Turnkey Casino Software Solutions

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Did you know turnkey casino solutions are the real deal? I am talking in terms of business, entertainment, and profits. This article breaks down how and why, but we’ll get to those in a minute. Plus, make it to the end and find out the software solution many smart entrepreneurs and casinos are using to run top online casinos and make tons of money. 

But first,

A look at online casinos 

The internet has leveled the playing field for all businesses and industries. The software and entertainment industries felt the ripples of the information revolution too. Gambling and entertainment took on a new life and boom! The online casino was born. 

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact date, but according to Gamblingsites.com, the online casino emerged in 1994. This year, Antigua and Barbuda (an island nation) passed a free trade and processing law. Under this new law, businesses and companies could obtain licenses to provide online casino services over the internet. Since this humble beginning on an island nation, the online gambling business has flourished. 

But before all these could be possible, a team of hardworking developers had first to build a successful turnkey casino software solution. Fast forward to 2019; online casinos have increased not only in popularity. But equally in complexity and features. A countless number of gamblers play and bet millions on different casino games every day. 

Despite the many upsides, these come with maintenance, containment, and security issues as well. The software end of an online casino determines whether the business end can address these issues or will collapse under the weight of its success. 

Therefore the different groups; players, employees, and businesses are all held in place by the kind of turnkey casino solution in use. 

But, no software, no online casino. Or a lousy software solution means a bad online casino. The top games that players love, like roulette, slots, and blackjack were all run by key casino software. 

Why turnkey casino software matter

It is an undeniable fact that software solutions have come a long way from the early internet days. Today, casino software providers are sophisticated, and so are their software products. 

There is a reason for that.

Simple answer, all skyscrapers have a corresponding great foundation — likewise, the best performing online casinos a turnkey casino software solution. The software solution serves as the underground foundation on which the casino relies for its operation, security, and overall sustenance. 

According to the business dictionary, a project, system, program, or solution is termed turnkey when the provider or contractor performs the full responsibility, right from design through to building and packaging of the finished product. A customer only has to turn the proverbial key to get your product started in full throttle. 

Therefore, a turnkey casino software is a 100% self-own multifunctional online casino that gives you unlimited customization opportunities. A turnkey casino software solution enables anyone on any part of the globe with a license to start and operate an online casino in no time. Independent of any external technical influence. This is crucial in guaranteeing the safety of your cash and your customers. These are but a few of the many benefits of using key casino software to run your online casino. 

More below –

Benefits of using key casino software solutions

A ready to launch software

You’ve done all your due diligence, conducted market research, and established concrete demand for your online casino. You are finally prepared to go to live after months of effort and preparation. Suddenly, your master plan falls apart due to unforeseen technical issues. If you’ve ever experienced anything close to this scenario, you know the value of reliable software. A ready to use turnkey casino software is the ideal solution that would have prevented this doomsday scenario. 

Companies like Riversweeps Platinium deliver launch-ready casino software that enables new and existing gambling companies to introduce groundbreaking games online. 

First impressions always count. Therefore your launching is the most critical moment that will validate your endless hard work in research, licensing, pricing, and positioning. At this point, you want a turnkey casino solution that will deliver on its promises and get you on top of the charts.  

Saves you time and resources

It’s problematic and a time-consuming process. Even for seasoned software programmers, there are different areas of expertise. If you aren’t an expert at the kind of software you need to run an online casino, then turnkey casino software is the best option for you. 

If it saves time, it saves money too. 

Not to mention the fact that it saves many valuable resources like the human resource. The software comes with an automation and delegation tool; several different roles like quality assurance and staff supervision are no longer a headache. Y don’t have to worry about checking in or worse, paying people to discharge such menial duties. 

User-friendly interface

To use this software, you don’t need a degree in computer science. The interface is built for handling by the average user. With easy to understand text, clear and concise writings. The overall layout and design of the software are simple, straightforward, and intuitive. The average user can easily make sense of the various commands and buttons without the need for any explanation. 

