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Sweeps cash casinos often face various restrictions or prohibitions in some US states, including:

 1. A complete ban on any activity in the state;

 2. A ban on certain types of games, age restrictions, difficulty in obtaining a license;

 3. Restrictions on banking transactions, high taxes for owners of gambling platforms, etc.

All this not only complicates the online casino operation but also causes inconvenience for users. This situation made Americans urgently look for an alternative to gambling. So how can American players replace traditional casinos today? The answer is online casinos.

This article will find out why sweeps cash casinos are not considered a type of gambling, whether they are legitimate in the US, and what the advantages are in this industry.

Global economy and online casinos

Every fan of online casinos for real money knows the entire registration process on the site:

 1. You are comparing different platforms by comparing their technical data;

 2. Having made a choice, you go to the site and start the registration process;

 3. The casino asks you to pay a deposit. And for each game, you have to place bets.

That is, in fact, from the first minute of registration, you “spend” your money. But you are “spending” not only your own money but also the money of your country. For example, you are a US citizen and are registering at a UK online casino. You make a deposit as well as place bets. Thus, you contribute to the leakage of the national currency from the country, although you could spend the same money within the United States.

Many gamblers do not understand why the government is so hostile about online casinos, but there are significant financial reasons. Online casinos withdraw hundreds of millions of dollars from the US budget every year.

Is it different at sweeps cash casinos?

First, let’s try to understand how the whole payment process goes in sweeps cash casinos?

 1. You buy fictionary currency at gaming sweepstakes casinos, which cannot be withdrawn outside the country;

 2. You cannot use this “currency” outside the casino;

 3. In fact, you are not losing money directly, but you can later redeem your winnings for real money and prizes.

Thus, in sweeps cash casinos, our government has more control and can prevent “money flow” abroad. That is one of the main reasons why the United States does not consider sweepstakes a form of gambling. If you play with real money bets, then this cannot be a real casino.

Is there any restriction for sweeps cash casinos in the US?


Even though the United States does not consider this type of activity a gamble, specific restrictions exist. These restrictions are not so strict compared to online casinos, but they can also cause difficulties for players and entrepreneurs:

 1. Sweeps cash casinos are legal in all states except Washington DC. It is the only state to recognize internet cafe sweepstakes casinos as a form of gambling. The reason is that even a fake “currency” / coins/time you buy for the money, and inherently you can lose your cash indirectly;

 2. Like online casinos, sweepstakes casinos are not permitted for persons under 18 (21 in some states);

 3. To open a sweeps cash casino, you must obtain a license and pass an audit;

However, remember that the certificate of a foreign country cannot issue sweepstakes casinos in the US.

Can you win a jackpot at sweeps cash casinos?

Unfortunately, there is an opinion among gamblers that in sweeps cash casinos, you cannot count on big prizes. However, this is an entirely wrong approach. Just like in a traditional casino, you depend on how much “money” you wager. Most of the casino sweepstakes games are slots, and the random number generator works the same way. This system determines your winnings, which can be very small or make you rich in an instant. Also, unlike conventional casinos, you can win money and prizes that can be very expensive, for example, even a car or a trip around the world.

What Software Companies make the Best Sweepstakes Games?

If ten years ago, there were very few companies that released games for sweepstakes, today almost all software companies offer their services in this area. However, this does not mean that all software providers can offer you the perfect product. The software provider sweepstakes casinos can tell you a lot:

 1. The prestige of the casino;

 2. The quality and variety of games;

 3. Bonus offers;

 4. Platform security;

These are essential aspects of sweeps cash casinos, so you need to pay attention to which companies the casinos cooperate with and where you want to spend your time. We advise you to pay attention to the products of the following software companies:

 1. FlamingoSeven;

 2. RiverMonster;

 3. Evolution;

 4. Microgaming;

 5. Natent

All of them are known not only as developers of sweepstake games but also have a good image in the world of traditional casinos.

Can you play sweeps casinos for free?


Today, demo versions of casino games are becoming more and more popular in traditional online casinos and online sweepstakes platforms. That is considered a very effective marketing strategy in the casino world, so many entrepreneurs use free games for almost all games. Sweeps casinos aren’t an exception. You can play free sweeps if:

 1. You want to learn rules;

 2. You don’t want to spend your money;

 3. You don’t want to enjoy the game more than getting a prize;

 4. You don’t want to share your data;

 5. You want to get acquainted with the sweeps casino.


If you are a US citizen, you may face restrictions when playing at online casinos, and the best option to avoid these problems is online casinos, as:

 1. They are legal in 49 US states;

 2. You do not make direct cash bets and deposits;

 3. You can win big money and prizes with minimal risk of losing big money;

 4. You can enjoy games from the best software providers completely safely;

 5. You can play in sweeps cash casinos utterly free of charge, without spending your money or sharing your information.


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