Can I open my own bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is independent of banks and any other external regulators. The transaction history is publicly available; that is, the algorithm of Bitcoin and all actions performed with it are open. The transaction history in the Bitcoin system is called “blockchain.” Now a new trend is formed in modern online gambling called bitcoin casino. Increasingly, owners of gambling sites in the network in addition to supporting real-world currencies are turning to cryptocurrency solutions. And here Bitcoin holds the leading position, as one of the most popular virtual currencies today. If you are looking for them to open this type of casino pay attention to this article which we believe will assist you to realize your dream. But for this purpose, you should follow some steps and get introduced with the essential information.

What is Bitcoin, and how is it related to the casino?


bitcoin casino


Bitcoin is connected to the casino very closely. You could even say that Bitcoin is one of the engines of progress in this area. The casino is now actively promoting the idea of ​​bitcoin wallets to the masses, demonstrating the possibilities of cryptocurrency. Therefore, the creation of this type of casino can bring you a good income, a perfect one.


Is there any software for bitcoin gambling establishment?

Of course, have! Many large providers several years ago picked up this idea and started writing a script of a casino of bitcoin. Some have their platform. Microgaming company, Amatic, Playtech company have long been offering customers to introduce games for bitcoin institutions. One of these games in 2014 brought casino revenue of $ 11 million.

Since this type of casinos has become a profitable gambling business, an offer of special software has appeared on the market. Several leading developers are ready to offer their customers high-quality cryptocurrency solutions.


There are two ways to open a casino with the ability to bet on bitcoins:


  1. Buy a Bitcoin casino script and integrate it on your online casino site. Thus, players can access bets not only in conventional currencies (the set of currencies depends on the region of the online site), but also bets on bitcoins.
  2. Buy Bitcoin casino – full-fledged software and integrate it on a new site specially designed for this purpose. As a result, you get a casino, transactions in which are carried out only in cryptocurrency.


According to experts, both ways are working and promising. Cryptocurrency is a unique means of payment, which has clear advantages over other types of currencies. It becomes a factor that attracts visitors.


Follow the legal procedures


bitcoin casino


For online casinos to function in a legal field, you must register a company and obtain the appropriate licenses. After solving legal issues, several technical problems will be overcome – the creation of a gambling resource, the integration of games, etc.


Who are casino customers on bitcoin?

Online casinos, in which bitcoins are used as the only payment system, have several competitive advantages and attract a large number of progressive users. Some features need to be taken into account when launching an online casino on Bitcoin. Solvent, wealthy people who love excitement or programmers, economists are customers.

What is the main benefit of the casino of bitcoin?

The answer to this question is simple- confidentiality. Disclosure of personal data of players is wholly excluded. Bitcoin betting provides absolute secrecy, which is an essential criterion for choosing a website for many players. Not all users would like to spread information about themselves and their winnings.

For betting on bitcoins do not need to enter any personal data – just an email address and code number.

In conclusion

The continuously changing world is bringing new business ideas like Bitcoin casinos. If you are looking the answer of question can o open my casino on bitcoin? Of course, it is possible on condition that you follow the requirements above-stated.


Basic features of the slot games

slot games

We are living in a world of technologies, and it makes us change our traditional habits both in our daily lives and at workplaces. For example, letters or telegraphs now are as dead as a dodo, and no one uses them to keep in touch with each other, because we have smartphones. We do not need to go to the bank for money transfer, or other operations, because we have online banking. Now we do not even need to go to the casinos for slot games since technology brings it to our laptops, and smartphones and makes it possible for us to play wherever we want. We can download apps or go to the internet cafes to play slot games and even make a big profit as in traditional casinos. But what are the main features of the online casino games?


Random Number Generator (RNG)


slot games


Online casino games operate with a random number generator or shortly RNG. As the name itself says, it creates sequences which the system chooses randomly in time intervals that equals a blink of an eye. RNG is the main working principle of the system do not own any memory, and they are not programmed beforehand. So you cannot expect the game to remember any outcome, because the results of the games are out of control. The only thing that decides for the fate of the game, either you win or lose is the moment you click on the button to stop the slot. The faster the technology develops, the more online casino games of this kind appear.  Though the main functioning principle of gambling games is RNG, various types of casino games have different characteristics and features. Let’s have a quick look at the most popular types of slot games.


