Hot Slot Games: Top 9 Hot Slots Online

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Nowadays, people play slot games more than before. They are the gamers’ favorite casino game type. Easy to play, slot games attract more people recently. The only thing you should do to win is to anticipate the winning combination. Now we see terms like hot slot games and cold ones. What exactly are hot slot games? How do we determine them? In our article, we will try to define the term. After that, we will mention some of the hot slots online that deserves your attention. 

What do we call hot slot games?

We should say that casinos are unpredictable places. In the case of online casinos, they are variable as well. You never know what will happen with your luck during the game. Although many people think the chance is the critical factor in gambling, professional gamblers say otherwise. To them, there is always a trick in something, especially when there is real money at the end of it. So talking from experience, they assume that they can identify the slots that have higher chances of winning. The term hot slot games come from precisely this assumption but in a professional way. 

So, hot slots are the ones that have a higher frequency of winning. Cool slot games are vice versa. In casino games, people aim winning more than they invest. Hot slot games can satisfy this desire. 

Which factors make slot games hot or cold?

The concept of hot slot games comes from the experience of the regular player. Because he is the one who knows different ways to look at the slots. So, the number of free spins, counts, the processing time, and the behavior of the machine could be crucial. But in truth, the turns of the slot machines are random. There is no way to identify the pattern to win continuously, which makes gambling even more enjoyable. That is only statistics that may show that some slot games are hotter than the others. And according to them, people may have an impression of these games. So, it is up to you to believe the gambling statistics or not. The games we will mention below are among the hot slots online. 

Dead or Alive 2

This game is a kind of sequel, we may say. After popular Dead or Alive by NetEnt, the second episode is equally brilliant. There is everything you want in a hot slot game. Visual effects, sound effects, and the big prizes in the game itself. There is no doubt that this game will become a classic. Not only this is the best online gambling that came out in April 2019. For many people, this is among the best slot games ever. So it is worth to give a try. 


Over the past decades, there was a football game that kept many people busy. So the same theme, this time in a slot game will undoubtedly attract people again. This game does not need an introduction for people over 35. Maybe underrated or unrecognized, this slot game is probably one of the hottest ones.


The game is available in one of the newest slot machines. But that does not prevent it from being a hot slot online. Among the video slots, it has already gained a decent reputation. The Japanese developer Ganapati created this unique and peculiar game that deserves recognition. With a theme about Japanese tradition, this game will take you to an unforgettable journey. Although many people in the West do not know this game, it is still one of the hot slot games recently. 

Mega Pyramid

As we have mentioned before, hot slot games are the ones with higher frequency to win. This game is what is all about. With a unique Egypt theme, it is almost the same as the super classic Book of Ra. But we may say that in terms of winning frequency, Mega Pyramid is a step ahead. 

Queen’s Day Tilt

This game is out since February 2019. But in less than a year, it has gained extreme popularity among the players. With an RTP of 96 percent and a maximum win of 5000 coins, this game will attract you. Play’n Go has developed this original, 3×3 hot slot game. With a historical theme, great sound and visual effects, Queen’s Day Tilt are definitely among the best. 

Strolling Staxx 

It is around since January 2019 and does not fail to deliver. The online casino software provider NetEnt behind the game says a lot to us. When you are talking about hot slot online, NetEnt games should be on top. Being reliable and high-quality, they also have a higher frequency of winning. With classic five reel and ten paylines, the visuals seem classic. Fruits like strawberries, cherries, watermelons will make you feel the nostalgic atmosphere of the game. And they have an RTP of 95 percent, which may be a pivotal factor to most people. 

Excalibur’s Choice

Everything about this game screams early 2000’s, but the game is around only for a year. It is tough to believe that the game is one of the newest. Because it carries so many excellent characteristics of the sets of past decades. However, you may argue that the images in the game look outdated. That is only a false impression. With great features, free spins, bonus games and many more, this game is among the hot slot games nowadays.

Luminous Life

With an ocean theme, this game will make you feel like you are in deep waters. Casino software provider Playtech has developed this brilliant game. With a massive jackpot, free spins and dazzling effects, Luminous Life will keep you playing for hours. 

Buffalo Rising

Blueprint had developed Buffalo Slots in 2018 successfully, so it is their second in the series. When you search for hot slots online, it is significant to look through the statistics of the game. There are positive statistics of winning frequencies of this game for gamers. There are more than 117 thousand ways to win! And the RTP is 96.5 percent, which makes Buffalo Rising among the best and hot slot games available right now. 


Some honorable mentions did not make this list. Tiki Vikings, Magic of Sahara, Gold Factory and others are easily among the hottest slot games too. So not being on the file does not decrease their quality. 

As we have mentioned before, the statistics can be deceiving. You may research some of the hot slot games and end up losing in the game with the highest rating. In slot games, you may see one combination repeatedly. And this may create a pattern in your brain as a player. However, this is only an illusion. Because there is no intention in the creation of slot games that they should either have hot or cold cycles. Some players may think that they have analyzed the slot machines well. They may take notes of winning times and patterns, but that would seem meaningless. Also, gamers have different opinions on investing. Some think that to spend at cold slots is more beneficial because the winning will start now. 

No matter what, as a gamer, you should understand that it is all about luck and intuition. No matter how long the list of hot slot games can be. 

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