If you’ve ever experienced user frustration, you’ll find a turnkey casino software very reliable. The good backend designs translate to a more fabulous front-end user experience. Your website and games are kept neat. They are also accurately presented to your customers every time. Which makes happy customers and keeps them coming back for more because of the excellent user experience.

Extensive Support 

The deal doesn’t end with a closed sale. Turnkey casino software providers like Riversweeps Platinium continue to provide reliable technical support after the purchase of a software solution. This support begins with helping each customer define their goals to make the right choice of casino software. Experts are available to provide advice and support whenever needed. 

As a leading international company, they are capable of providing the most popular turnkey casino software on a global scale. At the same time, ensure a localized, on-the-ground approach to customer service. 

Cross-platform solution

Using key casino software doesn’t only save money. It drastically cuts down future costs too. Because it comes with a cross-platform design. Unlike native software, turnkey software is built to run on different platforms with basically the same code base. 

The result is an online casino that runs seamlessly on different platforms and devices without the need for constant technical interventions. Therefore the turnkey casino software solution is a dream come true for businesses that wish to push their casino over multiple platforms. There is no need to rewrite codes completely. Which is more efficient, less expensive, and enable companies to reach a wider audience. 

Gone are the days that your online casino cannot reach the masses because they are using android phones. Today, it is possible to deploy your casino games and products across all the different platforms you can find your target audience.

Again, saving time and money.

Reliable reputation

Many wonder how their online business can build a reliable reputation. The internet is a busy place, and people are only ready to engage with parties they know and trust. More so for businesses, especially online casino business. Some way disagree, but a good name is better than riches. Explains why no matter the angle you look from, the reputation of a company is vital. 

Without a sterling reputation and excellent track record, a casino cannot survive amid the strong online and offline competition. How the gambling community perceives your games, website, payout, and experience interacting with the different products will define your brand. Lucky, your turnkey casino software handles most, if not all, of these factors.

In business, it’s a challenging feat to repair a tarnished reputation. This is why the casino software plays a crucial role in the security of your online casino and snuffs out mistakes related to technical glitches. It also explains why a vital feature of the right turnkey casino solution is to provide feedback and reports. More on that later. 

These five benefits show some of the main reasons why the best online casinos prefer to use key casino software. Apart from these significant benefits, many other features make turnkey software a great choice.

And there are –

Seven wonders (features) of the turnkey casino 

Featured games

Different casino software offers various games. Therefore it is essential to do a bit of research before you choose any particular software. Since the kind of games users plays in your casino will either have a negative or positive impact on business. The right strategy is not only to get the highest-rated games, but you want to vary your games as much as possible. 

You should provide your customers with no reason why they should live your casino to play in another casino simply because you don’t offer the type of games they want. Each customer has a personal preference in games. These preferences vary depending on several different factors like age, race, and sex. 

Therefore the best deal gives you a turnkey casino software that provides games for all the various demographics. The amazing part, the list of casino games keep getting updated from time to time. 

Access rights and role

It is common knowledge that anyone with a computer and internet connectivity can be a victim of online predators. Even more so in the case of online businesses. Every year, more and more money is pumped by tech companies into cybersecurity. But the first step any business on the internet, especially online casinos, can take is to initiate two-factor authentication. 

To access the casino dashboard means to control a great deal of what happens on the frontend. Therefore casino administrators and other parties will require a unique set of access credentials before the turnkey casino software will allow them into the casino dashboard. 

Anti-fraud system

Apart from hackers and online predators, the internet has one too many cammers, bullies, fraudsters, and worse. This is why stringent security measures need to be put in place to keep the proverbial vampires out. Not only for the sake of your business but equally for the safety and security of your customers who trust you with their personal information and financial details. 

It is the sole responsibility of the online casino to keep the personal data of gamblers safe and security out of the prying view of intruders. And a turnkey casino solution provides the answer to all of these possible threats. 

Automatic report logging

Business information plays a vital role in decision making and strategic planning for future success. It analyses data and reports is from day to day activities for actionable insights. With this vital process in mind, turnkey casino software comes with an in-built data reporting feature. 

