Space Rocks


If you are a creature of the habit who loves arcade games, there is something special here that you might be interested in. Space Rocks is one of the classic arcade games with excellent game features. The Space Rocks is based on the adventure of the travel through the galaxy. As a captain of your rocketship, you are going to live real excitement of cosmos.You have to manage your ship with instant maneuvers, wheeling left or right, and try to avoid colliding with asteroids. Your rocket ship is provided by special weapons and self-defense tools which allow you to struggle with a challenge when the situation is getting intense. Your mission is to destroy asteroids. The first hit will break the asteroid into two parts, and then your final hit eventually will destroy them separately.

Playing Space Rocks

Space Rocks is provided with beautiful graphics, and animations. Via exciting sound effects which you can adjust from custom settings, you will enjoy the flexible functions. Space Rocks has the following features:

  • One or two players option
  • Graphic styles  in Solid or Vector modules
  • Face-to-face or mutual two players modes
  • Four difficulty magnitudes
  • Bonus life
  • Adjustable color section ( 16 color themes)
  • Supports Gamepads and Joysticks
  • Replay value – you can adjust your game style from Settings such as faster or slower, more or fewer asteroids

If you are a big fan of the arcade games, then you will love Space Rock. Nothing stops you, take your time, start to play, and enjoy the slot game.