21 sweepstakes promotion tips to grow your business in 2019

sweepstakes promotion tips

Recently, more and more players are interested in online casinos, mainly due to the closure of real casinos. It is a reason to start a business in this area or to develop and expand it well enough if you are already involved in the online casino industry. But you need reliable advice to achieve the desired, and better if there is a lot of help. In this article, we will look at 21 sweepstakes promotion tips to grow your business in 2019. After reading the information below, you will learn a lot of useful and new things, as well as consolidate the knowledge you gained earlier. These sweepstakes promotion tips will help you achieve great success in your online entertainment business. This article will be your reliable assistant and guide in a stunning race for a leading position in the global online gambling market.


1. Daily questions

You need to ask yourself every day why people choose you and not someone else? Due to what “outside” you are different from a competitor? There are obvious signs: quality of service, price, reaction rate, competent operators and assortment.


2. The phone number



When you call at 21:05 on the phone on the website and hear long beeps, it is unclear what is happening. Either the institution does not work, or no one answers you, or, well, to hell with it, and it’s time to dial the competitor’s number. The time of the call center should be indicated under the phone number on the online casino website.


3. Magic numbers

It is believed that the price of $ 1999 is not two thousand, but one with cents. In general, it works, and you’ll catch some of the weary, gawking customers, especially when they fold 3999 + 1999 + 4999. About 9–10 thousand, right? Banal respect for the buyer suggests that you can not put such prices. Moreover, $ 999 is an indicator of some divorce. For many. Therefore, the highest price, which is up to a thousand, is 990. And better is 950.


4. Give more than promised

Promise less than you can give. Because in the case of ideally fulfilled expectations or a petty deficiency revealed, the evaluation falls. If you promise more than you give, then do not wait for more than one sale. If your business involves the sale of at least two or three products to the same person, you are not interested in him taking one and hiding in horror, but in returning.


5. How to live with partners

In business, you need to “enter” together precisely 50 to 50. In a small business, it’s damn important that no one weighs in the first two or three years who works less and who does more. Both are equal, and both are trying our best. But at the same time, one should be the primary person in everything.


6. Your post

sweepstakes promotion tips


Do not write a post on the business card. If you notice that you have the right to make a final decision, this immediately weakens your position in the negotiations. And sometimes it offends the person with whom you are dealing.


7. Customers will tell you how to provide excellent service.

There is no point in listening to what consultants or someone else is saying about how you should greet visitors. The only thing that has importance is what the customers themselves want. They need to ask.


8. Forget what working hours are

Customer service works 24 hours a day. In any case, it should be so. There is a fundamental reason to forget about the concept of “working time”. How can we serve a client best of all if we make him adapt to our schedule? By definition, this is inconvenient for him.


9. Systems, not smiles

A systematic approach to do all this is much more important than just politeness and willingness to help. In the end, our customers do not care how polite we were with them if we did the work for them incorrectly.


10. Focus on the client


sweepstakes promotion tips focus


The client must be in the spotlight. Always ask what he wants tomorrow. What are his needs and fears, what bothers and distresses him?


11. Do your thing no matter what

Do not criticize yourself too much, making mistakes, but be sure to learn from them. Strive to be different, do not do something just because everyone does it, or because experts advise. Do what seems right for your business. Of course, these sweepstakes promotion tips are exceptions.


12. Start small, but focus

You need time in the early stages of growing your internet cafe software business and want it to be yours because your goal is to understand how you turn your customers into regular customers, not how to attract new customers. As soon as you find this formula, growth will start by itself, and exponentially.

13. Investments in customer service

It is worth considering investing in customer service as an investment, and today our call-center works 24 hours a day and also seven days a week, and the operators work a little more than is needed so that buyers do not have to wait for an answer in an attempt to contact us.

14. Affiliate payment system

Affiliate payment system encourages employees to serve clients at the highest level: their salary depends on customer satisfaction. If they want to earn more, they can come early or linger later. People can find many ways to increase productivity.


