Craps Table Rules and Odds: Learn How To Play

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Craps table is one of the most exciting classic casino games you can try out.

If you are searching for a fast-paced and fun casino game with the authentic classic casino games hint, try Craps. This exciting game is a chance-based classic table allowing you to have fun and win cash without learning complicated game rules.

To play and win casino craps table, you need to understand the basic rules of the game, the main terms that you need to use in the game, and of course, the craps table dimensions.

In this article, we’re going to learn how to play Craps table effortlessly!

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the Craps rule and discover everything you need to know for successful gaming!

Casino Craps Table Game Overview

Craps table is one of the easiest classic casino games. That is because to play it, you don’t need to learn and understand complicated game rules as you would need in online video poker, for example. You just make a prediction about the number on the rolling dice, place a bet, and win or lose according to the outcome.

craps table

As simple as that, there are different types of bets you can make in the game. And to win, you need to understand the craps table odds and the winning amounts for each of the bets.

Let’s say you make the most widespread type of bet – Pass Line bet first. Here are the outcomes you can get from here:

  • If the dice shows 7 or 11, you win;
  • If the dice shows 2, 3, or 12, you lose;
  • If you get 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, a point is established. After that, the dice are rolled again, and you need to predict what number will get you past the Pass Line. 

As simple as that, there are several essential terms you need to know before learning Craps table dimensions. Let’s review them in the next passage.

Learn How To Play Craps Table With These Terms

To learn the craps table rules, you need to know these terms:

Come Out Roll – the first roll of dice in the hand. With this roll, you may win or lose directly, or a Pont may be established, and you need to make another bet.

Point – The Point is established when you get 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 on the Come Out Roll.

Crap – automatic loss when you get 2, 3, or 12 on the dice.

Seven Out – It means that a player rolls 7 after the Point is made. This situation means losing when playing with the Pass Line bet.

Now that you know all the essential terms, you need to learn about the types of bets in the Craps table. Let’s review some of them in the next paragraph.

Craps Payout Table: Types Of Bettings In The Game

Before you learn more about the craps table explained in the following passage, you need to learn about the types of best that are the most common in the game. Learning them is essential as that’s how you play craps game, and that’s what you see on the craps online table itself.

There are a few essential bets that you need to know. The first and the most widespread bet is a Pass Line bet. We mentioned it’s odds of winning and losing in the beginning. On the contrary, you can make a Don’t Pass Line bet. It’s contrary to the Pass Bet – you lose on 7 or 11, and win on 2, 3, or 12. After the come out roll, you win on 7 but lose on the Point.

You can also make a Come bet in case you missed the come out roll. In that case your next roll will be considered as your come out roll. Then, there’s the Don’t Come Bet – acting the same as the Don’t Pass Line Bet for the Pass line.

The other types of bets include Place Bet which can be made anytime after the Point is established. The Field bet covers 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11, and doubles the bet on 2, and 12.

There is a possible Odds Bet, which you can make after the Point is established. That’s a completely different bet from your previous one. There are also Hardline bets where a player wins when two identical numbers are rolled. 

craps table layout

Some tables also have 6s and 8s sections. On betting there you will win when the dice shows 6 or 8.

Knowing these bets and Craps Table odds are essential to make a proper prediction and win the game. Now let’s look at the Casino craps table.

Craps Table Layout: Explaining The Table Sections

Craps table layout basically shows all the possible bets you can make during the game. The table has side and middle sections with written bet names on each section.

When playing, you can put your bet on a specific section and make a bet that way. For instance, if you want to bet on a Pass Line bet, place your bet on the specific section. If you want to bet on a specific number, place a bet on a number in the middle of the craps table.

As you can see, the craps table explained is pretty easy to understand. So, learn the bettings, check the game’s online version on Riversweeps online casino, and enjoy gaming at its finest.


How to play craps table?

The craps table has super easy gaming rules. All you need to do while gaming is to place a bet on a certain outcome of the dice and wait for the result. The most essential factor for winning is understanding the betting rules and the best odds in casino.

Check out more info about the game rules and learn the craps payout table above in the article.

What is the purpose of the craps table layout?

The craps table layout has specific sections for placing a bet. On the sides, you will see the craps table dimensions, where you can place bets, such as Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come Bet, Don’t Come Bet, etc.

In the middle section, you will see different numbers. Here, you can bet on a specific number that can come when rolling the dice.

What does a craps table look like?

A casino craps table has various sections where you can place a bet. On the sides, you will see the same types of betting sections. That makes it easy for players around the table to place their bets and take the winnings from the table easily.

Each betting section has its name on it. Besides, there are written numbers on which you could win.

What are the most common bets on a craps table?

The most common bets on the craps payout table are Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come Bet, Don’t Come Bet, and Field Bets. 

The Pass Line bet inclines that a player will roll 7 or 11, or they will roll their point and then roll the 7 before repeating their point number again. See more about the bets on the craps table explained above and play the game with the best online casino tips

How to win at craps table?

Knowing the craps table rules is the first essential step to winning the game. Understanding how to play craps online, what types of bets you may make on the game, and what are the craps table odds in any of these bets allow you to make better predictions.

In the end, remember that the craps table is a chance-based game. As a result, you basically predict what the outcome of the rolling dice is going to be. So, learn the game rules, understand the odds, and place bets accordingly.

What is a craps table?

A Craps is a classic casino game that has a unique table to play at. On the Craps payout table, you see various sections where you can place a bet. And you make a bet when you predict the number that a player is going to get by rolling a pair of dice.

Because of so many sections, Craps table dimensions can be overwhelming at first sight. However, over time and by learning the Craps table rules, it becomes easier to place your bet and play in a fast-paced environment.

How to bet on craps table?

To place a bet on the game, first, learn the craps table layout. There, you will find all the sections where you can place a bet and wait for the outcome. When your bet wins, in a land-based casino, a dealer will place your winnings next to your bet, and you need to pick it up.

Why is it called a craps table?

It is a classic casino game – Craps that is played on the table. The game is about rolling a dice and predicting the outcome. You place a bet on different sections of the table and win or lose, depending on your bet and the outcome on the dice.

The name of the game comes from a specific number on the dice, which means automatic loss. When you make a pass-line bet, and the number you get on a dice is 2, 3, or 12, it’s a Crap – loss.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Craps table is an exciting casino game to play. Unlike other classic gambling titles, this game is dependent on your luck and the predictions.

So, learn the game rules and the betting styles from the article. Enroll into the game on your favorite online sweepstakes casino and enjoy a fast-paced gaming environment with lots of wins!

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