5 Mobile Gambling Trends for Online Casino Owners

mobile gambling
mobile gambling

Nowadays, the pace of technological development is amazingly fast. Thanks to the rise of worldwide internet, speed and comfort have become our best friends. Mobile phone users enjoy the advantages of the internet at its best. Mobile gamers enjoy a wide variety of online game apps with instant and easy access. If someone develops a mobile gambling app in any country, everyone else in the world can instantly play it. This case is a straightforward example. Mobile gamblers can play their favorite casino games whenever and wherever they want.

Mobile gambling apps and online casino games account for the huge share of the global gaming industry. There are many mobile casino lovers all around the world. Gamblers would rather play casino games at home than go to real casino places. Besides, online casino apps and games offer a lot of colorful menu options, themes, and bonus features. Therefore, online gambling becomes a more and more profitable business for entrepreneurs who own online casino games. To boost their revenues and profits, online casino owners should pay attention to gambling trends.

Mobile Gambling Trends Can Increase Casino Owners’ Profits

Trends include significant changes, innovations, and developments in the online gambling industry. If one online casino owner applies the innovative pattern and becomes successful, others should do the same. The online gaming business has grown hugely because of competition. Online casino owners should compete with each other and apply the trends that make the most profit. Mobile gambling real money benefits not only players but also online casino owners. Mobile casino owners will enjoy innovation and huge profits by learning the latest trends in the online casino industry.

There are many examples of the financial benefits of applying trends for casino owners. If slot games become trendy and most gamblers play them, online casino owners should increase slot casinos in his casino. If the players love online gambling trends, that will spread very quickly and become everyone’s favorite. Therefore, it would be very wise to follow mobile gamble trends and apply them. We listed five mobile gamble trends that would be very useful for online casino owners.

Online Gambling Trends That Every Casino Owner Should Know

The exciting innovations in the online casino world are virtual reality, live casino, networking, secure gambling regulations, and more payment options. Many of these innovative trends and opportunities are available in other industries, games, and social media platforms. For example, varied payment options are available in the online shopping industry. Moreover, networking has been with us for so many years on social media platforms. Also, many games are offered in virtual reality nowadays. Now, let’s check out how these trends would apply to mobile gambling apps.

1. Virtual Reality

virtual reality

One of the innovative trends in the online gambling universe is the application of virtual reality. Thanks to virtual reality technology, mobile gamblers can play in the 3D simulation of the casino. With virtual reality headset and adjustment of game settings, portable players will feel like they are in a real casino environment. Even the imagination of bringing a real casino to our home is fantastic. With virtual reality, online slots that pay real money can be at our house whenever we want. Online casino owners can apply virtual reality in mobile gaming apps and increase the number of players a lot.

2. Live Casino

In real casinos, people compete with each other and raise their bets to win more. Usually, mobile gambling real money bets involve only one person. Person competes with only himself, no one else. Live casino is a new trend that allows more than one person to enjoy the game by playing with each other. Imagine that many people play live casino in mobile gaming apps, and they raise their bets to maximize winning profits. This case would increase the money circulation in the online casino that would boost the owner’s profits. If popular slot games apply live casino option in their gambling app, that will bring huge revenues for casino owners. 

3. Networking 

In many websites and apps, mobile gambling real money makers cannot make online friends. Although players can create user accounts, they can not send and receive friend requests. The online casino should be a place where gamblers can make new friends. Networking options in online casinos would increase the owner’s revenues, as well. If online players create friendships in online games, they will meet a lot in the online casino to play the game together. Therefore, networking is a beneficial trend that would allow casino owners to earn additional profits. 

4. Secure Gambling Regulations 

Online gamblers prefer to play in trusted online casino websites that secure their rights and money holdings. Nowadays, it is becoming a common trend to ensure players with security through regulations. Secure gambling regulations require every player to accept the terms and conditions of fair play and proper etiquette rules. The provisions settle disputes peacefully and solve problems according to regulations. An online casino game can punish violators by keeping their money in the system.

5. More Payment Options

Online gamblers make a lot of money transactions during the game. Online casino owners should consider that not every player in the world uses the same payment portal. By adding more payment options to the mobile gamble app, online casino owners would make players’ life much more comfortable. Real money online casino games can circulate more amount of money if they have more than one payment option. Besides, the online casino owners would earn additional cash by requiring some transaction fees through various payment options. 

