Can I open my own bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is independent of banks and any other external regulators. The transaction history is publicly available; that is, the algorithm of Bitcoin and all actions performed with it are open. The transaction history in the Bitcoin system is called “blockchain.” Now a new trend is formed in modern online gambling called bitcoin casino. Increasingly, owners of gambling sites in the network in addition to supporting real-world currencies are turning to cryptocurrency solutions. And here Bitcoin holds the leading position, as one of the most popular virtual currencies today. If you are looking for them to open this type of casino pay attention to this article which we believe will assist you to realize your dream. But for this purpose, you should follow some steps and get introduced with the essential information.

What is Bitcoin, and how is it related to the casino?


bitcoin casino


Bitcoin is connected to the casino very closely. You could even say that Bitcoin is one of the engines of progress in this area. The casino is now actively promoting the idea of ​​bitcoin wallets to the masses, demonstrating the possibilities of cryptocurrency. Therefore, the creation of this type of casino can bring you a good income, a perfect one.


Is there any software for bitcoin gambling establishment?

Of course, have! Many large providers several years ago picked up this idea and started writing a script of a casino of bitcoin. Some have their platform. Microgaming company, Amatic, Playtech company have long been offering customers to introduce games for bitcoin institutions. One of these games in 2014 brought casino revenue of $ 11 million.

Since this type of casinos has become a profitable gambling business, an offer of special software has appeared on the market. Several leading developers are ready to offer their customers high-quality cryptocurrency solutions.


There are two ways to open a casino with the ability to bet on bitcoins:


  1. Buy a Bitcoin casino script and integrate it on your online casino site. Thus, players can access bets not only in conventional currencies (the set of currencies depends on the region of the online site), but also bets on bitcoins.
  2. Buy Bitcoin casino – full-fledged software and integrate it on a new site specially designed for this purpose. As a result, you get a casino, transactions in which are carried out only in cryptocurrency.


According to experts, both ways are working and promising. Cryptocurrency is a unique means of payment, which has clear advantages over other types of currencies. It becomes a factor that attracts visitors.


Follow the legal procedures


bitcoin casino


For online casinos to function in a legal field, you must register a company and obtain the appropriate licenses. After solving legal issues, several technical problems will be overcome – the creation of a gambling resource, the integration of games, etc.


Who are casino customers on bitcoin?

Online casinos, in which bitcoins are used as the only payment system, have several competitive advantages and attract a large number of progressive users. Some features need to be taken into account when launching an online casino on Bitcoin. Solvent, wealthy people who love excitement or programmers, economists are customers.

What is the main benefit of the casino of bitcoin?

The answer to this question is simple- confidentiality. Disclosure of personal data of players is wholly excluded. Bitcoin betting provides absolute secrecy, which is an essential criterion for choosing a website for many players. Not all users would like to spread information about themselves and their winnings.

For betting on bitcoins do not need to enter any personal data – just an email address and code number.

In conclusion

The continuously changing world is bringing new business ideas like Bitcoin casinos. If you are looking the answer of question can o open my casino on bitcoin? Of course, it is possible on condition that you follow the requirements above-stated.


The Best Slot Games offered by Riversweeps

Slot Games

Every gamer wants to find a good-quality gaming platform — unfortunately, not all of them successes on it. Today’s casino slots are far from the old classic physical machines in Vegas style. Now players prefer online video slots, where there is no need to wait for their turn, mess with cash, because you can get maximum pleasure from the comfort of your home. If you are aware of Riversweeps, you shouldn’t hesitate to join your gambling journey on this website. Slot machines at Riversweeps will please everyone. You can increase your gambling skills at the Riversweeps casino and enjoy to play slot machines. Firstly, open the web site and begin your slot games trip! If you have already visited the idea of ​​joining an online casino, then you will be interested to learn that you will find one of the best reasons to play with Riversweeps!


White Buffalo


Slot Games


The white buffalo is a symbol of tremendous strength and power, a divine and spiritual being in some Indian tribes. Whether or not this white fur animal is so powerful and lucky, you can find out at the White Buffalo slot machine, where you will also meet other animals on a snow-covered hill. Believe in your success, because it will help you to reach free spins and get your reward.

It is one of the best slot games produced by Microgaming developers are delighted with the power and power of white buffaloes. So that you also appreciate the attractiveness of these animals, they have equipped them with the highest multipliers.


