Top 6 Slot Machine Strategy to Win Big

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While the casinos are getting more and more popular, it is no surprise that they achieve this also at in online level. Millions of people play online casino games every day, and the numbers are only increasing. For instance, slot games are the most popular online casino games at the moment. While more and more people play them, they want to know the basic slot machine strategy to win all the time. Because they are easy to play and do not require specific skills to play and win on them. So in this article, we will look at some of the essential strategies to determine the best slots. After that, we will mention how to play and how to win big on them. 

Is there a specific slot machine strategy to guarantee your win?

Well, sometimes people get the idea of winning in the slot machines all the time. But that is impossible. No matter how many years of experience you have, you may always lose. And there is no single slot machine strategy that will guarantee 100 percent win for you. Because being unpredictable is one of the most specific characteristic of slot games. And you can only maximize your winnings by minimizing your common mistakes. There are some slot machine strategies you should understand before you start playing. 

You have to always keep in mind that online slots are unhackable. That should keep any gamer from having unrealistic desires in slot games. Let us start with the slot machine strategy to win in a reliable slot game.

Take Payouts Into Consideration

One of the most vital characteristics of any slot machine available is the payout percentage of it. It is a feature that every professional should not take for granted. Because with a high payout percentage, casino slots keep their reputation high. The RTP of the slot game shows how much the slot will pay you in case you win. RTP higher than 90 percent is decent, but the most popular online slots usually have at least an RTP of 95 percent. Some of the most popular games in the online gambling business may even have an RTP of 99 percent and more. But no slot machine offers a hundred percent, because in this case, the algorithm of the device would fall. And the whole process would become irrelevant because the slots should also cut your winnings and take their part.

Another essential consideration you should have about the payouts is avoiding some bets. That is a slot machine strategy that may help you to decrease the risks of losing more money. While it is evident that all the slots have RTP lower than 100 percent, it means they are against the player. You need the luck to win in them. And some bets make the RTP even more economical than they are. That is why you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of every single chance you are going to make. 

Determine the Volatility of the Game

That is a slot machine strategy you should keep in mind in the first place if you want to win big. Because slot machines have different volatility ratings. Low volatility means that you have a higher chance of winning. But the wins will not be satisfying. Because if you have a chance to win continuously, it means your winnings will not be impressive.

On the other hand, players who aim to win the biggest prizes always choose the slots with higher volatility. In both cases, the players will probably lose money. However, it will happen in the long term in the games with higher volatility. That is why if you aim big, you should always try to play slot games with higher volatility ratings.

Try to Research More

If you pursuit big wins and you aim to be a professional casino player, there are strategies to understand. Other than the slot machine strategies about each machine, you should comprehend how online casinos work. If you visit any online casino site, you will see that there are some best real money slots. But that may be deceiving. Because the aim of any niche or other casino games is to make the players lose. That is why you should avoid the most obvious options when you try to pick a winning slot. Just like the volatility and payout, this is a crucial factor to consider. If you see a highly-promoted game on the main page with flashing adverts, this game will not help you win big. Because the more reputation and recognition the game has, the less the chance to win the biggest prizes. 

Double Up Feature

If you look for a slot machine strategy to win big money, that would be one of the most effective ones. The slots presented by the most popular providers like Novomatic offer this feature. By this slot machine strategy, you may double up your winnings with a 50 percent chance. And some of these games make this feature available for multiple times in a row. In case you wonder how to win big at slots, that may be helpful. The mentioned strategy increases the volatility of the game significantly. And what makes it unique is that it is easy to stimulate. That is a feature you will see offered by the best slots

Decrease the Winlines

It is a slot machine strategy that most people do not notice. But if you want to win big, you should consider decreasing the winning lines. For instance, you can set the game to one win line. That will set the volatility of the game five or ten times more than it is. 

Take Risks

If there is a magic trick for winning big money, that may be the best slot machine strategy one for you. That is a fundamental principle every casino player should know. In casino games, you should always risk big to win big. If you want the highest possible odds and push the boundaries of your chances of winning, take risks. It may sound controversial, but the most effective way to win big is to lose as fast as you can. If you look at it in a statistical approach, you suffer from every bet you make. Because that is how the payouts work. If you aim to lose less in the long term, you should minimize the aggregate sum of the bets. And to do this, you have to focus on losing the budget you have with minimum betting possible. 


Having a solid slot machine strategy will keep you stay in the race up front. Because the gambling industry contains principles and unwritten rules that make the players lose in most times. That is why it is never safe to say that you have guessed the exact strategy to win big money in casino games. Because no matter what, in the end, the casinos will have earnings rather than the players. That is why you should keep playing casino games as a hobby for fun. Only this way, you can have a clear mind to play these games. And more importantly, you can apply all the strategies and tactics you learn during your experiences.

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