3-reel slots

It is worth to mention that 3-reel slots are the most traditional and classic ones. There are three reels on this slot game with several symbols. Players can also make use of available jackpots.

Video Slots


slot games


What makes it different from the 3-reel slots is that there are five reels in this type. It also functions with RNG and has some options that attract players. First of all, the number of pay lines can go up to 100, and this feature makes an unlimited number of betting chances available for the players. Furthermore, video slots offer multipliers, jackpots and free spins as well.

Other types

Slot bonuses, on the other hand, are more attractive because of their realistic and authentic graphics and sound effects. Another type is free spins, and evidently, what they offer is free spins for the players. To get to know the most popular gambling games released in 2019, you can click on this link and learn more information about their main features. In principle, they seem significantly similar to each other, but they all have characteristic features which make the games have their audience.

In brief

You can make big money by playing online casino games. Nevertheless, there are some security issues about sharing your payment details and personal information with the website; thus you need to be careful before sharing any information and consider some factors. To sum up, online slot games attract people in one way or another. The main thing is to realize that these games do not keep the results in mind, as every time it randomly starts over again. So while playing, try to have fun, make sure your payment and personal details are safe (if you want to win big) and do not take the results personally.

21 sweepstakes promotion tips to grow your business in 2019

sweepstakes promotion tips

Recently, more and more players are interested in online casinos, mainly due to the closure of real casinos. It is a reason to start a business in this area or to develop and expand it well enough if you are already involved in the online casino industry. But you need reliable advice to achieve the desired, and better if there is a lot of help. In this article, we will look at 21 sweepstakes promotion tips to grow your business in 2019. After reading the information below, you will learn a lot of useful and new things, as well as consolidate the knowledge you gained earlier. These sweepstakes promotion tips will help you achieve great success in your online entertainment business. This article will be your reliable assistant and guide in a stunning race for a leading position in the global online gambling market.


1. Daily questions

You need to ask yourself every day why people choose you and not someone else? Due to what “outside” you are different from a competitor? There are obvious signs: quality of service, price, reaction rate, competent operators and assortment.


2. The phone number



When you call at 21:05 on the phone on the website and hear long beeps, it is unclear what is happening. Either the institution does not work, or no one answers you, or, well, to hell with it, and it’s time to dial the competitor’s number. The time of the call center should be indicated under the phone number on the online casino website.


3. Magic numbers

It is believed that the price of $ 1999 is not two thousand, but one with cents. In general, it works, and you’ll catch some of the weary, gawking customers, especially when they fold 3999 + 1999 + 4999. About 9–10 thousand, right? Banal respect for the buyer suggests that you can not put such prices. Moreover, $ 999 is an indicator of some divorce. For many. Therefore, the highest price, which is up to a thousand, is 990. And better is 950.


4. Give more than promised

Promise less than you can give. Because in the case of ideally fulfilled expectations or a petty deficiency revealed, the evaluation falls. If you promise more than you give, then do not wait for more than one sale. If your business involves the sale of at least two or three products to the same person, you are not interested in him taking one and hiding in horror, but in returning.


5. How to live with partners

In business, you need to “enter” together precisely 50 to 50. In a small business, it’s damn important that no one weighs in the first two or three years who works less and who does more. Both are equal, and both are trying our best. But at the same time, one should be the primary person in everything.


6. Your post

sweepstakes promotion tips


Do not write a post on the business card. If you notice that you have the right to make a final decision, this immediately weakens your position in the negotiations. And sometimes it offends the person with whom you are dealing.


7. Customers will tell you how to provide excellent service.

There is no point in listening to what consultants or someone else is saying about how you should greet visitors. The only thing that has importance is what the customers themselves want. They need to ask.


8. Forget what working hours are

Customer service works 24 hours a day. In any case, it should be so. There is a fundamental reason to forget about the concept of “working time”. How can we serve a client best of all if we make him adapt to our schedule? By definition, this is inconvenient for him.