Petrol Money

The online slot machine Petrol money is rather unusual. It can be considered as light and dark colors. Such color will not let the player get bored during the raffle, and at the same time will not irritate his eyesight with its brightness. There is in the slot and musical accompaniment, presented in the form of a dynamic melody. It is worth noting the non-standard placement of the control panel of the device. It, unlike other models of slots, is located not at the bottom of the screen, but on the sides. Online slot Petrol money is known for its numerous prizes. To help them will be different signs, risk-tour, and additional rotations. There are card face values, gold bars, currency, sniper and so on on the reels.


The Lucky Wolf

The Lucky Wolf virtual gaming machine has become one of the most sought-after video slots of our time. He has a lot of positive qualities, ranging from stunning animation and ending with frequent and generous payouts. The machine will help players to take a break from everyday activities, relax and enjoy the process of drawing.


The Wild West


Slot Games


Slot machine Wild West sends a player to the Wild West. He will help to feel the cowboy spirit and get a good cash prize. This is the perfect spot for those who from childhood wanted to go to the role of a brave cowboy or sheriff. Start playing online for free at the Wild West slot machine. Online machine Wild West created the company, Mega Jack. It has five reels and 21 lines.


The Shining Princess

The new gaming machine about the Chinese princess from the airlock will be appreciated by all lovers of low-volatile with slot bonuses. Thanks to often drop-down combinations, spins and a round of free spins, you can consistently hold the balance and get good prizes.


The high-quality design of the slot games like The Shining princess will be the final touch in the overall, enjoyable picture of the game. Bright colors, modern game graphics, detailed animation, and fabulous attributes will create the appropriate atmosphere for a relaxing pastime. Well, thematic characters in the form of Chinese talismans will surely bring good luck to each user.

How to Start a Sweepstakes Business

Sweepstakes Business

Today it is quite challenging to find individuals who have never in their lives looked into the Internet. People spend on the Internet for several hours a day; it is becoming more and more day by day. So, why not take advantage of it and not make money on such a hobby. Sweepstakes Business in the gambling market is now a profitable business area which is on the spotlight all over the world now. Of course, the competition in this sector is enormous, but if you correctly approach the solution of the problem, then the profit will be one hundred percent. People love excitement and, of course, they want to earn in the simplest way. Entrepreneurial dealers understand this, so they are aiming to create a sweepstakes business. İf you are interested in the gambling sector and probably and have little information on it will make you have several questions like from where to start and what are requirements. Today most people are searching for answers regarding these questions.

Gambling business as a profitable business area

Sweepstakes Business

First of all, you must be an idea to build a business. When you say the idea, it does not mean any ordinary idea formed in the human brain. This idea should create a desire to work in you and to follow your dreams. An idea of having the business of sweepstakes attracts many individuals according to its profitability.

Because that in many countries the law prohibits stationary establishments, the gaming business has organically moved to the Internet. Yes, creating a business without investments will fail. But the cost of a virtual gambling club is much lower than on the ground. Below we will list what is necessary to do for your sweepstakes business:

Let’s take a look at the basic steps that should be taken after you decide to open a business online.

Choose a reliable software provider

Sweepstakes Business

This is the most critical decision that you have to make because you will enter into a long-term partnership agreement with an Internet gaming software provider. Get down to business and take the time to evaluate all the existing options in terms of the quality of the services offered and the price.

Software for your business is of paramount importance since it is thanks to it that all the functions work, including rotation of slot reels and roulette wheels, conducting transactions and feedback with technical support. That is why the software should be of high quality and guaranteeing a clear and safe operation of your business. Trust software development is better for professionals who have experience and know all the subtleties of this business. You should not accept cheap offers, agreeing to install unverified products, because it can lead to errors, violations, and failures, and the casino may not even open.

The online gambling market opportunities are endless, and it is equally exciting and rewarding. Since the gambling market is a lucrative business, the demand and interest in this business are quite high. The returns are so high and attractive. Those who want to be financially free will always play games. As the demand for it is high, the number of those who want to enter into the gambling business is increasing day by day.

You need the best sweepstakes supplier with a deep understanding of the online gaming industry and with extensive experience in running successful online casinos and internet cafes.

Get your licenses and permits

Sweepstakes Business

Creating an online gambling business is not an easy task for entrepreneurs in our time, because they will have to face difficulties and regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions.

You must comply with the official restrictions for the necessary licenses and permits, as the business of sweepstakes are under state control. You can obtain the necessary licenses and permits by yourself, or you can get help from experts or consultants. Working with a consultant or expert will speed up the process and ensure complete completion of applications.

