Why do people enjoy sweepstakes software?

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The history of the sweepstake games, as a separate type of sports betting, dates back to the Middle Ages, when gladiator fights in ancient Rome were widely popular. Mr. Oller invented the rules of the sweepstakes software games used to this day in 1874 in Paris. The essence of the sweepstakes was that a third party accepts bets from the disputants, and after the event ends, distributes the winnings between the winners in proportion to the rate minus a certain percentage. A prerequisite was the unquestioning influence of the third party on the players who made a bet, who could be sure that the distribution of the winnings would be fair and carried out on time.

So what is the tote, probably almost all the players of the bookmakers asked this question more than once?! A tote is an event whose organizer, guided by established rules and laws of gaming activity, accepts cash bets on competition results and distributes received cash (pool) after determining the results between the winning participants, retaining a fixed percentage (totalizator income) for compensation costs and profit. Let’s first learn more about sweepstakes in general, then move to sweepstakes software.

More about sweepstakes

sweepstakes software

The first mention of a device, vaguely reminiscent of a modern tote, was discovered during the excavations of the ruins of ancient Egypt. According to archaeologists and historians, the exercise is very similar to current sports betting using a totalizator, enjoyed very high popularity among the inhabitants of ancient Egypt. The greatest success among the visitors of the tote enjoyed all sorts of runs. And in ancient Rome, horse racing was particularly popular, which, by the way, were part of the competition program held in the amphitheater.

If we talk more specifically about horse racing, then their homeland is considered to be England. In this European country horse races were held during the time of the Roman Empire. The most modern version of horse racing gained distribution in England only at the beginning of the 17th century. In the city of Newmarket, there were stables for racing horses. At the same time, the idea of ​​awarding winners and owners of horses for the first time arose. In 1789, the English Lord Derby established horse racing according to his own rules. They became very popular at that time. Derby horse racing is still very popular all over the world. All June, on Wednesdays, at Epsom Downs Racecourse, near London, races are held, in which there are horse racing fans from many countries.

The second “swallow” in the successful development of horse races, and with them and sweepstakes, was France. Interest in horse racing among the French intelligentsia manifested immediately after Louis XIV signed a decree. According to that decree it was ordered to hold similar competitions every year in Saint-Germain. After that, the aristocrats began to build stud farms and start farms for breeding horses.

Sweepstakes in the US

Among professional players, US bookmakers are one of the best in the world. Americans invest the most in sports betting, despite the fact that bookmaker activity in their country is officially prohibited and punishable by law. Moreover, it is being pursued quite actively: there are a lot of people in American prisons who either organized offices illegally or made bets in forbidden institutions.

According to US law, any bookmaking activity in the US is prohibited. It is believed that such cases can be dealt with either the mafia or other criminal groups or simply fraudsters, lure money. However, the bookmakers here are still trying to exist for the time being. It is interesting that in such severe conditions, they reached a high level of service even in comparison with European and especially Russian competitors. US bookmakers have the fastest withdrawals, and the initial capital amounts to hundreds of dollars, while Europe can afford tens of dollars. At the same time, here you can make almost meager rates of $ 1 without risking.

Recently, the US government has taken steps towards the legalization of  online casino, but so far, nothing heard about sweepstakes. They remain outside the law.

Nevertheless, the illegal activity of bookmakers brings them huge profits ($ 90 million). Over the past year, about a billion dollars have been earned, mostly in an illegal way.

Since it is impossible to obtain a business license in the USA, and it is impossible to work in Europe without it, the US bookmakers have found a way out in the form of offshore zones on the islands. This gives them the right to legally conduct their activities in many European countries and on the Internet. In addition, the Internet business is developing faster if registering clients see the mention of a license.

Problems with sweepstakes software in the US

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, but the financial and social implications of this new phenomenon are not yet known.

The state of Nevada, a gambling paradise, has allowed online poker tournaments this year. Two other states – Delaware and New Jersey – want to expand the list of virtual games to include, in particular, blackjack, roulette and slot machines.

Unfortunately, the US government has not yet realized the benefits that the legalization of bookmakers could give. Huge funds simply “float away” from the budget, while they could be used to develop the domestic economy. US bookmakers use this, and those who have managed to organize their activities conveniently, get a lot of profits.

As a rule, the US bookmakers are attentive to each client, although they take liberties with Russian bettors. Their Americans clearly dislike it. Most of the bookmakers of the United States cut bonuses for players from the CIS countries or do not include in the payment methods those systems that are convenient for Russians. Preference in such offices is given to countrymen and Europeans.

The developers of sweepstakes software and trading platforms look at all this and are well aware that today they have a chance to be the first to master a segment of the market that is already beginning to reveal its potential. However, this is not possible everywhere.  

Difference in country laws

Unlike in some other countries, there are no national lotteries in the USA. Instead, residents of the country can take part in lotteries covering several states, the jackpot of which sometimes reaches several hundred million dollars. Only in two of the 50 states, gambling is not legalized in any way, in others, there are casinos and lotteries.

Two years ago, the US authorities made it clear that they would not block most online gambling, which led to their prosperity in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. The remaining states are considering such a perspective. Debates about whether online casinos should be resolved throughout the country have not yet been held at the federal level, and lawmakers in Washington often ignore the problem.