15. Set the right goals

People by nature love to compete; they will try to achieve any goals, regardless of whether they pay more for it. So the secret is to set goals in the best interests of the online casino games business. It is essential information among these sweepstakes promotion tips.


16. Select the right staff


best internet cafe software


If they have worked well in the past, they will probably work well in the future. So, conducting an interview, look for those who have been successful and have shown the best professional skills.


17. Regular customer programs

Programs for regular customers prove to customers how important they are for you. Using this approach, you go much further.


18. What does the customer want?

Find a way to get a client to spend ten minutes for a detailed description of his problems and wishes.


19. Give what is asked

If you want to support your business, give customers exactly what they are asking for, without any hesitation. If you do just a little less, you can do nothing, because you still lose their demand for your products.

20. Honesty and reliability

It is the most crucial advice among these sweepstakes promotion tips. Post on your online casino website only games with no-deposit bonuses of reliable and well-known gambling software providers.


21. Do it right the first time

If you did everything right at once, then you have nothing to apologize. At its most basic, excellent customer service requires you to do the job right the first time.

We hope these little sweepstakes promotion tips will help you. Generally, if you have never played in online casinos, we advise you to read decent portals about casinos, as well as chat on forums, this will allow you to avoid many severe and great mistakes in creating or developing your online gambling business, as well as get maximum pleasure from the game.


How to build Online Casino Software: Simple tips and easy solutions

Online Casino Software

It is obvious that online casino software business has been increasing throughout the years, and if you are an entrepreneur or game developer this kind of online game idea may come to your attention in the first place. Building online casino software requires at least five steps. However, having this type of online entertainment is not enough to be popular because there is plenty of online casino games that you need to challenge so you should build a perfect one to challenge others.


Find a reliable software provider


Online Casino Software


So, in the first step, you need to find a more reliable software provider to create software. It is the first step and more important one because you will need more research to determine which ones offer and price are more suitable for your budget and how their features can help you build the best one. A reliable software provider should be budget friendly and its experience in online games, especially in casino games, play a crucial role to continue with that software provider. Then, what kind of features are reliable for your project? Well, this provider should have a better gaming control service. Having customer care policy, access to the international online casino gaming market, secure payment methods, gambling license, and a well-designed land-page structure are also necessary for this business.


Content is a king


If you plan to create online casino software, keep in mind that content is all above because a good sense of content creation will attract more users to your online game. Your online match should offer various types of contents that make customers more enjoyable and entertain. Start searching about some casino terms and integrate those feature to your game. For instance, try to integrate the most popular poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo, baccarat and slots in the game. Then having live and online casino game among users are so crucial because nowadays live platforms are more attractive so you can provide a live environment for your players and make them feel they are in a real casino environment.


Payment verification


Online Casino Software


A payment system is a vital side for an online game platform. When you create sweepstakes software, you should be careful about the payment system. The payment system should have experience in the online industry as well. No doubt having so many features is more suitable for your business. Therefore, you should choose a payment system that should provide a smoother transaction for players. So a payment system you want should have fraud detection policy, risk management feature, multi-currency and various payment options and fast transaction process. In the first place, your payment process should give your customers that their money is in a reliable platform.


An attractive website


As with other steps, having a good website is also appealing. Create a high-quality website that contains more about the game. Do not put a lot of things to your website because lagging is inevitable. Integrate your PC version of a website to mobile style, namely responsive web design or mobile friendly so people can use surf on the site by phone as well. Do not overload your website with high resolution of videos and photos. Be sure that, your website front end has an integration with your database.


Marketing and promotion


Online Casino Software


When everything is ready to launch, you will need to do a good marketing and promotion strategy to attract more people and challenge your competitors. If you want to focus on more promotion strategy, you should provide a proper budget to do so. As a marketing strategy, analyze the market and your platform to find which plan you need to put. So you first need to do comprehensive market research to understand what your competitors do and how they do, and then you will detect their failures and try to avoid to do those fails. Also, creating promotional events, loyal programs and putting assistance for new players can lead the game platform to the best one.


