize by chance. Lotteries also pass as a form of sweepstakes, but today’s sweepstakes and maybe the most popular of them all are the sweepstakes slots. Slots machines are symbolic for the land-based casino industry, and they never lost their popularity. In the United States, slots bring around 60% percent of the annual gambling profits, proving once again its importance. Therefore, sweepstakes slots are a must in any internet cafe or online casino platform.

These games are fun to play and easy to understand and provide excellent money amounts for the business owners. Slots do not require any gambling knowledge, and the bets are substantially lower than any other table game like poker or roulette. Even if things evolved from mechanical to computer-controlled, sweepstakes games remained the same. Slot games have typically three reels loaded with symbols. By a lever pull, the player activates the reels and symbols rotate. One of the five lines in slot machines represents the winning strike, and it is called a payout line.

The payout line places usually in the middle of the screen. Wins and losses go hand in hand with the symbols showing up on the pay line. Some of the pictures are bonus givers as well, and they give out free spins, bonus rounds or bonus games. The winning chances change by variations of the RNG- the random number generator, a certified and law-approved system that ensures the fairness of sweepstakes slots. As technology advances, the RNG comes with a volatility option. This feature is a great business tool because owners can lower or increase the winning chances according to the game’s jackpot or popularity.

Payment and pricing

Today, all sweepstakes slots run on sweepstakes gaming software, making it easier for managers to focus on their own assignments. Sweepstakes gaming software providers ensure everything from slots design, interface, and payment system to security, technical support, and marketing solutions. But, always remember, not all of them offer high-quality, and at the same, all entrepreneurs want just high-quality. If you are a new bee of the casino software business, the most natural thing you can do when deciding for software is to check the price.

Any respectable sweepstakes game software knows that the price-quality ratio speaks for them. So, even if the price is higher than expected, the company offers the full required pack and also more features and management tools. Usually, cheap software brands lack server security, graphics, and audio quality, and most of the time; they offer quite a small game selection. Further on, we will list the key features of any reliable sweepstakes software company.

Sweepstakes Software Fundamentals

sweepstakes gaming software


When opening any business, every owner makes sure they have something for everyone. It goes the same in the sweepstakes game industry, where slots already made a name for them and are a significant segment of this casino world. Its increased popularity determined software developers to create more games with more exciting features. Every player has needs and wishes. Given the fact that sweepstakes slots are easy to play, the amount of player’s needs is enormous. Therefore, when choosing a sweepstakes software provider, ask for their games portfolio first. Most reputable brands hold from 50 to 100 games under their name, and this is precisely what you are looking for. Also, most players get their research done, so teaming up with a reliable software company, and using their products will increase your fame and incomes.

Secondly, you will want to look even more rooted in the games selection, and see what the games are all about. Gamblers react to sweepstakes slots they can relate to. Meaning the design of the slot has features like animations, characters, and storylines inspired from the real world.  Classic video slots themes range from ancient histories like Egypt, the Roman Empire, or Greece to beautiful landscapes like deserts, jungles, forests, and even the underwater world. Recently released sweepstakes slots feature characters from iconic Marvel movies, sitcoms like South Park or favorite movies signed by Universal Studios.

The game variety is essential when choosing your sweepstakes software provider, so check out for the number of the games and the theme diversity they offer.


Now that we already talked about the game diversity, we need to zoom in on the sweepstakes gaming software company. Graphics are very important so let’s see what the game’s design is all about. When choosing design patterns, put yourself in the player’s seat and ask yourself what would you expect from slot games. As we mentioned earlier, most gamblers want to identify with the game somehow, and they are thrilled when finding action characters inspired by TV or symbols taking them to their favorite sci-fi movie. In the casino software world, every feature revolves around an outstanding game-experience, and the design makes most of it.

First of all, reliable sweepstakes gaming software providers offer high-quality graphics. By high-quality, we mean a lot of 3D animations and state-of-the-art graphics elements. These elements should be brightly colored and enhanced by LED lighting, making them pop-out and attract the players. Another thing you should look at is how these design patterns integrate within the interface. What use are excellent graphics without timing and prover navigation conditions? Navigation is linked to the design because together, they ensure the well-functioning of games. No player likes glitches, hold-ups or a slow-moving game.

Quality of the game

Take into account that sweepstakes slots gamblers are not patient people, and we can’t blame them. Imagine having hundreds and hundreds of game choices, online as well in land-based casinos and being stuck up on a faulty slots game. This will never happen even in your wildest dreams. When choosing a sweepstakes gaming software provider, check the design patterns and the overall layout features and see if they meet standard requirements.

Second of all, good graphics come with good sound effects. Just like their fellows, audios need reliability to attract the customer, and they also need to match their surroundings. For example, players like soft background music when they choose a game because it lets them focus. Moving on to the actual gaming experience, sound effects like coin tossing, greetings, and cheering step in. They motivate and encourage the gambler. In some games, payout options link to suspense-creating audio that stimulates the players and excites them at the same time. In another order of words, sound effects need to be as transparent as possible and carefully selected to match the storyline of the game.