Why Mobile Gambling Industry Has Huge Growth Potential?

mobile gambling

The simple answer is the increasing use of mobile phones. Nowadays, mobile phones have been an irreplaceable part of our lives. Mobile phones have replaced many other devices for the fulfillment of many tasks. For example, we check the weather forecasts on our mobile phones, and we do not watch TV weather programs anymore. The main reasons why we prefer mobile phones over other devices are speed and comfort. While sitting on our comfortable couch, we can communicate with our friends living on the other side of the world.

The speed of the internet and the convenient use of mobile phones make online gambling games the most exciting daily activities. People can play their favorite casino games wherever and whenever they want. Online gamblers consider mobile games as the best means to enjoy gambling. Survey results show that 95% of players who play slots casinos on their mobile phones continue online gaming and never return to real casinos. As the number of online casino games increases and their designs improve, gamblers will play more and more mobile gamble games.


Mobile gambling apps are a growing phenomenon that has attracted almost all online gamblers’ attention. Mobile phones are the most comfortable devices to play gambling games. Via mobile phones, bettors can easily play the game with high speed, and they can make many payment transactions conveniently. Online casino owners should take advantage of the growing numbers of mobile gamblers. The best way to increase profits and benefit from fastly growing gambling industry is to apply gambling trends. Online casino owners should follow the trends, find the best ones, and use the most innovative ones to their websites and casino portals.

What Do Players Love Most About The Mobile Slots

mobile slots
mobile slots

Have you ever tried mobile slot games? What was your impression of them? Are they better or worse from desktop slots? In this post, we aim to find out what are the treats that players love about mobile slot games. Mobile slots came into our lives in the early twentieth century. At first, people used those only for live sports betting, blackjack, and poker, but after that flourishing industry of mobile slot games took its turn. 

What are the Benefits of Mobile Slots that Players Cannot Resist?

There are numerous reasons why online casino players prefer mobile devices instead of desktop computers for playing slot games. Compactness and flexibility are some of those reasons. Casino slots appeal to adults because the legal age to play online casino games is at least eighteen. Most of those adult players are working; that is why they are busy during the day. The compactness of mobile slots allows those players to play their favorite casino games whenever they want. Whether you are going to a job meeting or walking down the street towards your house, you can still play slot games with your mobile device. 

Mobile devices are portable, small, and convenient to carry; that is why mobile casino slots give you freedom of choice. The only thing that can stop slot lovers from their online casino adventures is the internet connection. However, most of the brand mobile slot games have offline modes. By using that mode, a player can ensure that their previous results autosave by the system.

Weight and screen size is another side that players love about mobile casino games. You do not have to carry laptops with you to enjoy the best slot games. All you need to do is take your phone with you. You can download online casino apps and use browser versions of online casinos as well. Screen rotation is an excellent way to adjust to the current conditions while you play slot games. Some players like to play in landscape mode, and others play it in portrait modes. You do not have to change slot game configurations because of that action. All you gotta do is flipping your phone to the side and playing in whichever mode you prefer. Touch screens are preferable rather than keyboards if the case is slot games. It is more convenient and fast in comparison with manuals of personal computers. 

More spin chances

Bonus features in mobile casino slots are far more effective than the ones in web browsers. Those bonuses include several free spins, re-spin opportunities that help players to spin the reels without losing a penny. This side of mobile slots attracts many players. We play slot games for winning, and we try the games that give us the best odds of winning. 

The Theme of the Games Taken After Pop Culture Favorites

Innovativeness of mobile slot games increases their popularity. From two thousand fifteen new custom slot games started to launch by game developer companies. The exciting side of those mobile slot games is about their themes. Mainstream media affects regular trends in the casino business, and since two thousand fifteen new trends for mobile casino slots became TV series. For example, imagine that you are a fan of the famous TV series The Walking Dead. Would you like to hunt zombies alongside Daryl and Rick while also playing slot games on your mobile? I bet you would. Make sure to earn high rewards because zombies can eat you alive at any time. Jokes aside, these types of custom mobile slots are the best in the business, and you are not getting bored from them even if you play for hours. 