Creating online casino software is not easy because you should consider all perspectives range from legalization to payment methods. In an online game, players have to know that they are in a more comfortable and secure website that can prevent them from frauds. So having a good quality of the platform, payment method, content, designed website, marketing strategies, and easy accessibility can help your business to attract more people.  

Meet the world’s best casino software providers

Casino Software Providers

The casino software development industry is currently experiencing some of the best periods in its development history. And this is not by chance. After all, this area of ​​the entertainment industry occupies one of the leading positions in the global market. Several activities demonstrate high progress even in challenging economic circumstances. This area is one of them. For all the time of its development, bulky casino software providers have emerged to this day in the field of creating software for gambling games, which are competing among themselves for attracting a growing number of consumers. Thus, the primary function of casino software providers is the creation and development of games and the sale of licenses and rights to them to a virtual online casino. It plays a vital role in the world of online gambling.


Without a doubt, there are specific criteria by which customers prefer a particular company. Among the main criteria, you can list such as innovation, methods for depositing and withdrawing money, interface design, a diverse range of services, the size and speed of payments, the presence of certain discounts. An important criterion is also the reliability of the software because with it the trust of customers to the company arises. The company’s reputation is a key element of its competitiveness.


These vendors try to develop games with high-quality content, video and sound, attractive animation and a realistic graphical interface. Besides, some companies also specialize in developing online gambling using 3D technologies. Of course, among the vast number of casino software providers offering their services, it will be challenging to make a choice. Therefore, we have selected for you a list of the best casino software providers, so that it is much easier for you to navigate in this space.



Software Providers


This company can be deservedly attributed to one of the best and most reliable in the world in the field of creating software for the online entertainment industry. In the entire history of its development, it has grown into a very large supplier of games for virtual gambling establishments and, to the present, it maintains a leading position in this field. They develop most of their game based on HTML5 and CSS. Since the browser perfectly understands these languages, these games can be efficiently run in it.


Also, among the development of Microgaming, there are games with the ability to download to tablets and mobile devices. All developed games are translated into different languages ​​of the world, which indicates the company’s desire to acquire a wide international audience. The portfolio of this company is more and more often enriched with such types of online casino games as roulette, slots, poker, etc. Also, Microgaming also supplies board games, which makes it a serious contender among its counterparts in the online gambling market. The portfolio of the company consists of approximately 900 games.




Casino Software Providers


Playtech occupies one of the leading positions in the world along with such giants of the gambling industry as Microgaming and NetEnt. The company is known to the world of online casinos due to the safety and reliability of its games. This company has certificates from influential international organizations that are engaged in ensuring security and integrity in the field of online casinos. Besides, the offices of Playtech are located in different countries of the world, which is credible at the legislative level. Games from the company are famous for multiplatform and supported on many computer and mobile devices.


The unique graphical interface and great sound, along with fantastic animation, are the reason for the presence of a huge number of fans of this software provider. The company annually pleases its customers with innovation in the field of game development, and some of them even become hits. Also, Playtech has a fair amount of awards, which contributes to increasing its reputation among customers in this industry. The colorful special effects introduced by the developers of the company in the games they create have contributed to the popularization of Playtech in the world of the online casino industry. The portfolio consists of over 500 games.



Casino Software Providers


This company was founded in Sweden. Its main office is in the same country. Its full name is Net Entertainment. However, among users, it has gained great popularity as NetEnt. The innovativeness of the products created by the company greatly influenced its recognition in the online gambling industry. The portfolio includes more than 200 games. The software for online casinos developed by the specialists of the company is of high quality and reliability. The presence of a convenient user interface has attracted the attention of a huge number of users of the industry throughout the planet.


Excellent video and audio effects, as well as rich content using a multifunctional interface,  make you remain indifferent to this company. It is these qualities that made NetEnt company one of the most recognizable casino software providers in the online entertainment industry. Employees of the company are highly qualified specialists who value the opinions of users and take into account all their requirements. The company confidently takes the position of one of the best in the business. It has a considerable number of awards. The developments of the company are subject to frequent inspections and thus deserve the trust of millions of users around the world.