Select a payment system provider

When you start an online business in the gambling market, you need to agree with a payment system provider so that you and your customers can conduct transactions quickly and easily. For convenience, it is desirable to provide players with several possible payment options.

We know that to choose the proficient software is not a simple process and have some requirements which we listed for you below and believe that will assist you in the selection process.

Choose a sweepstakes software supplier which can provide:

  • the full package of services, including processing of payment orders;
  • interaction with all major electronic trading enterprises;
  • multiple currency support;
  • advanced risk management system;
  • guarantee the possibility of detecting fraud

Careful monitoring of the selected market and selection of the best products along with simple payment mechanisms will improve the overall impression of the game and bring additional benefits to your business.

Develop your website design

The appearance of website is very important. You should choose an attractive design for clients or invest in your input interface because it will become one of the most important aspects for players when they choose from dozens or hundreds of similar websites for betting.

Working with an experienced and professional staff

Let’s imagine that you have opened your gambling business and gradually started to win customers. Are you sure that you will overcome doing all the operations and things when you are alone? The most important factor you need is to create your frame. There is a need for a professional employee group that can carry out financial transactions, customer representatives, and advertising sections in your company.

Ensure the implementation of marketing strategy

Sweepstakes Business

Marketing strategy is the last step. When your gambling business is fully ready to launch, it will be necessary to develop an effective marketing strategy and to establish an effective membership system that will adhere to the website and increase traffic. Deliver loyalty programs, create bonus systems and customer protection campaigns that will motivate your players to come again, to gain a new audience and always satisfy your loyal visitors. Of course, you will have many competitors who are engaged in the business of sweepstakes. Investigate them carefully and identify their best and weakest features.

All in all, establishing a business in the sweepstakes seems to require mastery, because this is necessary.

In conclusion

The realities of today force us to use various types of Internet services constantly. It is not always possible to use them in the same way, so opening a sweepstakes business is quite a good solution for today. To open this type of business is a challenging task. People can do a lot of things from where they are now sitting thanks to the sweepstakes in the gambling sector. Sweepstakes are a huge sector in the virtual world. To set up this business requires a high amount of financial assistant and utmost effort. If you want to establish such a business on the Internet and start operating, it may be useful to follow above-mentioned steps. Don’t ignore the requirements. Future of your business settings depends on it.

Top Microgaming Online Casino


Microgaming is recognized as the leader of the entertainment market in the field of Internet gambling. Slots from above-mentioned gambling software are familiar to fans of excitement from across the globe. Among the top developments of this company are Playboy, Hellboy, Jurassic Park gaming machines. This developer was involved in the launch of the first casinos on the Web, so due to its vast experience Microgaming has become one of the best software providers in the online gambling industry. To date, several online casinos have in their arsenal new items and recognized hits from Microgaming, which include not only gaming slots but also poker, bets, live games.

The headquarters of the company is located on the Isle of Man (United Kingdom). This well-known and one of the most extensive online casino software offers a wide range of modern slot machines with games for every taste, provides professional technical support.

Modern technologies allow you to enjoy the game, feel the excitement and joy of victory, without leaving home. Hundreds of players who have become members of the online casino which uses this software make large and small bets and receive winnings while sitting at the monitors of their computers. With an exciting game, you can entertain yourself on the road. Now, most of the online casino sites contain more than a hundred video slots perfect in quality.

The casinos with games for gambling 2019



The Internet has opened a new and exciting world of gambling for casino fans and is constantly gaining momentum because the number of online players is growing every day. Nevertheless, there are still many references to the hottest gambling corners of the world in popular culture. They compose songs about them and even make films, thereby organizing a good public relations company.

Microgaming is a legendary game supplier. It is the first company to start creating machines online and present them to the world’s first online casino. It is also famous for its progressive big wins and record wins. All these and many other advantages have brought its reputation and success in the gaming world.

This gambling software is a huge, respected company with a long history, which largely succeeded, but also gave way to a number of key positions to competitors. Online gambling software games are available in almost all well-known online casinos and are in steady demand. The manufacturer’s portfolio is huge and very diverse. At the moment, the company’s software is considered one of the most popular and the leader of the slot-building.

Special features of the manufacturer



  1. At the moment, this gambling software works not only in the field of the casino but also affects poker, sports betting, bingo and other essential areas. The developer’s portfolio includes more than 850 games, a significant part of which are slot machines. More than 350 pieces are available on mobile devices.
  2. More than 450 brands use the developer’s games on their resources, including, of course, hundreds of online casinos. In particular, contracts with the company were made by monsters such as Video Slots, Royal Panda and Casumo. Monsters, of course, in the best sense of the word. The most reliable, most high-tech and large establishments with an impeccable reputation.