Various Ways to Hit Progressive Jackpots

progressive jackpot

Winning probabilities in slot games are based on several factors. Payout rates of slot machines, Return to player rates defines those winning probabilities. Mobile slot games offer at least one thousand twenty-four winning possibilities, which increase the chances of a player to hit the jackpot. People love mobile slots because they are accessible, portable, and offer great bonus features. Besides, players can manage to win great cash prizes while they play casino slots in mobile casinos. 

Mobile Slot Games Offer Higher Number of Paylines

Another advantage of mobile casinos is that they provide players with a higher number of paylines. As you probably know, several pay lines define the odds of winning on slot games. For instance, imagine a classic slot game that has three reels, rows and pay lines. Those three paylines will cross reels horizontally, so that means the probability of winning is low. Though mobile slots can use up to fifty paylines, which enhances a player’s chances of significant rewards. 

Winning from Both Sides

Casino slots are fun, especially when you play them on mobile phones. As we go through advantageous sides of them, it is essential to note a double win feature. In desktop slot games, you need to match symbols from the same reels, and while doing so, they should lean towards either the left side or right side. In mobile casino slots, it does not matter whether you match symbols on the right or left at the bottom of the reel, you can still win the prize. 

Nudges Feature

Nudges are a great feature that helps players to increase their winning probability. How do they operate? By using nudges on mobile slots, players can move up or down on the reels after they see the results of the spin. By doing that, you get a chance to create a winning combination that can help you to collect significant bonuses for the games.

Mobile Casino Apps versus Mobile Casino Sites

mobile slots

In the last few years, iStore and Google Play Store banned all the real money casino slot apps. Though two thousand eighteen regulations changed in favor of mobile casino players. Which one is more preferable? The answer to this question can only be subjective because both of them have their pros and cons. For instance, you can still play mobile slots online casino app even if you do not have a stable internet connection. Though it is not possible for mobile casino sites. Mobile apps take up memory of the phone, but online casino sites do not. In another example, we can see that both of them have various characteristics, and it is a matter of choice whether one player likes to play mobile slot games in the app or online casino site. The main advantage of online casino apps is the quality of the games, especially for slots. 

Whether you like arcade-style old school slot games or modern video slots, both games are available in mobile versions of the casinos. You will not lose anything by switching from desktop slot games to mobile slots due to the advantages that they offer. Players love mobile versions because of portability, weight, a high number of polylines, bonuses, and nudges features. If you have not tried them yet, make sure to check the best mobile slot games in the business. 

Best Slot Games For Android in 2019

slot games for android
slot games for android

Gambling is one of the most popular businesses around the world. You will encounter thousands of brick and mortar casinos in any part of the globe. People are enjoying those games since the day the first land-based casino opened. Slot software games are one of the types of casino games. Slots have basic rules and straightforward setup, that is the main reason why so many people are enjoying them. This article will cover slot games for android mobile phones. 

As we all know, not just in brick and mortar or cyber cafes, but also in your own devices, you can play online slots for real money. New technology enables us to play the games we love wherever we want. Before listing out the best slot games for android mobile phones lets quickly address slot games. 

What are the slot games for android?

As we mention before, slot games are a crucial part of the online casino business. Gambling players are fond of these fantastic games. There are several reasons why slot games are so addictive. For instance, the classic slots are basic three-reel slot games; however, they are very entertaining. The period that you are waiting for the result, colorful images that appear on screens gives a positive vibe. After playing for several rounds, you will eagerly want to play for more in slot games. One of the significant pros of these games is that they are accessible through almost any device with an internet connection. It is better to note that, slot games do not have that much complex gameplay structure that is why they are taking fewer data. If you don’t have a reliable internet connection, you can still play slot games for android mobile phones. 

Playing Africa 

Video slots are exciting to play, especially if it is a mobile slot game. The first online slot game that we will express our thoughts about is playing Africa. The mysterious nature of that continent is very famous. Imagine a video slot software that captures the essence while giving you the highest rewards. The design the sound effects are excellent in this game. While playing this fantastic game, you will get a chance to learning the cultural traditions of this continent. It is both an informative and exciting slot game for android mobile phones. One of the critical characteristics of this game is the high rewards and bonus system. Before explaining those areas, lets first learn how to play this fantastic slot game. 