This feature enables casino software to automatically collect data on all necessary aspects of your casino business and generate highly accurate reports on the daily, weekly, and monthly activities. Any unauthorized person can not alter them. The ability to generate, secure, and encrypt generated report distinguishes key casino software providers like Riversweep Platinium from the others. 

Seamless gameplay

Gamblers are very fond of their games and want to access them whenever they want and wherever they want. Whether by phone, laptop, tablet, or game console. The idea is to make your casino accessible through all the different media and platforms. The best part, users don’t have to lose any progress made on any games anymore. 

Any progress made playing a game is saved in real-time and users pick up their games right where they left off. There are also tons of features and interactive buttons to help users personalize their accounts based on preference. Players can feel heard through reviews and feedback. 

Cashback feature

Why casino players chose one casino over another may be due to several factors. All gambling has some level of risk, but gamblers always gravitate toward the casino that offers some amount of money-back guarantee. And this isn’t seen only in the online gambling industry but across all other eCommerce websites. 

The merchant who is confident enough in his goods to provide a cashback guarantee always gains favor with the customers. With a turnkey software solution, an online casino can refund up to a quarter of customers’ initial investment. Customers are delighted by this feature because though they feel they’ve lost, they’re offered a token for choosing your casino. 

Perhaps this single feature ensures initial visitors become loyal customers. Returning to your site, again and again, to enjoy themselves and play their favorite internet casino games. Which is why an investment you make buying a turnkey casino software is worth it and guarantees a high return on investment


Bonus System

There are several amazing and customizable bonus features programmed into the casino software. These are capable of a highly targeted selection of specific segments for players. All this is also done at the right time too. To ensure your committed players are rewarded with the right bonuses at the right time too. 

Everybody likes a bonus, no matter how small. These bonuses make the game more thrilling for gamblers and send their blood rushing with adrenaline. It is this reason why casino software providers like Riversweeps Platinium includes them in their turnkey software solutions. 

The kind of casino software you choose to run your online business makes a world of difference. For some, choosing is the hardest part of the entire process. If you’re one of these people, then keep reading. 

Choosing the right casino software

The internet has numerous software providers. Each varies in the kind and quality of the software it provides. There is a need to learn about different brands. To always choose the best options to integrate into your online casino business

There are some factors to look out for and consider when selecting a casino software provider. Some of these include:

  • The length of time in business 
  • The portfolio
  • The clientele
  • Online ratings
  • Diversity of packages on offer
  • Specialty
  • Overall online ranking

These are the seven main aspects you need to consider when choosing a casino software provider. A look at the top-ranked companies online reveals how they’ve managed to maintain a high standard in all these seven aspects. 

Top casino software providers


Microgaming is one of the most experienced casino software providers in business today. Having been in operation for years, they are top-rated for the excellent quality game they provide. Their portfolio comprises well over 1000 games of all kinds. Including classic live games, slots, table games, and video slots. 

In delivering turnkey casino software, Microgaming also provides themes, features, and configurations of different kinds with their games. The online gambling industry has undergone a gradual but significant change, thanks to the innovative and pioneering products from this vendor. Believe it or not, some of the most sought-after progressive slot games like Major Millions or Mega Moolah are products from Microgaming. 

Riversweeps Platinium

Riversweeps Platinium has since it’s inception devoted its efforts to delivering high-quality turnkey casino software. Software that guarantees new users will stay, and old customers will keep returning for more. Casino operators trust them for their high-standards and flawless reputation. 

 They specialize in providing all kinds of casino games including slot, bitcoin games, sweepstakes, you name it. Their key casino software comes with full maintenance service and tech service (not that you’ll need it). The gaming portfolio of Riversweeps Platinium includes a versatile collection of popular slot games with multiple bonus features. 

Due to the intuitive design and user-friendly interface, they can appeal to a broader audience. It ensures casinos running their turnkey software solutions are always reaching new horizons. The Riversweeps Platinium casino software is an indispensable asset for all online casinos that are looking to take their performance to the next level. 


