Decoding Myths with Facts About Video Slots

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Video slot games are one of the most popular casino games. Whether it is live or online casino version, people enjoy playing casino slots because of their high entertainment value. Table games can get quite dull and annoying sometimes. Though video slots are exciting, no matter if it is round one or ten. 

Despite being one of the most popular casino games, a variety of people have false perceptions about them. Some people think that slot games are rigged, and it is designed to favor the house. Other than that, there are some views about betting patterns and winning chances that do not make any sense. This post aims to cover the myths and the truth about video slots. We will give detailed information about their mechanics and gameplay. It is better to know how the slots work before you try to play them. So let’s start from the RNG and working scheme of slot machine games. 

RNG – How Do Video Slots Work?

If you have ever met an older guy in brick and mortar casinos, you have probably heard about their stories concerning cold slot machines. Some of those players still think that there is a thing like cold and hot slots. Whether it is in an online or land-based casino you will hear that kind of story. Casino players who wanted to understand the scheme of the slots created false perceptions. For example

  • betting patterns that can increase your chances
  • switching between numbers of winning paylines
  • slot programs and such nonsense are just some of them. 

What Is a Random Number Generator? 

It is a fact that the entire slots, especially modern video slot games, work per the Random Number Generator. RNG is a sophisticated math algorithm that determines results/outcomes of every spin. The way that RNG operates is very hard to imagine. For a simple fact that the system goes through millions of various outcomes in a split second. Whenever a player presses the spin button, RNG gives random results. That number equates to some patterns on the screen of your device. Every developer who has worked on slot game mechanics would tell you this right away. 

Avoid False Perceptions

You do not have to create theories about the working scheme of the online slots. Because the results would not change, even if you do. Governmental agencies that are responsible for checking online casinos are focused on several factors. One of those factors is RNG. They do regular tests on online casinos to see whether or not they operate according to random number generator principles or not. If those agencies found out that some casino is cheating and it is rigged, they will ban and close it immediately. So, do not worry about the fair play; just pick an online casino that is licensed by relevant organs. 

Why Is Timing not Important for Outcome in Video Slots? 

Once you start the video casino slot game and push the spin button, the next thing that the online casino system will do is choosing a random symbol that would be shown on the reels. That is the main reason why timing is not an essential aspect that can change your chances. Video slot games offer a stop button. This creates some speculations on whether or not it can affect the results if you pushed it early or later. Though, the reality is that it cannot change the outcome. Outcomes are determined at the moment when you push the spin button. It is either a win or nothing, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

However, timing can help you and increase your odds if you focus on the spin button. The moment that you push the first spin button is an essential factor that directly affects the entire outcome of the game.  

Throughout the history of casino gaming, there were a lot of business owners that wanted to steal the money of customers by rigging the system and changing algorithms of the machines. Though, if you choose verified online casinos, there will be no risk. You can be pretty sure that those online slot games work as they intended to work. 

Myths About Video Slot Casino Games

Over the years, slot game players have created numerous myths about slots. Mainly those perceptions are about how slots operate and how the house takes the player’s money by creating an unfair advantage. Let’s list the most popular myths that came up to the players’ minds. 

Slot Games Offer Meager Payout Rates

While many players of online casinos lose their money, they need to know that many others win at the same time. New video slot machine games offer around ninety-five to ninety-seven percent payout rates. That means they take only a few cents from every deposited dollar. Generally, online casinos earn more money than players in the long run. Though that does not necessarily mean that they are cheating, or the payout rates are low. These above-mentioned percentages are higher than most of the table games that players choose online casino portals. So, that means, this claim is false. 

Slots Track My Actions

That is another perception that many casino slot players would argue about. Most players think that decreasing or instead increasing the bets at some point can affect the results. Of course, it is not valid. Every action you take on online casino slots can change the outcome of the game. Though that does not mean that varying wagering amounts can make you a winner. By saying action, we expected the milliseconds that you push the start button. Those milliseconds can determine the outcome of the game. Every spin on the slot game is independent action, so previous acts cannot change or specify the future responses in slot behavior.

I am due to a Grand Prize

As we mentioned before, every spin of the reels is an independent act that cannot be affected by any actions of the players. You may think that, after several rounds of winning streak, you will gain the entire jackpot at the same game. Though it is a false perception and it cannot happen, only if you are the luckiest guy on planet earth. Random Number Generator is not biased. You cannot fool it with a simple trick that came from different players who accidentally done something and won the prize. It is neither logical nor possible. 

The Online Casino Tighten the Slot Game

There are many online casino portals that they would wish to have a chance to change the payout rates, though it is impossible. So, it is irrelevant, though, that some owners tighten online casino systems to get more money from video slots players. Every reliable online casino offers transparent payouts and fair chances for every player, and there is nothing to worry about except an unlucky day. 

As a video slots player, if you ever see someone who tries to insist on these types of myths and perceptions about casino slots, do not listen to them. Try to keep motivation high, and hopefully, you can earn huge prizes that you deserve. 

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