The corporate world of the United States as a whole supports a new form of gambling, even though it may lead to a decrease in the number of people who visit casianos. However, Sheldon Adelson, the owner of several casinos, took a different position on this issue, calling on Congress to ban online casinos, considering them dangerous for society.

Resolution to the problem with sweepstakes software in the US

And this is not the only example. The number of similar Unikrn portals is growing every month, and in addition to traditional totes, there are experiments like Evolve Arenas. Here we are talking about the same system that works fine when friends are going to play cards. At some point, it becomes obvious that playing money is much more interesting. Even if the stakes are minimal, a victory takes on a new meaning. And it is not necessary to go to the casino; you do not need to resort to the help of financial intermediaries: it is enough that everyone throws a penny into the bank.

Evolve Arenas platform is working on this principle. It allows players to independently assemble a team and fight with another team in order to win internet casino games. Rates may be small, for example, 25 cents per person. In the five by five mode, the minimum prize pool is only $ 2.5. This will help attract the maximum number of players, ensuring a low entry threshold.

About sweepstakes software from psychologist’s view

Gambling transfers a person to another reality; it is in the casino that many seek refuge from problems. However, the game is always risky, so to talk about relaxation and rest is not necessary. Everything changed when virtual machines appeared. Today, it is completely possible to play slot machines without registering for free, which made it possible to cross out gambling entertainment from the list of dangerous ones. Psychologists are sure that the passion for gaming devices does not bear the risk for a person only if the process of the game is important for him. As soon as a person begins to dream of earning money with the help of gaming machines, and he reinforces his dreams with regular visits to the casino, leaving the last money there, then it’s time to act because it’s not far from dependence.

The emergence of free machines has reduced the risks because after that the gaming machines fell into one category with computer games: in both cases, the game is useful in moderation, because in the process of winning a victory a person relaxes, forgets about the pressing problems. The creation of free slots provided an opportunity to attract new players who prefer to play without any risk, that is, “for fun.” Although, as can be seen, more than half of such game fans are soon able to start playing for money, especially since registration takes a short time and will require a minimum of effort, and today’s gamers offer new fans a large number of incentive prizes and bonuses as charges to the balance or issuance of free spins.

Please note, psychologists caution: a long game of slots can adversely affect your emotional and psychological health because an intense game of money requires great concentration from gamers.  

Free slots in sweepstakes software

There is an opinion that the availability of free slot machines is a demonstration of casino loyalty to its visitors. This is true because, in this way, the game hall emphasizes its reliability. At the same time, skeptics are looking for a hidden trick in such a proposal, they say, free cheese can only be in a mousetrap. In fact, this seems to be an exception to the rules. In the free mode, the player can test the machines as much as he wants; for this, he does not even need to register on the casino portal, which allows him to maintain his confidentiality.

Free slots are available so that players can evaluate the new virtual casino. The number of launches of the machine gave the manufacturers a signal about which devices are of interest to gamers. Today, demo-versions of automata have different goals:

  • to get acquainted with the principle of operation of the apparatus;
  • work out the game behaviour and check the strategy;
  • have a fun time with nothing to do.

The free game does not bear any financial risks. In addition, with the right approach, you can benefit from free slots, because the game is really relaxing.

5 things that attract people in sweepstakes software

Slot machines have a lot of fans. What attracts players in sweepstakes software?

  • Jackpot This is what every player craves sitting at the gaming system of the sweepstakes software. Since sometimes the sum of a jackpot is so great that you can become a millionaire in a few seconds. I think that not everyone would have refused this.
  • Pleasure. Every gambling lover gets pleasure from the game. Since this is practically his hobby. And what could be more beautiful than doing your favorite thing at your leisure. Also, the design of sweepstakes software, gaming systems, graphics, images brings aesthetic pleasure. All this attracts and fascinates players.
  • Win. All players want to win a pretty amount in sweepstakes software. Even if the gain is a few hundred, it will also bring joy to the gambler. After all, the main thing here is that he won, not how much.
  • Casino environment. If you play on gaming machines in the online casino, the atmosphere is lovely. Light, music, design – all this please. And the better the atmosphere, the more time the player will spend in the casino.
  • The game is a kind of rest. Some lovers of excitement come to places not only to replenish their wallet but also to relax. After all, in the sweepstakes software, you forget about the problems. Thus, the game is a kind of relaxation.

Riversweeps Platinum software

Riversweeps Platinum provides services to a variety of businesses, such as online casinos software, Internet Cafe software, and sweepstakes software. Without any obstacles, companies can use sweepstakes software in their Internet Cafes or online casinos offered by Riversweeps. Companies need reliable, and affordable sweepstakes software and Riversweeps is definitely one of them. Sweepstakes software facilitates the installation of gaming software, which includes many featured games. In Internet Cafe, sweepstakes software helps to manage all the computers in the cafe. For the online casino, sweepstakes software is also important. Sweepstakes software helps players to save their data, in case of any errors. Also, in the online casino, secures the personal information of the users and creates a safe atmosphere on the online casino’s website. Riversweeps Platinum additionally from online casino and Internet Cafe provides service to Bitcoin casino. Bitcoin Casino software guarantees a secure platform for the players.

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