Buffalo Thunder

buffalo thunder

Riversweeps Platinium is a new but well-known gaming platform that offers many choices for internet cafe, online casinos, betting shops, interactive clubs, and more than 40 online games. There are many options from which gamblers and gamers can choose one of their favorite slot games. One of those games is called Buffalo Thunder slots. Before getting into the details let me explain why this slot game can make you addicted to it in a few seconds of gameplay.

Playing Buffalo Thunder

Just like in other slot games, “Buffalo Thunder” offers a great variety of prizes, while watching different colored Buffalos flying around slots, you can enjoy given rewards and also additional games which comes like a bonus to your account. Additionally, it is better to observe the white and black buffalos since they give the highest prices. Essential rule of the game is to get matching images; we can say symbols also including brown and white buffalos, smashed lizards, hazy vultures, and many more characters.

Bonus game part is the part where the real fun begins in which area you can play games like Wild Thundering Buffalo, Totem Buffalo, Free spins, etc. Another reason why you should also give a try to this slot game is a full option of stakes. In other words, there are very suitable stakes which could be ideal for your budget and the game style of yours.


buffalo thunder
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