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About Us

Riversweeps Platinium casino software provider is the best and most affordable experienced casino software provider you can find! We are offering our services to online casinos, sweepstakes and internet cafes. Our service mainly consists of providing and maintaining software whether you are running an online casino business or a local internet sweepstakes cafe. We got you covered!

Why do you need our service?

If you are planning to open an internet sweepstakes software cafe or an online casino business, the first thing that should come to your mind is the software. Without decent software, your business would have a tough time keeping everything under control and making a profit. We offer you the best software for your money so you can start running your business.

Why should you choose our software?

Riversweeps Platinium casino software provider’s software is based on cutting-edge technology and is tested many times before introducing it to our customers. Our software offers Full-HD graphics and a fantastic sound experience which will surprise your customers. Not many people have played games on our latest software; therefore it is very likely that you will impress a lot of customers with the quality of your riversweeps software and games.

Recovery Option

Our software offers a game recovery option which is not present in older software. When somehow the game is interrupted due to any possible reason, the game recovers and the player continues playing right from where he stopped. This takes the risk of frustrating customers and headaches far, far away. You will never have a problem with our software or games which means your customer satisfaction will be at its highest!

Internet Sweepstakes Cafe

Are you planning to become an internet sweepstakes cafe owner one day? Well, it has never been so easy! After you overcome land, building and other minor challenges, our come will come into play. We – Riversweeps Platinium casino software provider will provide you with outstanding software for your internet sweepstakes cafe so you can sit back to relax and let the software do its job.

Our software helps you save money.

Our software is not only cheap but also lets you cut some costs as well. Our software is highly optimized by the qualified software developers which means that it has very low system requirements, thus can run on almost any type of hardware. We are aware that high-end hardware is super expensive so we have taken it into account and developed the best product that can benefit every internet sweepstakes cafe or online casino owner.

Multicurrency and multidenomination

As every player has different taste in games as they have different types of currency at their hands. Some want to pay by dollars; some want to pay by some sort of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Opening every possibility and option to your customer and making sure that they can play your games the way they want will bring immense traffic to your online casino or internet sweepstakes cafe!

Play the rest at home

Playing for hours must be tiring for your customers. Our software is so incredible, the games so full of vibrant colors that people just cannot resist playing and when they do they can’t stop. We have thought of it and developed a software which will allow your customers to play at home! Think about it for a second! Your customers can withdraw their winnings or make deposits into their account in your casino software provider but continue to play at home. This will offer you two main benefits: 

First, your cafe will be less crowded making your customers happy. Second, you will be making money while you are asleep! Obviously, your casino software provider probably is not going to be open 24/7, but our software will. It will allow your customers to play their games day and night regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week. Your cafe will be the center of both online casino and an internet sweepstakes cafe simultaneously.

Play on any device

When it comes to the devices which are compatible with our game, we can assure you that everyone with any type of device will be able to play your games anytime they want! Whether it is Windows, Android devices such as Samsung or Sony or Apple devices which include all the iPhones and iPads.

Personalization feature

Each and every player wants to personalize their profiles while they are playing games on your platforms. Our team has unlocked this feature letting every player customize their profiles, change color or add pictures. It will make them feel like an individual and respect you for granting all of their wishes.

Cashback feature

Our software offers a cashback feature! In case your players lose their games, our software will allow them to get 25% of their initial deposit back. The cash back features at internet sweepstakes cafes or online casinos have proven to attract more customers and never make them disappointed.

Our software will always offer the latest games

We continuously add games to our software as soon as they come out. This allows you to offer the latest games to your customers before they turn to play those games somewhere else. Instead, you are going to be the one who will make his rivals mad because you will be stealing all of their customers with your quality software and games.

Control your business

Our software not only allows you to offer the best experience to your customers but also gives you the full control of your internet sweepstakes cafe. You will be able to monitor all of your terminals, see the real-time information about the things you are concerned about and remotely disable anything you want. In case there is something wrong, our software will give you instant information about it and suggest what to do. You will be provided with options to select what’s best.

Security of our software

The software that we provide is highly secure, encrypted by certified developers and cannot be manipulated or changed by anybody from any location. You should trust our software that it will never let you down and will always be of your help.

There are quite a lot of reasons why you should choose us over anyone else. Feel free to contact Riversweeps Platinium casino software provider anytime you want. Our team will deliver the best customer experience you have ever had! You can also email us, and we will try to reply as soon as possible!