Best Slots to Play When You Are Bored

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There are several online casino games that we love to play. Some enjoyed the skill-based types such as blackjack and poker while others lean toward chance-based games such as bingo and slots. This article will mainly talk about the best slots to play and try to share our view and analysis of those games for slot machine lovers. 

Wacky Billy

It is the first slot machine game that we decided to put into this list. If you have ever played this game, you will understand the reasoning behind why this slot should be considered as one of the best slots to play for online casino players. It is one of the distinct games that creates a tandem with its unusual design, theme, and vibrant, colorful interface. Just like any other slot machine game, Wacky Billy consists of reels, rows, and symbols. As soon as you start the game, you will feel the energy of nature. 

The view of the incredible landscape will grab your attention immediately. The background music will help you relax and concentrate on the gameplay while avoiding the outside world’s noise. Look at this slot game as a stress reliever and enjoy it to the most. Imagine that you are going to a village far from urban city life and enjoying your best life. That is what Billy does, and in fact, the main character of the game is a farmer that lives in small down and gets the best out of it. He has wild and domestic animals all around the farm. You will see those cute creatures as soon as you level up in this slot. 

Symbols and Paylines

As you might get from the previous paragraph, the game’s initial design is about portraying a small farm and natural habitat. The main character of the game lives in his small house and leads his farm. The captivating soundtrack of the game goes hand in hand with the visual effects. You will feel the vibe of village life as you will hear the noise of animals, wind, and so on through these sound effects. There are five reels and five rows in this game. In addition to those, Wacky Billy offers twenty separate winning paylines for players. You can wager as low as 0.2 dollars in this game for every payline. The highest deposit amount is equal to 10 dollars. The main symbols in the game are Billy, cock, and a wild card. The subsidiary symbols consist of letters such as Q, A, B, V, and numbers. 


The design of the screen and overall gameplay for this slot is straightforward. Even amateur players who just entered the gambling platform can figure out what they should do to compete. The background image is the blue sky and the farm of Billy. You will see the jackpot count in the middle of the screen. As it is one of the best slots to play; there is no way that this game does not offer a progressive round. There is a setting button on the right corner. You can use it to decrease or increase the sound, brightness, etc. You will see the spin button on the lower middle side of the screen, which indicates to start the game. As soon as you push it, the symbols will start rolling/ And you will desperately wait for them to form a winning combination to earn the prize. 

It is easier to navigate and find your way in this game. If you cannot do it by searching for the gameplan, you can find the online casino website’s manual. To conclude, Wacky Billy is one of the best online casino games you can find on the internet. Simply the joy and entertaining gameplay are enough for you to start playing it. If you are one of the players who likes to try out new games, we recommend this title. 


It is another slot game that we decided to put on this list. The billionaire is one of the best slots to play for those who can risk it all and ready for action in the casino. The game is launched in 2019 by one of the best companies in the world, Amatic. When it comes to slot machines, Amatic tries to surprise the fan base with their every gaming title. This game was no an exception to that rule. It became trendy among gambling players as soon as it hit the market. The game is consists of five reels and five rows. 

The strange thing about this casino slot is that it has 40 different paylines. It increases your chances of winning big and the probability of winning. It is a fantastic game worth trying. Exciting gameplay, attractive interface, and stunning sound effects make this game special. The dollar signs all over the place will feel like you are on the verge of entering any casino in Atlantic City. It surely will help you to build confidence and increase the excitement of the whole game. 

Bonuses of the Game

As you can see, the name tag of the game, it indicates profitability. It is not a marketing strategy or whatsoever; this slot machine game has the potential for the big payouts, and it proved itself on a variety of occasions. Players can utilize the paylines in their favor and get the best out of this game easily. As you have forty paylines on only five reels, there is a high chance that at least a few of them will form winning combinations over the game. The bonus system of the game can be divided into two parts. The free spins are the first part that can help you spin the reels without wagering on any of the paylines. 

The winnings from these rounds can be multiplied if you could get three wild symbols on the reels simultaneously. The multipliers are classified as 2x, 3x, and 5x for this particular online slot game. The scatter symbol of the game can be a huge factor in determining the wins as it can be used as a substitution for any other symbol than the wild card. The Ace card is the scatter of this casino slot. Overall it is a very effective game for quick wins, so if you are into fashionable online casino slots that offer high payout rates, this choice should be a no brainer. 

Bells on Fire Rombo

Bells on Fire Rombo is another game that we feel the urge to put into this list for several reasons. Besides all, it is one of the best fruit slot machine games that incorporates both modern and classic values. As you might know, fruit slots were trendy back in the days of traditional casino parlors. Arcades and fruit slot machines were standing hand in hand when it came down to the most entertaining casino games for that time.’ As modern technology bring new nuances to the industry, these games became an old school for many new generation players.

