Wacky Billy

Hey! Want to have some fun? Join us today on our way to the farm of Wacky Billy, our new wild- hero and travel a little where we haven’t been yet! You love going with us, right? Riversweep Platinium gives you this opportunity! You should not miss it! There is beautiful nature, lots of greenery, domestic and wild animals that you will love a lot, your own house, an atmosphere of comfort and such freedom! Why not play a few parties under the beautiful country music, diluted with the lively sounds of nature and animals, which will brighten up the grey weekdays?

Playing Wacky Billy

Here you can find a lot of exciting prizes, a high probability of victories, many opportunities and most importantly, the greatest mood! The rules of the Wacky Billy are so funny and straightforward slot machine that you will not notice how time flies and how your spirit rises. You do not even have to spend a lot of time to understand it and join us. We also created an exciting design especially for you, friend.



Many bright colours and vibrant design are waiting for you here. Join us. It will be fun! You can also easily choose the stakes that suit you, raise them to the amount you need, buy extra time, select the number of lines, and most importantly, you can easily win lots of prizes, earn money and spend a great time with Wacky Billy. Do not waste your time and join Wacky Billy slot game together with Riversweep Platinium. Oh, and do not forget to bring a good mood and luck with you.