9. Systems, not smiles

A systematic approach to do all this is much more important than just politeness and willingness to help. In the end, our customers do not care how polite we were with them if we did the work for them incorrectly.


10. Focus on the client


sweepstakes promotion tips focus


The client must be in the spotlight. Always ask what he wants tomorrow. What are his needs and fears, what bothers and distresses him?


11. Do your thing no matter what

Do not criticize yourself too much, making mistakes, but be sure to learn from them. Strive to be different, do not do something just because everyone does it, or because experts advise. Do what seems right for your business. Of course, these sweepstakes promotion tips are exceptions.


12. Start small, but focus

You need time in the early stages of growing your internet cafe software business and want it to be yours because your goal is to understand how you turn your customers into regular customers, not how to attract new customers. As soon as you find this formula, growth will start by itself, and exponentially.

13. Investments in customer service

It is worth considering investing in customer service as an investment, and today our call-center works 24 hours a day and also seven days a week, and the operators work a little more than is needed so that buyers do not have to wait for an answer in an attempt to contact us.

14. Affiliate payment system

Affiliate payment system encourages employees to serve clients at the highest level: their salary depends on customer satisfaction. If they want to earn more, they can come early or linger later. People can find many ways to increase productivity.


15. Set the right goals

People by nature love to compete; they will try to achieve any goals, regardless of whether they pay more for it. So the secret is to set goals in the best interests of the online casino games business. It is essential information among these sweepstakes promotion tips.


16. Select the right staff


best internet cafe software


If they have worked well in the past, they will probably work well in the future. So, conducting an interview, look for those who have been successful and have shown the best professional skills.


17. Regular customer programs

Programs for regular customers prove to customers how important they are for you. Using this approach, you go much further.


18. What does the customer want?

Find a way to get a client to spend ten minutes for a detailed description of his problems and wishes.


19. Give what is asked

If you want to support your business, give customers exactly what they are asking for, without any hesitation. If you do just a little less, you can do nothing, because you still lose their demand for your products.

20. Honesty and reliability

It is the most crucial advice among these sweepstakes promotion tips. Post on your online casino website only games with no-deposit bonuses of reliable and well-known gambling software providers.


21. Do it right the first time

If you did everything right at once, then you have nothing to apologize. At its most basic, excellent customer service requires you to do the job right the first time.

We hope these little sweepstakes promotion tips will help you. Generally, if you have never played in online casinos, we advise you to read decent portals about casinos, as well as chat on forums, this will allow you to avoid many severe and great mistakes in creating or developing your online gambling business, as well as get maximum pleasure from the game.


Which Sweepstakes Games Should You Choose?

Sweepstakes Games

Sweepstakes games have been one of the most popular means for people having fun and getting prizes in return for a long time. Even though sweepstakes has been getting outdated a little bit in comparison with casino game (especially online gambling games), still they could have been keeping their popularity. Today, sweepstakes are coming behind the online casino games in terms of size and market share of the industry. How do sweepstakes work? Generally speaking, sweepstakes is a place (no matter online or land-based) where people could play various series of casino-style games. Along with having fun by playing different bonus or reward based games, the players make their betting and take the winnings. However, due to many alternatives of a wide range of games developed by different sweepstakes software platforms, it is not as it sounds to make a wise choice on determining the best sweepstakes games.


What is the difference between casino and sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes Games


If we would give a simple explanation, sweepstakes are the place where people are provided with the atmosphere (it could be both virtual or real) and able to play gambling-style games. Of course, you may ask what makes people choose this way instead of performing a variety of online casino games. It is because, in some countries including the United States, there is strict regulations and restrictions with legislation and legal sides of casino games. That is why in such countries sweepstakes could fulfill this demand of people. The users or player only pay for a time which they spend in sweepstakes by playing different games.