Casino Software


Novomatic Group of Companies produces software for online casinos, as well as operates in the field of land gambling. The number of games developed by it is more than 200. Novomatic is a pioneer in the gambling industry and has achieved impressive success in the casino industry over the entire period of its activity. Several games developed by its support free mode. The main features that make this brand one of the best in the world market are high-quality graphics, impeccable sound, extraordinary and exciting game plots, safety, reliability and honesty of the gameplay.


You also need to pay attention to the fact that Novomatic received wide distribution among users of the CIS countries. The high quality of its products has always distinguished this group of companies. The group has a large staff, which is the reason for its high performance. There can not be a gambling lover who would not hear this brand. Novomatic received especially great fame due to the online slots that it developed. It should be noted that the mobile platforms Android and IOS also support many slot games of this group of casino software providers. This turns Novomatic into a universal gambling brand, for which the interests of users are important.


Evolution Gaming


The company specializes in creating live casino games for users. Live casino games are live dealer games. In these games, there is no random number generator. Webcams are used for broadcasting live casino games. That is, these games are analogous to land-based casinos, but you can participate in them without leaving your home. Thus, participation in such games creates an effect of presence, which is the reason for the high demand for them. Evolution Gaming occupies a leading position in the world in the development of such games. Also, this kind of game gives the gameplay even more honesty and openness.


Also, the company has three licenses from reliable international organizations. The portfolio includes about 30 games. To play live games, only two conditions are necessary: an Internet connection and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Browsers launch this kind of games without any problems. Evolution Gaming has various awards, which draws the attention of the gambling public to it even more. Of course, casino software providers are the starting point for the online gambling industry.


Internet sweepstakes software providers for your internet cafe

sweepstakes software providers

If you were interested in online casinos, you probably noted that many casinos offer the same games. Besides, you may have seen somewhere at the bottom of the page a small banner with the logo of the company – the supplier of casino software or the ability to sort games by the provider. Indeed, most casinos do not create the program from scratch, most often software is bought from companies specializing in creating software for online casinos. You can call those companies as Internet sweepstakes software providers. There are about 100 such more or less known sweepstakes software providers in the world, and they compete with each other for supremacy in the world market and attracting the highest number of lovers of the online gambling industry of entertainment industry to their products.  


sweepstakes software providers


Why are we talking about popular casino software, as a guarantee of honesty casino? There are several reasons for this. First, the larger and more famous the company, the more it values ​​its name. A large company has something to lose if it turns out that its software is “charged”, a scandal breaks out, large clients can refuse its services, players will stop playing. The sweepstakes software providers do not have a special meaning to “charge” software, because they receive a fixed fee from the casino when buying, plus a small percentage of the turnover. That is, the sweepstakes software providers themselves do not receive any special dividends from dishonest games.

The casino manufacturers do not own software companies so that there is no conflict of interest, they only sell software. Large software vendors do not transfer source codes to their customers (casinos); moreover, even the ready-made software itself is usually not transmitted. Everything remains on the servers of the software supplier, the provider itself provides service and operation of the slot games. You can easily verify this – browser casinos point to an address like microgaming.com or playtech.com (or other addresses belonging to these companies, which will be the same for different casinos).


sweepstakes software providers


If we talk further, then the casino with secure software from well-known suppliers has additional advantages. The very fact of having such software speaks of the reasonably high financial capabilities of casino owners – this is not a scripting casino for $ 10 and not homegrown software for $ 10 thousand. Casinos from leading software vendors cost hundreds of thousands, or even more than a million dollars. It is essential, many newbies are worried, “but if I win a lot of money, will my casino pay me back?”. Of course, in a second casino that flooded the Internet, even if suddenly, despite its charge, you win a lump sum, the likelihood that you will be paid is minimal (well, what payments can there be if a student bought a casino for $ 100).

For a casino with a well-known software, the sum of several tens of thousands of dollars is nonsense. Jackpot software provider is generally responsible for the jackpot itself, but the largest casinos have announced payments of hundreds of thousands and even over a million pounds sterling, which is evidence of the software’s honesty and the reliability of the casino.