Playing Africa slot games for android

After starting the game, you should determine the lines and reels. To do that you should click on the edges, which you want the symbols to appear on. After you identified the number of lines that you want to play, please indicate it on the bar and start playing. Then you need to determine the amount of bet that you will deposit on this round. For doing that, you are asked to go to the best bar and choose either one or max bet options. After doing all these boring stuff, you can start the adventure. By clicking to the spin button, you will begin to the game. 

Structure of the game

slot games for android

The gameplay in Playing Africa is straightforward. It looks like a video slot software game and has a very creative design, though the rules are the same with any classic slot game. There are five reels in this game. To put wagers, nine pay lines are available to all of the slot games for android mobile phone users. The exciting part about this game is the colorful design and wild sound effects. While playing a simple slot machine game, you will experience the wildest jungle adventures in Playing Africa. Unique cultural habitats, fresh flora, and fauna of this place will make you feel relaxed. 

Bonuses and winning combinations of the slot games for android 

The symbols in this game were chosen wisely. They are all representing the cultural heritage of the continent. For instance, African baobab tree, mountain symbol, wild animals like rhino and buffalo are all represented in this sweepstakes game. Wild and scatter symbols can replace the missing pieces for matching the full line in Playing Africa. By getting those symbols to match, you can easily win bonuses like free spin, free round, re-spin and coins in this slot game for android mobile phones. The winning combinations are three scatter symbols in this game. In any case, wild symbols can replace those symbols; that is why it is not a big problem if you could not match those secondary pieces. 


This game is exciting. Slot games do not always have creative designs and storylines. However, Freibier is one of those games that have a unique story. If you like to drink beer and have fun, this mobile slot game is the ideal choice for you. The fan-favorite slot game offers you more than just slot machines.

As you can see from the name of the game, it is about German culture. One of the components of that culture is the beer. The main character in this game is beer. You will see a lot of images of the Bavarian beer festival while playing these slot games for android mobile devices. An essential feature of this game is that it can play in many methods. If you are going to the internet sweepstakes cafe, you can play Freibier there too. Dazzling sounds effects and creative design proves that this game is a very successful product. Shout out to Riversweeps Platinum for designing this fantastic game for all the slot lovers. 

Rules and structure of the game

slot games for android

Freibeir is a unique slot software game. The gameplay and practices of this game will remind you of some classic slot games. It is a five-reel and forty line slot game that is very affordable for any player. There are several modes of this game. For instance, you can play it online, or you can download it to your device. It is an excellent feature because not all of us can play online every time. Another great opportunity that this game gives you is the free trial mode. Why is it essential in slot games for android devices? 

Best features

Not all of us have experience in sweepstakes games. Free trial modes are accessible through Frebier, so you can try it before paying real money as a deposit. Betting options in this game are extensive. The availability of forty pay lines gives you a competitive advantage in this game. The scatter symbol in this game is the main character of the beer barrel. To win big prizes and bonus rewards, you should get three or more scatter, wild symbols in the same line. 

You will have the chance to earn free games and free spins. This slot game for android is extraordinary because it is giving fifteen and twenty open spin opportunities if you get the symbols right. The highest reward will be given to the player who could manage to get the wild symbols in the third and fourth rounds. That wild symbol is women in Bavarian costume.

Most Popular Mobile Slots For Real Money

mobile slots
mobile slots

Thanks to technological development, everything is so easy to reach and get. Before only just three to four decades ago, if we wanted to play slots, we had to go out of our house and go to the casino club. In the last decade, online casinos come to existence. Now, we can have mobile slots to play everywhere. Mobile slots allow us to play online slot games whenever and wherever we want. 

Thanks to rapid technological development, almost everything can be accessed by our mobile devices. Also, we can download any slot games on our mobile phones and play them. So, we do not need new internet browser to play slot games. Besides these features, mobile slot games also make it easy to see the statistics, make deposits, withdraw money, and other possibilities. 

Online gambling fans now do not have to use PCs to play online slot games. All they need is a mobile device that has access to the internet. So, they can make money from online casinos on their devices. There are many positive sides of the mobile slots for real money. In this article, I will try to give a piece of brief information about mobile slot games.

Why choose mobile slots?