NetEnt has single-handedly served hundreds of gambling sites across the world wide web. They have a large following of loyal fans. Due to over 250 award-winning gaming solutions they have released into the gambling market. They specialize in branded slots and have successfully worked with several filmmakers to release popular slots like Frankenstein, Jumanji, Apes, etc. These games have delivered some of the most entertaining casino experience to online gamblers over the years. Also, NetEnt has a line of mobile games that are supported by all the major devices around the world. 


Betsoft specializes in providing cinematic 3D slots with breathtaking graphics, premium quality graphics, and equally fantastic sound effects. Every one of their games come with an excellent feature like second-screen bonus games, hidden bonus stages, and jackpots. These add more fun and excitement to their games. 

Also, online casino administrators can rest assured of security and privacy. Because this vendor ensures management is accessed is efficiently through their vault technology. It is designed to keep intruders out and bandwidth issues out of the list of gaming challenges. 

EGT Interactive

Based in Malta, the EGT Interactive is also very highly rated among casino software providers. The company has 7-years of experience in iGaming. This vendor offers online casinos a cross-platform solution with expert API integration. All of which come in a variety of different languages, 24/7 support. 

Though they make a few games for handheld devices, their primary domain is Flash designed games. Which, of course, has its advantages. Online casino administrators and operators can maintain a connection with EGT’s gaming content through their advanced multi-game server system. 

Evolution Gaming

They specialize in providing premium live dealer games for a wide variety of audiences. The gaming portfolio includes table games like baccarat variations, roulette, and blackjack. These games come imbibed with intuitive user-interface, customizable in-game features, flexible bet limits, and many more. 

Evolution Gaming deploys one of the most sophisticated streaming technology to provide high definition live tables and fascinating camera angles. Gamblers and business alike have fallen in love with Evolution Gaming over and over again. 

Essential ingredients for a successful operation

Simple API integration

To successfully operate an online casino, you need to integrate an API. An API also called an application programming interface is a collection of procedures that ensure the successful integration of gaming content into an online casino. This process can be very technical and hence requires some level of technological know-how. 

As mentioned previously, separate integration of games is a long and tiresome process. Therefore with the turnkey casino software, the integration of new slot games into an existing system is a walk in the park. Which drastically facilitates the development and profitability of one’s online casino. 

Expensive vs. cheap software

The success of any business is greatly affected by the cost of running it. A good reason why it is prudent to carefully count the cost of your software and weigh it against the projected incomes. Plus, there are other costs associated with running an online casino. All these different factors determine the budget of a casino operator when choosing casino software. 

Sadly, some choose the cheaper option. Though this feels good in the short term, businesses starting tend to pay a higher price in the long run. Here is why.

Firstly, a top-rated gambling software is bound to be more expensive than the average software. For a good reason too, a key casino software attracts the right kind of customers to your online gambling site within no time. Secondly, your existing players will remain loyal to your business if your software has the right features. Lastly, it operates automatically without the need for constant maintenance, support, and interventions. 

Gamblers with a bit of experience can detect cheap software and avoid them. Hence, the recommendation is always to choose the more reputable software even though it might be more expensive. 

Key Takeaways

So, the bottom line is; it’s essential to choose the right turnkey casino software to guarantee the success of your casino. But it’s never that easy. 

That’s why many keep asking why to select a key casino software instead of the standard options. The features, benefits, and ingredients set the two groups apart. Great companies deal with great products. 

That is why top-rated casinos have the best in graphics, sound, animation, interface, security, and games. All these points are the major landmarks on which a turnkey casino software solution delivers the promise of high-end performance. 


Choosing a software provider has always been difficult. Especially for high priority purchase like the backbone of online gambling business. Therefore the list of five best casino software providers takes the edge off and helps make the decision stress free. Consider the main areas in which these great companies vary and see if a turnkey casino software aligns with your business goals and visions. 

Business is a game of strategy; as such, it requires a series of strategic steps to arrive at profitability. Which each of these actionable steps, you get closer to your goals for your online casino.

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