Fruit Bar

fruit bar

Fruit Bar is an online slot game designed with various fruit slot machines. This slot game set up with a five reel and 15 paylines. You will enjoy winning big awards with powerful fruit symbols in this online casino game. Realistic fruit symbols in the online slot game make it more attractive for many long-time players as well as new beginners. The design of the game is rich with symbols and special features. Special features include wild symbols, scatter symbols, and several bonus games that help players to get the wins. All symbols include a high amount of payings.

Playing Fruit Bar

Scatter symbol is called fruit, and if you get to run three of it, you will get free spins. With the help of these free spins, many bonus games will be offered to you.  There is a fruit platter as a wild symbol in the game, and it can be replaced by other symbols which help you to get various prizes. The wild symbol can not replace only the bonus scatters. If you want to achieve the number of free spins, then The Fruit Bar in the Riversweeps Platinium is just for you. You will enjoy by winning different awards as well as games that lead to corresponding free spins for each slot. If you want to increase your bank account and double your winnings by lots of free spins, choose the Fruit Bar in Riversweeps Platinium.