What makes Microgaming different from the rest?



There is a very clear distinction between classical and modern (released in 2014 and later) slots by the number of paylines. If the senior development of 10-25, then in modern – 243. This is a kind of “fashion”, the market demand, which the company has delicately felt and brought to life.

The developments of this online gambling software are “long cycle” slots. That is, the “non-winning” series can last long enough, but as soon as the gambler starts to win, the amount can be quite impressive.

Volatility is higher than that of other developers. This means that the chances of a serious win are higher.

In their study, the experts evaluated the sites according to the following criteria: functionality, quality of customer service and a valid bonus program. In each of the best casinos that hit the top, there are:

  • spectacular design;
  • multilanguage;
  • support for multiple payment systems and currencies;
  • easy navigation;
  • high-quality gaming software;
  • games with live dealers.

The manufacturer’s work in numbers:

  • 850+ unique online games
  • 1200 variants and versions of popular slot machines and board games
  • 350+ mobile games
  • the biggest bingo of the manufacturer is £ 5.88 million
  • the largest jackpot in the history of the slot machine is 6.37 million euros
  • Guinness Book of Records for winning the largest jackpot of all time was – 13.2 million pounds for 25 spins

This above-mentioned online casino software owns the largest progressive jackpot gaming network of automata, which to date has already paid out more than 800 million euros. The company organized the first million jackpot slots tournament.

Slot machines



The main motto of the developer’s team is that they create games for them to play, which means that the developer tries to make the graphics of the highest level and offers the latest storylines – the first thing that attracts the attention of players.

The number of slot machines exceeds 500. You can find them all in various casinos around the world, as well as in those that work exclusively on the software. Among them, you will find a lot of simple and classic games, especially at the dawn of their creativity.

The most distinctive differences between microgaming slots and machines developed by other manufacturers are:

  • The difference between classic and new slots (released in 2014 and later). The newest games are different on the pay line. There are 243 ways to win (in every way). At some point (in 2015), the company began to develop slot machines.
  • Many slots have a long gain cycle. In other words, you may lose hundreds of spins over the top, but when you start to win, the amount will be higher.
  • Typically, the behavior of its slots can be divided into five: “no pay,” “winnings go back and forth”, “pay with two scatter symbols”, “no bonus”, and “big win”.

However, the latest developments are based on world-famous comics, movies, stories, and legends.

Board games

Microgaming never focused exclusively on slot machines. Therefore, in their portfolio will find interesting products for themselves and those who prefer games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. You can find a lot of their varieties (more than 100), starting from the classic ones and ending with their own innovations from the provider, in online casinos in Europe and America.

Special attention deserves poker, given the achievements in the development of this particular game. On the basis of software holds tournaments around the world. All versions of poker are translated into more than 30 languages ​​of the world.

in conclusion

At all times, gambling was very popular among the population. New types of games were almost always invented, old ones developed and all of them were actively spreading around the globe, and today gambling can be found not only in the real world but also in the virtual one. For example, the network has a lot of sites where you can find great gaming machines of various kinds. Slot machines of Microgaming at the moment are the most popular types of gambling, as they are more accessible to the population and very simple to use.


Quality online casino software


It is not a secret that high-quality equipment and software is required for the stable operation of any site. The same can be attributed to online casinos too because a large percentage of its reputation depends directly on this factor. Not many companies have recently been developing high-quality online casino software specifically for the gaming industry. Since all the games in the game club on the network depend on this kind of online casino software, which means they can be managed. Therefore, the majority of unreliable firms use precisely this kind of equipment and programs. At first glance, you can think all casino software is similar, but they vary from each other with its characteristics. However, a vast range of diverse companies providing various software can confuse anyone. But it is necessary not only to choose a high-quality software, but also one that will be suitable for a particular online casino business.

How to choose a software provider

 Quality online casino software

Today, the number of online casinos is continuously growing, and they offer their customers many opportunities to have fun and spend time with excitement, everyone wants to stand out among the competitors and gain the trust of customers. Because it is important not to get lost in all this diversity and not to stay on the sidelines, it is necessary to make your project different from others, exceptional. Quality software from a reliable provider will be helpful for your business.

The first step is to explore the range of software developers. Of course, you can without any doubt choose the software from long-proven and world-famous manufacturers such as Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic. In this case, you should determine the exact functionality of the platform, choose a set of games – and go ahead to success and profit.

