Comprehensive Guide on The Instant Win Casino Games

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While playing online casino games, we often tend to pace ourselves to make better decisions that can positively impact the results. The intensity gets to the peak stage whenever we are on the verge of getting closer to winning jackpots and so on. There are major differences between sweepstakes genres which adds more entertainment value and excitement. The process is exciting for many. However, there are quite a few people that want to get the instant win while playing online sweepstakes. 

They do not have the patience to wait for hours until the results come out. If you are one of those players, it might be your lucky day because, in this article, we will talk about sweepstakes games that offer instant rewards. But before getting into that, let us elaborate on what instant win casino games are. 

What are the Instant Win Casino Games? 

In the simplest terms, as the title suggests, instant win casino games are the ones that instantly determine the winner within a few minutes. For those of you who have tried these games before, they would know that it is a very exciting experience because these games allow you to instantly win huge prizes without much involvement in the strategy part. 

In most cases, like scratch card games, you click one button and see if you have won or lost the round in instant win casino games. The initial examples for instant win casino games have been linked to the traditional lottery-type scratch card games. The key difference and advantage of these online casino games are that you can play them anywhere and anytime you want. Instant win casino games are available on many platforms regardless if you are looking for a mobile or desktop version. 

History of Instant Casino Games

instant win

The Instant WIn sweepstakes first emerged in the middle of the 20th century, and the inventor of these games was John Koza. They were introduced to the public around the 1960s, and instant wins have attracted customers ever since. Koza worked on the overall design and made some adjustments in order to attract more users to this genre. 

He mainly focused on adding features from slot machine terminals and bingo to create a unique scratchcard game. The first digital scratchcard was developed by Scientific Games in 1974, which led to today’s modern online instant win games. 

How Do They Work? 

These casino games are very straightforward in terms of the rules. Regardless of your experience level on the casino platforms, you can always start and grasp the idea of instant win casino games within the first few minutes. By matching a set of numbers or the symbols on the cards, you can win these games. 

Just like other traditional internet sweepstakes, there are different wager sizes in this particular genre. You can bet the max as well as the minimum while playing them. They also have random number generation systems as well as the set payout rate, which you can find in the description tab of every game at a particular casino platform. 

Different Types of Instant Win Casino Games

There are a variety of online riversweep games and genres that have instant win options for players. Most of them utilize scratchcard gameplay, and the popular titles for this genre are card games, keno, and spinning wheels. They are very comparable to the essence of online slot machines, and in the next paragraph, we will go over the similarities as well as the differences between these two genres. 

Slot Games VS Instant Wins

In terms of the gameplay mechanics and delivery method, these two genres are quite similar to each other. The outcome of the games is determined through random number generation. However, online slots have more complicated systems as well as versions that instant win casino games lack. 

The bonus rounds, as well as wild symbols, are what separates slot machines from these games. On the other hand, the payout rates are almost the same as well as the payout frequency. So, regardless of your choice, you will access entertaining gameplay and exciting prizes. 

Slingo Games: The Instant Casino Games Phenomenon

Recently, Slingo games have become very popular among casino game players. There is a wide range of Slingo variations that you can try both in mobile and desktop casinos. So, what exactly is the Slingo, and how can we play it? 

The Slingo is a type of casino game that combines two different genres: a 75 ball bingo and an online slot into one sweepstakes cafe game. The gameplay is very easy, and it starts by handing out the cards to players. The layout of the cards is 5×5, like in 75 ball keno. 

Then, the reel starts to spin, and the numbers which have appeared on the screen should be marked off from your ticket. The person who manages to complete a winning line through this method wins the game. 

On average, Slingo lasts for about 11 spins until someone earns the prize. As you bet high, the chances of winning big cash prizes increase tremendously whenever you play Slingo. As we already mentioned, there are a number of interactive Slingo variations on the market. Below, you can find the popular ones. 

Slingo Monopoly

It is an exciting variation of the Slingo, which is played on a green monopoly board. You can bet starting from 10 cents and go as high as 100 dollars in this variation. There are ten paylines in this game. 

Deal or No Deal Slingo 

instant win

As you might get from the title, the Deal or No Deal Slingo is inspired by a popular Tv show by Noel Edmonds. The overall visual effects, as well as the interface, match with the TV show. The energetic game allows you to pick up to 7 numbers and spin the reels instantly to get a shot at the biggest rewards. 

Slingo Riches

It is a more advanced version of the scratchcards. Slingo Riches takes more experience to compete with the best as this title offers more sophisticated features such as wild icons and so on. While playing Slingo Riches, players will get a chance to make extra wagers at the end of every round. Depending on the size of the deposits, you can wager up to three times. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to enjoy the sweepstakes types of games and get a chance to win instant cash, you need to try instant win casino games. As you can see, it is very easy to learn and find these games. For those of you who do not have enough time to spare for the traditional casino games, it is the best option that is available. So, go ahead and try your luck at instant win games.

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