Video Poker: A Guide for Beginners in 2023

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Video Poker, the virtual version of poker, is one of the most popular gambling games and is heavily sought out by beginners and seasoned gamblers alike. It has carried on that popularity from the early stages of gambling when it was played in large, clunky machines, to now, when it’s played from the comfort of your home, on any device. One reason for the poker’s continued relevance is how easy it is to beat the house.

It may seem complex to play online poker, but it is pretty simple. Despite several online variations, the game has the same rules wherever you go. So here is an ultimate guide to video poker that will have you winning in no time.

Video Poker Games: Rules

As I said earlier, there are variations of online poker in various virtual casinos, but similar rules and principles hold them together. 

The game starts when players place a bet and press the deal button. From there, the player receives 5 cards via their virtual or physical machine. They can then swap any cards for another to get a winning combination.

The game is won when the players get a winning combination. Payout is heavily determined by the winning hand. The most substantial hand that gives the highest payout is the Royal Flush which contains the card symbols Ace, King, Queen, Joker, and Ten. In contrast, the lowest hand is the Jacks or better, which consists of just two jacks.

Online Poker games are mostly modeled after the Classic 5-card draw poker; it also uses the same combinations for the hands, with the only difference being the lowest winning hands. In table poker, the lowest hands are the “three of a kind” and “Two of a Kind.” While in Video Poker, the lowest hand is the jacks or better.

The rules of online poker are pretty straightforward. All you need is patience; in no time, you can learn the rules by heart. Now you know the rules; what remains is the strategy to ensure you win, and that’s where the following section comes in. Keep reading!

Video Poker Strategy to Utilize

Video Poker

The beauty of online poker is that players know how much they will win when they deal. This factor alone makes online poker games worth your buck. 

Since you now understand the basic rules of online poker, what remains is strategy. While it is not uncommon for players to try winning with cheats and hacks, the sad as well as good news is that they do not work; instead of trying any of those failed methods of playing, why not read the strategies below and use them to win more online poker games. 

Play Free Online Poker Games

I am sure the rules you read earlier made you feel like an expert, but this is still not the time to play video poker. Instead, you should seek out any available game that offers a demo mode and then play it. Once you do this, you can employ the rest of the strategies in your overall play and take calculated risks when required.

Check your Pay Tables

This is one video poker strategy that always works. It pays to know your pay tables, as it makes you aware of every card at your fingertips. The beauty of Online Poker is that the pay table is always located on the screen, so players do not need to worry, as they can look up while playing.

Look for the games with the highest Return.

This is a strategy that works best in land-based casinos than Virtual ones. Some Virtual Casinos have video poker game machines that give off a higher return than others, even with the same hand. For example, some machines pay different amounts even if they wagered the same amount: one can pay 50 dollars for a royal flush, while another will pay 75 dollars for that same one.

Keep Low Pairs instead of a single high Card

It is better to hold a low pair, irrespective of how low they score than discard it to a single high card that can’t win anything on its own. Most players are in a rush for that royal flush or that straight flush that they neglect this essential video poker strategy.

Pick the Right Casino 

This strategy needs to be repeated as often as possible. Online gambling is not only game-based but also casino based. A good casino grants good bonus offers that players can take advantage of and provides a safe environment for players to play.

Try Video Poker Online to Win

free video poker

One way to enjoy the thrill of video poker machines is to play it online. Video Poker online is one way of winning with more comfort. The internet brought about this innovation; since then, the online gambling scene hasn’t remained unchanged. To enjoy Video Poker online, you can use any of these websites: Bitplay, BitofGold, and Riversweeps Casino.

Free Online Video Poker to Maximise Your Skillset

Free Video Poker games are a perfect place to start if you want to win more in this gambling genre. Free video poker teaches you game mechanics, strategy, and what matters the most: winning. Most online casinos have free versions; some show you how to play Video Poker.

Types of Video Poker Games to Play

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the most popular Video Poker variant, known for having slightly unorthodox rules. One of those rules is that you’ll only get paid if your hand has at least two jacks; there are close to nine winning hands in Jacks or Better, and each has that caveat of two jacks. You should start with this variant of Video Poker—especially if you are a beginner or you can play the free online video poker version.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild stands out among video Poker variants for its quirkiness. In this game, all the 2s are wild, meaning they can substitute other cards to create a winning hand. Deuces Wild’s lowest winning combination is the Three of a Kind, and the highest is known as a Deuces Royal Flush.

Tens or Better

Tens or Better and Jacks or Better share many similarities, but their main difference is the lowest winning hand. In Jacks or Better, it is a pair of jacks, while in this variant, it is a pair of tens.


How to win at video poker?

video poker games

It depends on the variant you’re playing, but you can employ the strategies mentioned in this post. You can also play max bets and know when to settle for a straight or go for a flush. This video poker strategy increases your chances of winning but doesn’t guarantee wins.

How to play video poker?

To enjoy Video Poker online, you must register at an online casino. Online casinos that are seamless and offer high-quality graphics are Bitplay, Bitbetwin, BitofGold, and Riversweeps. How to play Video Poker becomes simple once you register, as players can pick a game and deal.

How to cheat video poker machines?

Let me burst your bubble if you are thinking of employing cheats to outsmart a video poker machine. It is impossible to cheat on video poker machines. The layers of security are so good that hacks cannot even work; a good video poker strategy can increase your chances. Another way to ensure victory is joining Riversweeps to get the best casino bonuses.

What is video poker?

Video Poker is a fixed odds game based on 5-card draw poker. It is usually played in a slot-like machine in a land-based or online casino. Video Poker is one of the best Internet Casino games and many players are drawn to it.

How to beat video poker machines?

There isn’t a guaranteed way to win at video poker games; these games still rely on luck. However, since the house edge on Video Poker is higher than any other casino game, you must follow a strategy and be patient. Nevertheless, you’ll surely get a win.

What is the best video poker game to play?

The best game for beginners is Jacks or Better due to how low the winning hand is and its payout percentage(99.5%). Deuces Wild is also another excellent video poker game to play.

Which video poker game has the best odds?

A variation of Jacks or Better called Double Bonus Poker, is the video poker game with the best odds. You can expect a payout percentage of 100.2 for a game with uncanny similarities to Jacks or Better.

How to pick the best video poker machine? 

This boils down to taste and preference; beginners fare well with Jacks or Better and graduate to Deuces and Wild due to how easy it is to score a win. At the end of the day, the choice is yours; you can play any variant of video poker you desire.


Video Poker is a game that every beginner to online gambling should play. They have a better house edge than most online slot games, and they are skill-based games, unlike slots that rely on chance. You can also employ strategies in this game(and other online casino table games like Blackjack online). This makes playing easy. 


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