You can also go to extremes and, trying to save money, purchase software for almost “free of charge” from dubious developers without a name. At the same time, there is an excellent likelihood of losing even a small investment, and such software often does not differ in quality and may not work at all. Collaboration with fraudsters who offer low-priced goods definitely will not bring success to the future online institution.

What are the advantages of quality online casino software?

 Quality online casino software

Broad opportunities for implementation is design

As mentioned above, today, in the face of tremendous competition, an online casino project should be distinguished by a bright and unique design among a large number of pages of the same type. Quality provider offers several ways to make a casino unique by creating an exclusive design for it.

The unlimited number of gaming providers

Software platform allows you to integrate gaming content from different manufacturers in any quantity to create an exemplary set of games for your casino.

Bonus system and loyalty program

The quality online casino software platform is equipped with a system of the most popular bonuses. You can manually or automatically control the programs of which and also configure each bonus separately.

Unlimited payment options

This option will allow the integration of different payment systems, and also provides convenient management of each of them. Thus, you can independently create payment schemes most suitable for the clients.

The online casino software market

With the advent of technology in the casino software market, more and more options appear. Online casino entrepreneurs, along with quality, are also interested in convenience, accessibility, and flexibility in customer service. Different types of software have been developed to meet their needs best.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to single out a typical profile of a casino software provider: the first is exclusively a game developer, the second is a provider of a casino platform (with/without game content, but with payment systems and multi-language support).

 Quality online

There are at least eight main criteria for evaluating casino software:

– Realistic image

– Sound effects

– The most popular games for casinos, in conjunction with gaming innovations

– PC and mobile support

– Analytical tools to attract players and retain players (welcome bonuses, loyalty points, etc.)

– User demand (software that is in order among land and online casinos)

– Functional, convenient and secure interface

– Favorable commercial terms of purchase

Immediately the question arises: among which developers to choose software for casinos and what principles to follow? It may seem that this dilemma does not have a simple solution, but it is not.

Leading online casino software

We selected the top five casino software developers who meet all the needs and expectations of the modern gambling market.


– 40 slot games, casino games, and social networks

– The modern design which is not demanding significant expenses

– Compromise solutions for online casinos and  casinos

– Effect of “novelty” of the product provided

– Graphics in HD quality

Despite the relatively small experience in the gaming business, Playson can always be one step ahead of the competition, and diversification of games remains one of the aspects of this developer’s competitive advantage.

Playson specializes in creating games for online casinos and developing video slots in HD quality. The company combines several genres at once, releasing gaming applications for social networks. Additional benefits can be identified as a modern and simple interface, graphical drawing of details.


– Over 150 casino games

– Support all mobile platforms

– Innovative 3D HTML5 slots

– Free bonus spins

– Convenient interface

Since 1999, the company has been working in the field of software development for online casinos and is the undisputed leader in the 3D gaming niche.

This developer has established itself exclusively on the positive side. The main direction of BetSoft is the creation of video slots, the distinctive feature of which is detailed 3D visualization and the availability of high-quality sound.

The games catalog BetSoft would not be complete without board games. In addition to slots, the company provides blackjack, several types of roulette, baccarat, several varieties of sketch games and video poker (Poker 3).

casino software

Evolution Gaming

– Live broadcast of games (more than 30 different titles)

– A realistic live gaming experience

– Interactive and innovative gameplay

– High Yield

– Reputable global brand

It is a titled developer of software for casinos, card games and other types of software for virtual casinos.

Permanent hits of Evolution Gaming card games: blackjack, baccarat, three-card poker, Caribbean poker. Evolution Gaming can rightly be called “Kings of Roulette.”


– More than 850 online casino games in 24 languages

– Global presence (present in almost all gambling niches, well-established network of customers and partners)

– Extensive coverage of the target gambling market

– The guarantor of “fair play.”

– High user engagement rate

It’s hard to imitate a leader, and it’s almost impossible to repeat the success of a leader like Microgaming. Veteran development of high-quality software for land-based casinos, online casinos, and poker rooms. Software from this developer is already used in many casinos around the world.


– Over 200 games

– Fascinating gameplay

– Impeccable 3D quality

– The most user-friendly interface

– Extensive coverage of the target audience

The leader in awards and prizes, the undisputed favorite among operators of land and virtual gambling establishments is the Swedish developer NetEnt.

NetEnt has come a long way from casino module builder to the famous developer.

In conclusion

A brief overview of the best online casino software providers list was prepared to familiarize themselves with the leaders of the gaming industry and current trends in the development of gambling.