Not many casinos are concerned about having them at the time because of the low interest of the public. Nowadays, they rose to prominence once again with more improved and updated themes. One of the examples for those titles is the Bells on Fire Rombo. This game is full of entertaining features and includes a variety of winning possibilities for players. The classic vibe with modern solutions is the best way to describe this casino slot. 

Gameplay and Rules

The gameplay for this one is similar to other casino games, as it is the classic type of title. You will have five reels and three rows in this online gambling slot machine. Besides that, the game offers 15 winning paylines for players. There are many chances to win great prizes if we consider the efficiency factor, which is crucial for any fruit slot. 

Players need to adjust paylines and push the spin button to enjoy the game. If you are an amateur who wants to compete, you can correctly start this game. The slot features a guidance feature that can be activated through the help button. By pushing that button, you will see another window that will clarify the needed aspects. After you push the help button, you will see

  • the values of the symbols
  • winning combinations
  • the direction of each of the paylines, etc. 

Design of the Game

The game’s classic design will reminiscence old memories for those of you who had a chance to experience old vegas casino environments. The main symbols in the game consist of the fruits. You will see lemons, apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, and other fruits on the reels. To form a winning combination in this game, players would need to complete a line of at least three identical symbols.

It does not matter if you line them up through left to right or right to left. Whether you form a combination on the first or the last reel will not contribute to the winning, so it does not matter as long as you have the line of three symbols on the way of any of the paylines. If you are interested in this game, go check out casinos such as Vegas X, which offers the best slots to play for all the gambling lovers out there. 


best slots to play

The name Esmeralda would be familiar for you from literacy as it is one of the most famous writers, Victor Hugo’s main character, on the novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I am sure that most of you have heard about the novel or watched a movie about it. There is even a cartoon by Disney that portrays the young Hunchback struggles of the Notre Dame castle. So, as you can see, this character is prevalent in pop culture, and just like most of them, online gambling games took their chance by acquiring the initial idea and storyline from this one. 

Storyline and Design of the Game

The Esmeralda in the novel is the girl that Hunchback of Notre Dame loves, and that character inspires this game. They portrayed her image on the cover photo of the game, and the whole storyline is based on that novel. Playtech developed this fantastic slot game in 2009, and since that time, many online casinos acquired it after seeing the interest from the general public toward the game. It is not a coincidence that we put this game on the list of best slots to play as it is one of them. The storyline revolves around Esmeralda, and until the progressive jackpot round, you will not have a chance to see the main character of the novel, the hunchback. 

It is a magnificent and catchy slot game if we are talking about the initial design and interface. In addition to that, there are twenty-five winning paylines that will blow your mind. The dark red theme of the game creates an illusion and gives out a romantic vibe. The quality of the visual effects in this slot will feel like you are playing a video game. The reels are elegant and framed with dark red rose color that makes sure that they will grab your attention as soon as you enter the game. 

Symbols and Bonuses in the Game

There are a variety of different symbols in this game. The red rose and Esmeralda are the highest paying ones. The game’s low-value symbols are classic letters such as K, J, A, Q, and musical instruments such as tambourine, guitar, and so on. The scatter of the game is portrayed as Esmeralda. By lining up three of these symbols, you can manage to win great symbols. 

There are great bonus opportunities out there for the slot fans in this game. You need to collect as much as red rose and Esmeralda symbols as possible to get the best results in this gambling slot game. There are a lot of opportunities for getting big payouts and other promotions. 

It goes like this:

8 Red roses will bring you an addition 15 free spin chances

9 Red will bring you additional 17 free spin chances

Ten red roses will bring you additional 19 free spin chances

11 Red roses will get you an additional 20 free spin chances, which are a lot for any type of online casino slot. So, as you might get it from the previous examples, it is a very efficient game when it comes to earning promotions and getting the best out of bonus opportunities. 

There is a progressive jackpot around this magnificent slot game that offers more than one million cash. To enter that round, you need to deposit well under you reach the desired amount. On that progressive jackpot round, the first person who would be able to line up at least three Esmeralda symbols on one reel, would get the whole prize. It is a little bit risky, but the award worth taking that risk. 

Final Thoughts on The Best Slots to Play

It is not easy to find the best slots to play mostly in today’s market, where there are thousands of online casinos. Many of them provide a similar type of games that are not appropriate for those players to have a different approach to gambling. We collected the examples of best slots to play with exciting storylines that can immediately grab your attention. Hopefully, you will like the list and check out these games. For more information about the online casinos and analysis of the best casino games, check out our other blogs and content pieces. 

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