Best Internet Sweepstakes Casino Games offered by Riversweeps Platinium

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Internet sweepstakes casino games are one of the most popular games on the web right now. Sweepstakes casino games mainly refer to slots, the old faithful of the gambling industry. Slot machines are still among the favorites of any gambler, but online slots have something more to them. You can play them from the comfort of your home or your smartphone because most online casino software providers developed mobile-friendly interfaces. Besides, you get a vast variety of games to choose from, with only a few clicks. The sweepstakes casino industry is in the limelight for some time now due to many updates and the quality of the games it holds.

Online sweepstakes casino businesses are profitable if done right if we look at them from an investor’s perspective. There is a vast game variety because there are a lot of sweepstakes software providers on the market. However, not all of them offer high-quality products, and most of the times; they lack modern features like multiple payment options or advanced sound effects. As a business owner, choose sweepstakes casino software that has it all. In the world we live in, we have access to tons of reviews and ratings, so doing your research comes in very handy.

Assets of an organized sweepstakes casino platform

Like many other products in the sweepstakes casino industry, all sweepstakes software providers advertise their products and list all of their features so that they would stand out of the crowd. As a buyer, always check the specification list and put yourself on both sides of this business. You need to act as an investor while wanting the same things players wish to. Look for features that help you manage the platform better and figure out how much control you have over the games or what kind of marketing tools are available. For example, sweepstakes software with an administration panel increases your efficiency as well. The dashboard allows you to check statistics and such kind of data and can even make up reports for you. Never forget that a sweepstakes casino is a business with a lot of potentials.

On the other side, think about the games you want to offer. A customer’s needs come first no matter what venture we are talking about, and online casinos work the same way. Sweepstakes casino players like variety, so choose software that holds a wide range of games. Second of all, you need to ensure a 100% percent excellent gaming experience. Players put an accent on the game’s design. State-of-the-art 3D graphics and sound effects followed by an exciting storyline are critical elements of great gameplay. Also, plays with a lot of free bonuses are top-rated. Make sure most of the games in your sweepstakes casino have free spins, bonus rounds, and bonus games.


sweepstakes casino

Lastly, there are some aspects of both owners and players. Security is vital for sweepstakes casino software and business. You want your data safe, the player’s payment information safe and most importantly you want hacker-free sweepstakes casino software. Security is a crucial aspect of every sweepstakes casino, especially in the online environment. Always ask extra information about security and payment privacy because your future customers want the same thing. Recently, some online casino websites received public backlash because of their payment privacy policy. Sure, everyone wants to play sweepstakes games in a safe environment, but they want to see what they are paying for as well. Player payment history should be available to keep your customers happy, so choose software that has this setting.

Other software settings offer advantages for everyone involved in a sweepstakes casino. Multiple language options are relatively new, but it is not hard to find them, and they will boost your popularity. On a more critical note, numerous payment systems are crucial for every sweepstakes casino. The gamblers love games varieties, and they will surely love having multiple payment options. If you want to keep up with the trends, consider cryptocurrency as well. Some customizable features can grow your client database, such as using your own cryptocurrency tokens. We are talking about the online sweepstakes casino industry here; a world that develops as each day goes by. It is not hard to ask or find the best software features for your casino, but not all providers hold the complete package. Be patient while choosing and get as much information as you can.

About Riversweeps Platinium

In this article, we are going to present our sweepstakes casino software go-to. This company is available for everyone and has an excellent quality-price ratio. Besides, they have a wide range of games with exclusive bonuses and a secure interface that enables different payment methods. We are talking about Riversweeps Platinium, an online casino software developer on its way to the top. This sweepstakes casino platform has a vast game portfolio, most of them being very popular online. Riversweeps Platinium stands out from the crowd because it offers more than regular sweepstake casino software companies. All of their games come with outstanding 3D graphics and high-quality sound effects and background music. Aesthetics will always be among the player’s requirements, and this company took it on their advantage. Besides, the games have a recovery option, meaning that if an interruption occurs, players can continue their experience without any issues.

Another critical factor is transparency. We talked earlier about security and data privacy. Well, Riversweeps Platinium values this issue and put its customer’s first. This company is fully licensed and provides expert-tested products. So if you are a player and have trust issues regarding an online  casino, try the Riversweeps Platinium sweepstakes games for the safest experience out there. Besides, this software provider thinks of it’s player’s comfort; therefore, all games are mobile-friendly. You can play sweepstakes casino games from your smartphone, tablet, or PC without any navigation or internet connection problems.

Smart solutions

If you are an investor that decided to team up with Riversweeps Platinium, be proud of your choice. This company is among the best sweepstakes casino solutions companies in the business, and they didn’t earn this title for anything. This internet cafe software has features designed to make your job easier. For example, deposits are transferable between different accounts everywhere. Your clients don’t have to wait, and you can do this operation in two simple steps, even from your phone.

Also, you have control over the gaming servers, and you can see if something is going wrong in your sweepstakes casino. Slot cheating is widespread, and it can happen anywhere. If you see this kind of behavior, you have an access restriction option for any device in the internet cafe. Once you fixed the problem, you can enable access to these machines again. In addition to these features, The Riversweeps Platinium products have cashback options, multicurrency and multi-payment settings, and it works in such a way it cuts some costs.  The quality-price ratio for sweepstakes software is excellent.

Therefore it is available for every pocket while delivering the highest standards possible. Everything we mentioned so far comes wrapped up in a licensed security system. , and it can’t be accessed from different devices or locations. The Riversweeps Platinium sweepstakes casino software is one of the most reliable and trustworthy products in the business, so it makes it the perfect example.

