Shamrock Keno

Shamrock Keno is an excellent game for those who like to think and play at the same time. The Shamrock Keno slot game is one of the great games which presented by Riversweep Platinium. Shamrock Keno has numbers to pick from. In this game, the player marks a ticket with minimum 2 and maximum of ten numbers which range from 1 to 80. In this slot game, about 20 balls selected randomly and shown on the Winning Box. Any of these balls count as hit if the picked numbers. Player win when he or she picks numbers and hit quantity. The rule of the slot game very attentive and make gamer think strategy.

Playing Shamrock Keno

There are buttons called Quick Pick and Clear Card. The button which called Quick Pick used for picking numbers automatically. On the contrary, Other button used for delete picked numbers. This kind of new game could be a perfect choice for internet cafes, interactive clubs,  online casinos and such type of places. This game might exceed all your expectations as Shamrock Keno is a favorite, time-proved game.


We make sure that this game will satisfy all your requirements and Shamrock Keno is an excellent choice for those who are looking for your Internet Cafe Software Online. This slot game gives the player a great chance to win more prizes and bonuses which help you continue the game and gain more and more possible. The game very attractive and give immense pleasure to the player. You have never bored when you play this game. What do you need to do? Just play, win and get satisfaction from your competition.


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