There are many reasons for choosing mobile slot games. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about the advantages of mobile slot games.

Variety games in mobile slots

There is a wide range of slot games in the mobile casinos. Online gambling players prefer an online casino platform in which there is a diversity of games. There prefer a wide range because it improves winning chances. Also, a wide variety means they can try many games and find their favorite one. Plus, if they are not a beginner and know the mobile slot game meets their requirements, they can easily find the slot on the platform.

The mobile game developers should continuously add new games to the platforms. There are many kinds of internet casino games, such as cards, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc. And a good casino platform should have all these categories. In this way, gamblers can find the slots easily what they are looking for.

Ease of Payment methods

mobile slots

When you play real money online casino games, you need to pay. In mobile versions of casino games, there are all the required payment ways such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. Also, you use other kinds of payments such as credit cards, including Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, and so on. You can fully trust the security of these payments. One drawback I can tell is that the withdrawal periods are different and may take longer than PayPal. 

Customer Support

Besides the comfort of playing slot games on the mobile phone, there are some conveniences that mobile slots create. One of these advantages if customer support. I any question comes to your mind while playing, or doing some action, you can contact the customer service. There is also a FAQ section in which you can find the answers to many questions. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section covers the following topics: account, deposits and withdrawals, bonuses, casino, responsible gaming, account verification so on and so forth. 

The most played mobile slots for real money

When it comes to mobile slots, they need to be available for download on both Android and iOS systems. In this section, I will present to you online casino games that you can play on your smartphones. Also, I advise you that before choosing your real money online casino games read about it. If you can download it to your smartphone, then you can play it long term. If it is not available on mobile phones, you can only play it via your PCs. So, you will not be able to play it anywhere and anytime you want.

All way fruits

This slot game has a very realistic design. All way Fruits features 3D design and sound effects. For its realistic appearance, you will think as you play on the real slot machine. This game has a retro theme. Also, both manual and automatic play options are available. All way Fruits is available on the iOS system. 


Unlike all way fruits, you can play this game on both Android and iOS smartphones. Starburst is one of the most rated mobile slots for real money. It has many bonus and prize feature that allows the player to experience all the aspects of the slot games.  Starburst also has 3D graphics which make you feel playing real slot machines. For the best results, you need to read the rules of the game beforehand. 

Ocean Monster

Ocean monster any other mobile slots that feature 3D graphics design and sound effects. Nowadays, casino game development companies word so efficiently that people have become a massive fan of video slots. Because of the real atmosphere, the sweepstakes games create, the players love to play. In these games, there are many kinds of wild ocean monsters, fishes, and other under-water creatures. While playing this game on your mobile phone, you will get so much excitement. 

Wolf reels

This game is like any other mobile slots that riversweeps offer to it, customers. The theme of the game shows the wildlife. The symbols of the Wolf Reels are an owl, bear, wolf, rabbits, numbers, and letters. This game is like any other slot of the sweepstakes games that offer many bonus games, free spins, and prizes to win more money.

Hot as Devil

hot as devil

If you like to get thrilled and excited, and at the same time, to get full of enjoyment and real money, then this game is just for you. With the hell theme design, you will get a lot of mixed feelings while winning bonuses and prizes on your phone. Hot as Devil is available on mobile phones. Also, there are both manual and auto spin buttons. You can choose the auto mode and relax while the game plays itself and wins money for you.

Fireball Keno

If you are good with numbers, then the Fireball Keno is just for you. In this game, you should predict and play with the numbers. To play the game, you need to check the cards with a minimum of two and a maximum of ten numbers in the one to eighty intervals. After that, ten numbers are chosen randomly and shown in the winning box. To win this game, you need to be quick and fully concentrated. Also, fireball keno has a design of hell and devil theme that will thrill you while playing. This game will give you so much pleasure, joy, and adrenaline. Like other Riversweeps slot games, fireball keno also has many prizes and bonuses.

Totally Wild

When designing slot games, video development companies try to use fantastic, mystic, thrilling themes or real-life design of Arizona, wildlife, jungle life, etc. Totally Wild is one of the popular mobile slots that shows wildlife in the screen. The game has 5 reels, and all the combinations of symbols. There are available 15 free spins on the drum symbols. Another symbol- waterfall gives you bonuses.