In general, as far as we know, casino games from major sweepstakes software providers are fair. There are no “buttons”, “levers” and other opportunities to change the payouts or the casino game results somehow. Of course, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that this is the case, but we have no doubts. We will say that the majority of players all over the world play quite a lot in casinos with popular software (they always preferred to play in them). So, there were almost no substantiated complaints about dishonest casino games by the leading manufacturers over the past ten years. In our opinion, this is the best recommendation of the software and casinos on it.

Online casino software developers

sweepstakes software providers


By and large, at the moment a little more than five sweepstakes software providers can be counted among the leaders. Up to a few dozen are on the second line: but for the most part, these are only suppliers of gaming machines. Now we will inform you about the four industry leaders.

Microgaming is a long-time leader, the most popular casino software in the world, software with the maximum number of games; there are now more than 900 of them, in general, the most-most. This company started in South Africa, then moved closer to the mainstream customer – to Malta and London. Currently, over 50 casinos use downloadable software from Microgaming and a few hundred more – a flash version of QuickFire. MG casinos are loved for a large number of great games and good bonuses.

Lately, there have been almost no scandals and cases of not very fair handling of clients by the casino only with software from Microgaming. Microgaming not only sells software but also monitors the operation of the casino, not allowing them liberties.

NetEnt is also one of the industry’s firstborn, software is valued for great slots, now they are successfully fighting for leadership in the number of casinos. They started modestly, with several casinos in Java. Then they switched to flash and led a wave of popularity of flash games embedded on the site. These games offer almost all bookmakers, and nearly all of them have games from NetEnt. And in general, casinos with multi-software (several types of software “under one roof”) are becoming more and more popular, and again the leadership in this market with NetEnt (plus Microgaming). Now this software is in several hundred institutions, and the company is on horseback, they trade its shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, the cost is currently over $ 2 billion.

Playtech appeared a little later than its competitors, but due to the relatively low price with good quality, the number of casinos began to grow quite quickly. Even though the company is registered in Holland, its “founding fathers” are from Israel, and software is written in Estonia. The name of the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is one of the most expensive in the gaming industry (capitalization at the end of 2018 is close to $ 3 billion). Now, however, the company’s popularity, especially in Russia and Europe, is falling. The fact is that they do not give up their games to multi-casino casinos and, in general, switched to the Asian market. However, the casinos remain generally quite good.

Evolution Gaming company appeared after competitors reviewed here (in 2006), it specializes exclusively in games with live dealers. By the way, despite the narrow specialization, it is one of the largest and most expensive online gambling companies! The company is organized in London, has a British license and a bunch of others, but the studio and the central staff are in Latvia.

Our list did not include the names of several more suppliers: RTG, BetSoft, Play’nGo, Rival (still inferior in terms of leaders), Novomatic (for all the popularity of their slots, card games and roulette are rare online).

Helpful advice

Sweepstakes Business


The information provided above is only for general information. To achieve success in your knowledge of sweepstakes software providers, you will need to explore this topic more deeply and carefully. The more information you have, the more chances you have to achieve significant advantages in this case.


What is needed to start my own online casino business?

online casino business

As you know, before you start working on something, you need to find enough reliable and truthful information about what needs to be done. Otherwise, the case is doomed to complete failure. In this article, we will try to find out what is required to create and organize your online casino business. We will deal with all the main aspects related to this business so that the reader does not have any information gaps about how to start acting in the online entertainment industry. You should take into account that the online casino business is mixed up in a fairly strong competition, so anyone who wants to build a career in this field will have to sweat a lot.

Remember that your success in any field depends in most cases only on yourself. The more you are purposeful and hardworking, the more success you will achieve.

Therefore, you have a big responsibility. The more you are aware of your planned project, the better you will control the process of its implementation.

