Top 5 Online Gambling Slot Machines

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Finding the right place to gamble and have fun while earning some money might be hard at times, especially online. The online casino market is booming right now, and new online casinos appear overnight. As a gambler, it can be hard to keep up with all the updates and new releases without guidance. When it comes to online gambling slot machines, there’re so many things to keep track of, like security, deposits, and many others. Also, you need to know if your chosen online casino is safe and if it’s legally approved. If you’re in such a situation, keep on reading to find out with are the best ten online gambling machines. We’ll provide you with fully-detailed information and, even more than that, show you how to find the best slot games out there. 

Best Online Gambling Slots Machine

The online gambling slot machines offer huge and differ from website to website and gambler to gambler. When deciding which slot game is the best for you, you should know what interests you more. Maybe you are a jackpot-oriented player, or you focus on the gaming experience and what the game has to offer visually. From a professional’s point of view, the best gambling slot machines out there are the ones with the biggest jackpots. The online slot games with the best odds and payouts are also popular. Slot games become popular because of their background themes, graphics, and sound effects or characters inspired by movies or series. Following up, we’ll list the top ten online gambling slot machines available right now. 

Where Can You Find the Best Gambling Slot Machines? 

Why consult ratings and reviews pages every time you want to change the online casino when you can do it by yourself. You don’t need a lot of knowledge to decide which online casino is right or not or which slot game is worth playing. Follow our casino slots tips and tricks to find the best gambling slot machines out there. 


Whether an online casino is licensed or not is a vital fact for any gambler that wants to make a fortune out of gambling slots. As most players know, online casinos go through a lot of requirements before getting their legal approval. Also, licenses are quite expensive, depending on their location, so there are a lot of blacklisted online casinos. Blacklisted online casinos work without a permit, so they are basically scamming users. Most players share their bad experiences, and you can easily avoid this type of website, but they’re still are undetected ones.

Reliable online casinos state their permits and license under their policy section or even on the main page. You can easily find this information followed by other rules and general money-transfer issues. 

Avoid Deposits

The best online gambling slot machines are the ones that come for free sometimes. You can try demo versions of popular slots games or simply play them on free online casinos. However, you should transfer some money into your gambling account. When it comes to this, you should avoid gambling websites that ask for significant deposits and other fees. Most experts recommend online gambling platforms with e-wallet features. E-wallets proved to be safer and quicker than any other payment method, with transactions completed even in a couple of hours. 

Big Payouts

If you like playing online slots, then you want big payouts as well. Some online casinos promote their highest paying slot games, while others don’t. However, every gambling platform displays the RTP for every game, and you can use the information. The return to player percentage tells you how much money you can get back from a specific gambling slot machine. Most online gambling slot machines have a 97% RTP, meaning that you can get 97$ dollars back out of a 100$ dollar bet. Alongside house edge, the RTP comes in handy for any player that focuses on winning big.


Starburst is one of the most popular online gambling slot machines in the last couple of years. All respectable online casinos acquired this game because of its high-quality features. Starburst has a classic 5×3 layout and ten pay lines. What’s fun about it is that it offers you 20 ways to win the grand pot. You can spin the reels from both directions and have a chance to win the 50k coins jackpot. 

Although Starburst doesn’t impress with its bonus features, it has excellent graphics and crisp-clear sound effects. This gambling slot machine fits all players, but new gamblers can easily play it and practice their skills. The casino software quality is excellent, and you can play it even from your mobile phone or tablet. 

Guns N’ Roses

No, we’re not talking about the famous rock band, but about the renowned gambling slot machine inspired by it. Guns N’Roses is a great slot game that offers something for every type of gambler. It has amazing graphics and a soundtrack that features the popular Guns N’ Roses songs. Also, you’ll enjoy a large number of bonuses like free spins and bonus rounds. The slot symbols are actually the band members, each having a special power. Get ready for an exciting trip back to the 80’s when playing Guns N’ Roses slot game. 

Planet of the Apes

The Planet of the Apes slot game is inspired after the two famous movies carrying the same name. This video slot will take you on an exciting journey through Ceaser’s life. Needles to say, the slot has amazing graphics and sound effects and features all the famous movie characters.

Game-wise, Planet of Apes has five reels, three rows, and twenty fixed lines. If you ever feel unlucky while playing this slot game, the multitude of bonuses will come in handy. Not only that, the Scatter and Wild symbols help you a lot, but you’ll get a lot of free spins and other gifts. Planet of the Apes is a gambling slot machine fitted for any player looking for great gaming experiences. 

Wild Toro 

Wild Toro is a great slot game with a 96.3% RTP and lots of bonuses. This gambling slot machine takes us on a trip to Spain, but this time the bull is the game’s hero. There is no standard layout or payline system, so there are 178 ways to win the grand jackpot. There are just six symbols, and only one can trigger bonuses. However, there’s a Matador Respin Challenge that can lead to a lot of bonuses and multipliers. Take a chance and try your luck with this excellent slot game!

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest stays at the top of the list for a few years straight now. The exciting background story of this slot game, its graphics and sound effects, and rewarding bonuses are a huge factor. Gonzo’s Quest online casino software developer did a great job with this game and didn’t hold back when it comes to bonuses. Players can enjoy plenty of free spins and bonus rounds while trying to win the jackpot. Enter the Eldorado adventure with Gonzo’s Quest!


In conclusion, the best online slots are the ones that give benefits to players and providers at the same time. All of the games mentioned above have great RTP’s, excellent graphics and sound effects, and plenty of bonuses. The best online gambling slot machines come with interesting themes and features that excite the players to the maximum. These slot games are easy to find, and their quality speaks for themselves and their reliability. Experience the best online slots out there and take your lucky shot at the jackpot! 

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