Real Money Casinos: 5 Platforms that Offer Great Rewards

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Real money casinos are an amazing opportunity to earn lots of money while having fun.

However, because of the wide variety of online casinos available in the gambling market, it is hard to distinguish which is the most suitable for your needs.

While choosing real money online casinos for gambling, you must look into their features and make sure they are legit.

For example, when visiting real money casino app, read their terms and conditions and ensure you can withdraw your winnings without any trouble. Or check if they have different depositing and online casino withdrawal methods

After that, you must check their promotions pages. From there, you can determine how generous the casino will be during payouts. 

For example, if the platform offers welcome bonuses and deposits match bonuses to help you kick-start your gambling, then you can be sure of their generosity. 

Promotions and bonuses from the platform show how much a casino cares for its users. So, always check the complete info before signing in.

Now that you understand what real money casinos feature you must look at when choosing the one for gambling let me give you examples of the top 5 platforms that offer great rewards alongside interactive casino games.

1. Real money casinos: what are the best options?

real money casinos

So, as mentioned above, there is a wide variety of real money casinos in the gambling field. And to choose the most appropriate one for your playing style, you must look into all their features. 

Checking different platforms from head to toe can be exhausting and time-consuming. That’s why we decided to give you a short list of some of the best real money casino sites you can choose from. 

The platforms below are very generous in terms of promotions and bonuses. 

1.1 BitBetWin

One of the best real money casinos out there is BitBetWin. The casino has been in the gambling field for years. During this time, they have refined their service to a perfection.

When you visit BitBetWin’s platform, you come across 12 different real money casino sites. By registering on BitBetWin, you can choose any of those sites for gambling and gain access to their unique game catalog.

However, that’s not all!

BitBetWin is arguably one of the most generous real money online casinos. From the first step on the site, numerous promotions start to meet you on your way.

One of the most common bonuses you receive is a deposit match bonus. For example, on your first deposit, you receive an additional 50% of your deposit as a gift. 

Also, you can use a referral bonus, send your friend an invite to start playing on the platform, and both of you will receive $10 free play.

Besides those regular bonuses, BitBetWIn has different promotional opportunities for each real money casinos on its website. 

For instance, if you deposit on the Vegas X platform on Wednesdays, you receive 20% of your deposit as a gift. Or if you deposit on Skillmine on Fridays, you get a 20% bounceback bonus. .

1.2 BitPlay

Another platform that combines several real money casinos under its roof is BitPlay. There you will see 13 different real money casino sites. And one simple registration on Bitplay gives you access to all of them.

On BitPlay’s platform, you come across all genres of games you could dream of. Hence, various features and HD-quality visuals for each game will give you the best online gambling experience. 

Like BitBetWin, BitPlay also offers numerous bonuses to its players. For example, one of the first bonuses you get there is a welcome bonus worth $5. That amount allows you to play and bet more. And remember, higher bets bring more rewards.

real money casinos

Besides the no wager casino bonus you get during registration, you can also earn your first, second, and third deposit match bonuses. 

Another available promotion is a referral bonus that allows you to play with friends. And if you are a loyal player, you even get a surprise gift on your birthday.

One of the unique promotions on BitPlay online casino is a weekly challenge. By depositing each day of the week, you get a certain percentage of your deposit every day. And the amount of the bonus increases daily.

For example, if on Monday you get a 5% bonus, on Tuesday it’s 10%, and so on.

1.3 Inferno

Another option on the best Real money casinos list is Inferno. By registering on the platform via BitBetWin, you get free credits allowing you to play and win.

Alongside the regular BitBetWin promotions, there you also receive special bonuses. For example, if you deposit any day during happy hour, you get a 50% bounceback bonus. 

Besides that, you can receive a daily 25% deposit match bonus. And on Saturdays, 50% of your deposit. 

Inferno also has a cashback bonus of 20%. And, with all those promotions, it’s one of the best real money online casinos you can find in the field.

1.4 BitOfGold

One of the most generous and secure real money casinos on the gambling market is BitOfGold. The platform offers numerous bonuses to help you kick-start and continue playing.

BitOfGold’s bonuses start from your first step on the platform. From the moment of your registration, you are able to get up to $100 free credits as a sign-up bonus. So, as you see, you can earn numerous free credits by completing the easiest challenges.

Other than the sign-up, you can also obtain the first, second, and third deposit match bonuses. Also, referral and birthday promotions will lead you to more free playing. 

The unique promotion of this real money online casino’s website is User Role Bonuses. 

When registering on the platform, you get a rank of a Regular player. By depositing and playing more, you can change your status and upgrade to higher levels, bringing you cashback. 

real money casinos

For example, on the Master’s level, you get 5% cash back for all your deposits. And on the Elite status, you get 10% cashback. 

Check the full information on BitOfGold’s User Role bonuses here.

1.5 Riversweeps

Finally, let’s talk about one of the most fantastic Real money casinos platforms, Riversweeps. 

The Riversweeps platform offers unique sweepstakes online games. There you will come across various games with exclusive features and cutting-edge quality. So, that’s not a surprise that you receive numerous bonuses for playing all those games.

If you register on the Riversweeps platform via BitBetWin, there are some of the most generous bonus offers you will encounter. 

For example, you can obtain a 50% bounceback bonus by depositing during happy hours. Or if you deposit $50 or more, you get a 25% deposit match bonus. And if you deposit on Sundays, you get a 20% bounceback bonus.

2. Real money casinos: how to pick the best one?

As we said in the beginning, choosing between real money casinos takes lots of time and energy. You must look into their features, terms and conditions, and ensure the platform’s security.

To make your decision-making process easier, above you will see the top 5 real money casino sites. They all provide great promotions, are secure, and offer all the games you can wish for. 

3. What are the best games that you can play at real money online casinos?

It depends. If you are a newbie, the best option for you will be a chance-based slot game

However, you can try video poker online or blackjack if you prefer something more complicated that brings a land-based Vegas casino experience.

real money casinos

Whatever you choose, you will find it in the platforms above. Or check top-3 games to win real money in 2022.

4. Conclusion

Choosing between real money casinos can be tiring. That’s why we made a top 5 platforms list.

Pick the game genre you would love to play, visit the platforms listed above and register. You will be amazed by all the promotional opportunities each of the offers!

5. FAQ

5.1 What casinos can you play online for real money?

Some of the best real money casinos are listed above in the article. And with real money-winning opportunities, they provide numerous bonuses. 

For example, BitBetWin and Riversweeps allow you to win real money while playing with free credits!

5.2 What is the best online casino to win real money?

You can play for real money on BitBetWin’s, BitPlay’s, and BitOfGold’s platforms. For more information about their promotions, read the article.

5.3 What online casino is the easiest to cash out?

All the real money online casinos we mentioned above have the easiest cash-out rules. With a simple request, you can receive your funds within 48 hours.

5.4 What is the safest online casino for real money?

With lots of bonuses, all the real money casino sites in this article provide security. You can play, win and never worry about your funds.

5.5 What casinos pay out immediately?

All the platforms mentioned in the article have instant payouts. For more information, check the top 5 fast payout casinos.

5.6 What casino apps pay real money with no deposit?

Riversweeps online casino app is one of the best in the market. By registering on the Riversweeps real money casinos and downloading the app, you can play any game from your preferred device and win real money!


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