The Golden Dragon Game Review

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The Golden Dragon game quickly gained popularity in the gaming industry and is still one of the highly demanded casino slots for thousands of players. Fascinating and bright themes, colorful interface, and ethnic background music seem to take the player back to the times of medieval China of the Qin era. The creators have tried very hard to make the game as memorable as possible.

The game is full of mysticism and stands out from other slot machines for its originality. This article will reveal the game in detail, explain how to play it, discuss the features, and find out how realistic it is to win a jackpot in this game.

How to Play the Golden Dragon Game? 

Like most slots, the Golden Dragon game is simple according to the rules and does not require special skills to play. There are only four buttons in the online version of the internet sweepstakes game: 

1. Bet max. With this button, you can put all the money in your deposit on the line—a risky move. You can lose everything, or you can increase your winning margin at times.

2. Minus and Plus sign. These signs increase or decrease your wager.

3. Spin. Start button that makes Golden Dragon symbols change their positions on the reels.

4. Bet one. Start playing one additional line.

Depending on the symbols that match on the screen, your winnings will vary in value. If there is no match, the round is considered lost. 

Demo-Version of Golden Dragon Game 

golden dragon game

One of the great things about the game is the free version. You will not need to pay a deposit to start playing. Instead, you will be given a certain amount (usually 500) that you can spend during the entire gameplay. But you need to understand that the amount of money and the winnings will be purely fictional. That is, even after winning a jackpot of $ 100k, you will not be able to withdraw this money. The demo version of the game Golden Dragon is educational. You are given a chance to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, as well as test yourself for luck. 

Strategies in the Golden Dragon Game

The symbols on the screen, both in the free and paid versions, are displayed entirely randomly. For this, a random number generating system is used. There is absolutely no statistics, periodicity, or any particular formula. It all depends on the player’s luck. Although some enthusiasts try to create strategies for predicting moves, all this has the effect of self-hypnosis and cannot affect the operation of the system.

Almost all Golden Dragon game strategies relate to the number of bets made, depending on the previous lost or won round:

Strategy #1 

If you won in the previous game, you need to increase the bet. If the last round was unsuccessful, then the rate must be reduced. This strategy allows you to control your budget and not let all your money go out into the air.

Strategy #2 

The exact opposite trick is at work here. If you lost in the previous round, then increase your bet. In this case, having won, you will be able to cover the previously lost money. And if you win, return to the minimum bet.

Strategy #3

According to this strategy, you should bet big. The fact is that some combinations of symbols are activated only in case of large bets. The higher your bet, the higher the chances of a jackpot or a big win. However, don’t get carried away with this strategy. Plan how much you can spend on this strategy in advance, and don’t go over the limit. Otherwise, you risk being left with empty pockets. 

The best strategy is to control your money. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Set yourself the number of possible losses ahead of time. If you have crossed the limit, then pause and play next time.


In the Golden Dragon, you will have as many as 50 paylines, which will provide you with many chances to win. To get a payout, it is enough to combine three identical symbols in one reel. In some cases, a combination of more than five symbols can increase your prize up to 1000 times! 

Symbols In the Game

As in all slot games, each symbol has a specific value that multiplies your winnings in case of the match. There are only four types of symbols in the game of the golden dragon: classic card symbols, animals, scatters, and a wild symbol. The most valuable symbol is the golden dragon, which can replace all other symbols in the game except for the golden bowl. You will need to match three or more symbols on one line in one spin to win in this slot machine.

Let’s take a look at how many times three the highest paying symbols of the Golden Dragon game can increase your winnings:

1. Wild symbol

The wild symbol can increase your win by 25 times when landing three wild symbols in one line, 100 times in the case of 4 symbols, and 1000 times if five identical wild symbols come together in one row.

2. Bird 

Three identical symbols will increase your winnings by 15 times, four symbols by 50, while five symbols will increase your winnings by 200 times. 

3. Golden tiger 

This symbol is also valuable. The potential winnings for this combination are the same as in the above.

Bonuses and RTP

golden dragon game

Unlike other slot machines, there are almost no permanent bonuses in the Golden Dragon game. However, depending on the promo actions, free spins can appear on the reels. Fortunately, the riversweep game offers a high RTP of almost 94%! Moreover, the scatter symbol (golden bowl) gives you all of your free spins. 

The total jackpot amount is approximately $ 100,000. But keep in mind that the jackpot cannot get activated with a small bet. It is also better to mention that Microgaming developed this online slot.  


The uniqueness of the Golden Dragon lies in the outstanding style, clear rules, and simplicity of the interface, and impressive chances of winning. Therefore, this riverslots game is suitable not only for experienced gamers but also for beginners. 

However, we advise you first to play the trial version, read the rules, determine your budget, and only after that move on to playing for real money.


What is the Minimal Chance to Win the Golden Dragon Game? 

It is believed that the chance of winning the jackpot in most slots is 1 in 50,000,000. Indeed, the jackpot is won by people who are extremely lucky on that specific day. But this does not mean that winning a good amount in the Golden Dragon sweepstakes cafe game is rare. It all depends not on statistics but your fortune.

Can I Stumble Upon Fraudulent Sites While Playing this Game? 

Regardless of the type of sweepstakes game, you need to be extremely careful with online casinos. The licensed producer of this game is Microgaming. This information alone is sufficient to avoid fraud. 

What is the Minimum Bet to Play Golden Dragon? 

The minimum bet for the Golden Dragon game is $ 0.25, while the maximum bet goes up to $ 25.

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