And now let’s start exploring the steps that are necessary to achieve your ambitious goal about creating your own online casino business. However, take into account that the sequence of these steps plays a vital role in this process. If you do not adhere to the established order, then very soon you will suffer substantial losses in your business and, thus, your diligent actions in this direction will be reduced to zero and will not have any meaning for you.

In addition to this, you can get another crucial tip. Do not proceed to the next step without fully implementing the current stage for you. Otherwise, your beginnings will turn to mush, and you will lose systematization in business.

If you follow the above rules, then you will have to wait a lot of luck.


online casino business

If you have not yet decided to start working in the field of online casino business only because you have doubts about this account and these doubts arise because this field of activity does not attract you, then this is an excellent reason for not to start. After all, ultimately, if there is no desire for any area, then it is impossible to achieve success and satisfying results in it. Thus, if you start your activity in the online entertainment industry without the presence of any desire, then you will make a huge mistake because in this case, you will lose in vain both valuable time and your money. Your efforts and work in this area will be in vain. That is why concrete certainty in goals and scope of work plays a major role in any business. This stage is the starting point for starting your online gambling business. Therefore, it is too important to pay due attention to this aspect.

Online gambling and legislation

The legislative side of the issue is essential in this field of activity. You should get quality legal advice to avoid unwanted problems with the law. Skipping this step, you will risk a lot, and even your freedom. Do not proceed to further steps without understanding this task. Examine all laws regarding online gambling in depth. Your knowledge of the legal framework in this area will help you plan and think about your next steps. As a result, you will be able to clearly and accurately navigate the space relating to your field of activity.

It should be borne in mind that in different countries of the world different laws are regulating the activities of online gambling establishments. For this reason, you should study the legislative side of this issue extensively and on a large scale. Consider that the money spent on consultation with an experienced lawyer cannot be a reason to avoid considering this problem.

Initial funds

online casino business

Exactly determine your cash. The initial capital is of great importance in this area. You need to allocate money to start this business. Set aside the financial resources you need for your vital needs. For example, it may be money for treatment, your education or the education of your children, for your daily nutritional needs, and so on, of that sort. If you do not have your start-up capital to start a business, then you can borrow money from friends and acquaintances.

You can also take a loan from a bank. Try to take loans at low-interest rates as much as possible. Reasonably spend your money in this field of activity. Acquire only the most necessary, and postpone all the minor things for later. Try to fully consider your various expenses in advance to avoid unpleasant problems. Remember that your material assets can also serve you as additional financial means. In case of a shortage of capital, you can sell off the material resources you do not need with the aim of starting your own online casino business. After all, as you know, the dream requires certain sacrifices. And depending on what and how much you donate, the value and importance of your dreams and goals for you are measured.

Market research

online casino business


The global online gambling market is quite large and has very high competitiveness. Every year, the competitiveness of many companies in this market is becoming stronger. For many years of its formation and development, this market has developed certain standards and criteria that are needed to succeed in this field of activity. Following these standards, start-ups and small companies also achieve great heights in the gambling business. Therefore, market research is crucial in starting your online casino business.

It is necessary to thoroughly analyze this market to have an idea of ​​what you are dealing with. It is essential to use all methods to study this area. Do not forget, the more you are informed, the better you are armed. In the future, your good awareness in this area will help you to avoid trouble in your work. Read all that relates to this topic. Pay attention to every detail. After all, in the future, even the smallest detail can play a key role in the issue of preserving your business.

Take into account that the best online casino websites host only games from the best casino software providers on their webpages. These customers refer only to reliable and honest online gambling suppliers. Therefore, it is very important that you explore the market of online entertainment game development companies. This factor will help you in attracting a large number of customers in your online casino business.

You must acquire online gambling games with superb graphics, a user-friendly user interface, good sound, and an exciting and entertaining storyline. Besides, the presence of various bonuses and promotions in the games will be a vital factor to attract fans of the gambling industry. The most popular and reliable online casino software providers are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and Novomatic. Products of these companies are in great demand among fans of the online casino industry.

So, we have considered all the steps that will form the foundation in your field of activity. We hope that the information provided above will help you in your endeavors to organize and develop your online casino business.