The Riversweeps Platinium Games

sweepstakes casino

We talked about the overall features offered by Riversweeps Platinium. But we all know that the very essence of any sweepstakes casinos are the games. This company provides HD-quality graphics and animations and ensures excellent gaming experiences for their players. In this section, we are going to talk about the best sweepstakes casino games offered by Riversweeps Platinium and tell you more about their characteristics and what makes them so accessible.

#1 Buffalo Thunder

Buffalo Thunder is one of the best sweepstakes casino games offered on the Riversweeps Platinium platform. As the name mentions, buffalos are the critical elements of this game. The storyline places the player in a desert landscape filled with lizards, vultures and so on. The outstanding graphics and sound effects combine these magnificent animals with classic slots symbols. Like best games do, this game gives out plenty of bonuses and frees spins. While playing Buffalo Thunder, look out for the black and white buffalos because they give out the highest prizes. There is also a bonus game features that includes fun and exciting free games like Wild Thundering Buffalo or Totem Buffalo. Besides,  the player decides his or her bet. There is no max bet. Therefore this game is available for everyone, and more importantly, it is entertaining.

#2 Reel Rider

This sweepstakes casino game is giving you a ride and dropping you in the middle of Arizona. Everything is related to a genuine American motorcycle ride. Players will stumble upon symbols like beer cans, route signs or driving helmets and goggles. Reel Rider has four reels and 50 lines, giving out prizes from left to the right. Scatters are the only elements making an exception from this rule. Nothing can replace the scatter symbol. For example, the wild symbol replaces everything but the scatter. As we get accustomed to Riversweeps Platinium, it is not hard to oversee the outpouring of bonuses in every game.

Reel Rider has many extra prizes, like free spins, free credits, bonus rounds, and games. If there are more than three scatter symbols on the screen, the players receive ten free games with a wild feature included. If the player gets a fire wheel symbol on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th line, he or she activates the Fire Wheel Bonus, receiving 50 credits. Reel Rider is a very exciting sweepstakes casino game, and the Arizona back theme makes it more interesting.

#3 Fireball Keno

Fireball Keno is one of the most popular sweepstakes casino games online. If you are a keno enthusiast or you simply have a love for number predictions, this game is the best for you. The game has a minimum of two numbers on a ticket and a maximum of ten numbers, ranging from 1 to 80. The player wins if the game displays the numbers he or she picked. Fireball Keno is a fun game because of the options it offers as well. The game has a max bet button, one bet, and a Quick Pick setting. This setting picks the numbers by itself, and it can be considered some auto mode. There is also a Clear Card option that deletes the selected numbers, be it the player’s choice or the auto mode option.

Keno is more about strategy, and sweepstake casino clients surely love this kind of experience from time to time. Make sure you have it in your sweepstakes casino game portfolio, to ensure variety and excitement.

#4 El Toro

We know that the name suggests a bull, but we advise you to look a bit deeper when it comes to this game’s title. The beast is one of the most significant symbols of Spain, where the game action takes place. While playing El Toro, players will be absorbed by it and find themselves in the middle of the tango floor while listening to the pleasant traditional Spanish music. The developer focused on the storyline and sound effects, but players will find a moderate graphics quality. This game managed to stay among the most popular games this company ever made. So we can easily say that the action is more important than the design when it comes to this matter.

El Toro has five reels and 40 lines, and the symbols don’t show up as random as you might think. Each slot has a scatter symbol, in El Toro, this comes in the form of a scarlet rose. The scatter can fall only on the first, third, or fifth line. If you get all three of them, you receive free credits and one bonus game access. Bonuses are a player’s best friend in this game. The bonus round starts with 15 free spins that I according to the symbols on the screen. Put on your tango shoes and get ready to win substantial prizes while playing El Toro.

#5 The Banana

The Banana is one of the funniest games ever developed by Riversweeps Platinium. This sweepstakes casino game features dancing, clumsy bananas in a beachy, summery background theme. You can see elements like sand, sun, blue skies, and the wavy ocean. While most players will see the funny part of this game, more experienced sweepstakes casino gamblers will take it seriously. The Banana slots game features fruit symbols, making players back to the old-school slots that featured the same elements. We must add that this slots game has fantastic graphics and sound effects. The developer used state-of-the-art 3D animations, and the audios make us feel like we just took a holiday in the Caribbean.

The game has a quite simple layout, featuring only three reels and a single payline. There are some bonus features like Free Spins and Bonus Rounds. Players can get Wild bonuses as well, just by finding them on their screen. This sweepstakes casino game is more about creating winning opportunities and gradually increasing your prize. You can get higher amounts of money by finding Banana’s friends. Have fun playing The Banana sweepstakes casino game, and you can even double up your payout value.


In conclusion, the best online sweepstakes casinos have to offer great gaming experiences in the first place. Our pick, Riversweeps Platinium, has more than 40 games in their portfolio, all very original, very diverse and very challenging. The essential features of these games are the bonuses and the enhanced graphics and sound effects. Also, they all benefit from multiple payment systems, player’s security, and recovery options. Asides the games variety, a reliable sweepstakes software offers quality. We are speaking about technical features, like server security, navigation, and internet connection speed, and management tools. A software provider needs to include management and marketing solutions in their resume.

As a sweepstakes casino investor, you need these tools to get a good grip on your business with real information and data. They know what works and what not, and it is essential in this business. The software allows you to change and shapeshift according to your player’s needs. For more solutions and more exciting games, visit the Riversweeps Platinium website.

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