Volume variations are required as well; music should be at a lower volume in the main menu and louder when the actual game starts. The best sweepstakes software providers have the best sound effects in the biz. Most likely, they offer demos to each customer, so don’t forget to pick yours. Asking for one or just checking their products on different casino websites can quickly help you.

Multi-option settings

Experienced sweepstakes software providers know that being accessible to everyone and creating a comfortable gaming environment takes you a long way. And this is precisely what business owners should offer. No matter if you own a brick and mortar casino or an online casino platform, user-friendly settings are more welcome. We are talking about language, multiple choices, and different payment systems. Most software brands use English as the primary interface language in online casino. However, the best ones offer Spanish, French, German as secondary options. Multiple language options increase a brand’s reliability. In this way, players feel more comfortable and feel like someone listens to their needs. Caring about customers is a crucial aspect of any sweepstakes business.

Besides, the payment system is another setting that shows clients that they are valued. Multiple payment options seem tricky to managers but are not. Choosing the right sweepstakes gaming software developer will show you practical solutions to make this system work. Working with different banks, currencies, and even digital currency is never a bad thing to do. Everybody knows that if a player has options, he will come back for sure in that internet cafe. Besides, he or she will access the online gambling platform as well. Online sweepstakes games websites can now introduce digital currency or tokens in their games. Digital coins are an excellent alternative for both players and owners, making whole process much simpler. At the same time, it makes the process more secure.

Flexible payment options

Cryptocurrency is the 2019 hit of the casino software world. Choosing a sweepstakes gaming software company that holds these multiple payment options will increases your chances of success. While we are on online casino platforms chapter, we should mention another key aspect also set by this year’s trends. Mobile device adaptability is enormous right now and the giants of sweepstakes gaming software


Last but not least, we are going to speak about a vital aspect of any sweepstakes gaming software, and that is online casino security. It is crucial for any business to have high servers security and enable players safe gaming experience. What players like in sweepstakes gaming software is transparency, so make sure you are choosing one that allows it. Transparency means that players have access to information regarding their payments and payouts. This saves the owner from any fraud or cheating allegations. On the other hand, the business owner controls everything. The data provided by these payment reports represents a real marketing tool. Knowing where your business is every step along the way, allows you to make changes and upgrade certain sweepstakes features.

A right server security provider will keep you bug-free, hacker-free but most importantly, fraud-free. Sweepstakes gaming software companies licensed under the security criterion, so ask for details when it comes to this topic. Like any other casino game, sweepstakes slots are law-limited. The burdensome regulations applied to this industry are not going to change anytime soon. So you might as well go with a software provider that focuses on security.  Overall technical support ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Sweepstakes Gaming Software Provides That Made History

Every business starts from the bottom, and the internet sweepstakes software companies did the same thing. We will list some of the most iconic brands in the casino games industry and highlight their best features ever since their beginning. Taking these examples in mind is an extra trick you can do when choosing the software that suits you and your business.

It is so easy to do research about the giants of the casino industry and study their sweepstakes software. As we previously said, this market is very transparent, and its sector requires it to be like this. The gambling industry is all about people and satisfying their needs. Therefore, each company has to take its guns out to attract customers. As a business owner interested in how this branch works, you can take a quick tour on one of these companies websites. Focus on their game variety and the page design and graphics. See what kind of features they promote and what are they advertising as their best product.

Reading about their history and come-up in the casino world is a great thing to do if you lack motivation. Most of these sweepstakes software companies started from the bottom, with almost nothing. Even if you do not possess their creativity and ideas, you can follow their work ethic as an example. Focus on their guidelines or find out their business principles as a motivational boost.

RiverSweeps Platinium

RiverSweeps Platinium is a sweepstakes software provider with years of experience that taught us what’s worth it and what’s not. We put our customers first, and that’s why we provide marketing solutions and business tools along with our high-quality graphics and game portfolio. We like to keep ourselves updated and our software secured and in-check. Visit our website to find out more about our sweepstakes gaming software,  or contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


In conclusion, choosing the best sweepstakes gaming software provider for your business can cause some headaches if you dive in the sea of offers without any information. There are so many options available out there, but following simple patterns can help you make the right decision. Following the correct sweepstakes, software guidelines come in very handy along the way.

Before checking the developer, make sure you know some facts about sweepstakes software in general. How does it work, how difficult can it get, and what advantages it brings for investors. If you read or ask for some consultations regarding this aspect, you will soon find out that design is a very important feature. Not only that you want your internet cafe to look good, but you need good-looking games as well. State-of-the-art 3D graphics and animations, and HD sound effects can’t miss from the feature list.

Secondly, make sure the sweepstakes software company provides enforced security. Not only that you want your customers playing in a safe environment, but you want this for yourself as well. Server security is a fundamental issue, that needs to be solved professionally. Every gambler desires a hacker-free gaming experience, without worrying about their money is safe. Take an example from the giants of the sweepstakes software industry and don’t let yourself down. Choose a sweepstakes software company that suits you and has everything you need. Make sure they provide helpful tips and assistance and also check their eligibility. If you want to be professional, team up with even more professional business partners.

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