Besides all of these, one of the main difference of sweepstakes is that in every game you play, you have 100% control while playing. So, the games are not working in the way of random chance such as slot games. All of the games at sweepstakes are entirely skill-based. You can increase your chance of winning by playing the game which you are good at. However, despite that, you can have an opportunity to win real prizes, bonuses awards, etc. Also, there is one more thing which it is worth to mention that having good and satisfactory gaming experience, choosing the right sweepstake software platform is the first and forefront things you are going to do.


Sweepstakes software

Sweepstakes Games


Sweepstakes software forms the background of every game that you play on the platform. Notably, the online sweepstakes software providers play a significant role in determining the quality of gaming experience. It is better to prefer games that are provided by the most reputable and the greatest casino software providers. For example, NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, BetSoft are the giant producers of leading online casino and sweepstakes.


Sweepstakes games

Sweepstakes Games


As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right and the most convenient sweepstake for both your budget and game preferences is quite tricky. It is because of that your money transaction, personal information; generally, the gaming experience is the matter of issue. That is why before deciding games that sweepstakes offer, there are several considerations that you need to take into account.

Game variety – make sure that the sweepstakes offer the required series of the games following your preferences and your betting budget.

Security and safety – take into account payment methods, and reliability of the platform to make a deposit or withdraw transactions.

Technical support – especially for online sweepstakes, it is essential to have a customer support center to help with technical issues.


Final note

Making the right choice of sweepstakes games is significant in terms of having satisfying gambling experience. When you decide well, you will have both tons of fun and infinite size of winning prizes.

A Quick Guide To Online Casino Software

online casino software

Today internet casino gaming is one of the most profitable business among other types of the game industry. In comparison with classic kind of casino games, internet casino games are getting more and more popular day-by-day. Thanks to the advancement of information communication technology and enhanced usage of Internet-based devices, demand for online casino games maintains a significant upward trend. It is an obvious fact that a high-quality online casino game significantly depends on the software provided on the background. There is no doubt that online casino software is utmost important in terms of not only for casino owners but also game experience of players. As a casino business owner, the software allows you to manage and control your business which directly leads to high customer satisfaction. On the other hand, for the players, online gaming software has a significant impact on the quality of gaming experience.

Why is online casino software important?

online casino software

Internet casino gaming business is an intensively competitive industry, so each year it generates billions of dollar. Generally speaking, it is a boiling market and, naturally, there is a vast number of participants competing or struggling with each other to become a market leader. The question is why casino gaming software is so essential and accessible. The answer is quite simple – technology. Technology especially, the advancement of the internet has been making the usage of mobile devices more accessible and affordable for all people.

That is why from both casino business owners and the game player, casino software starts to play an essential role. If we take into account that the players gamble with money, he or she expect any reward or gaining in return along with having the fun of playing. That is why the software is so essential to provide user-friendly interface, secure and reliable privacy terms and conditions, and more importantly the game fairness and winnings. However, the quality and structural functions of casino software considerably depend on the casino providers.

Online casino software providers

online casino software

The providers stand behind the scene of producing and providing of online gaming software. Despite there are many players in the casino software business, only a few of them could have been successful in becoming a market leader. If we take a look at the different lists of the best gambling software, we can see almost the same names. For example, the following companies such as:

  • Novomatic
  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Betsoft
  • NextGen

These software providers are the greatest and the most reputable companies that produce a wide range of solutions for online gambling games. Besides these solutions, they are providing game platforms for casinos which are used by both online and land-based casinos all around the world. In addition to this, these software providers are also making various series of tools for the gaming business. For example, it includes online gambling software, internet cafe software, sweepstakes software, etc. On the other hand, casino software providers are the primary source and developers of the infinite number of casino or internet games.

How to choose the best software

online casino software

Let us approach the casino software from the player’s point of view. As we mentioned earlier, finding the right software significantly impacts your gaming experience. When you make the right choice on software, you are going to have both tons of fun of playing the game, and infinite size of winnings such as slot bonuses, prizes, awards, etc. However, it is not so easy as it sounds to choose the best online casino software among many alternatives. It is recommended to take into account the following considerations such as security, game variety, game fairness, bonus, and awards, etc.

The costs of starting a bitcoin casino

bitcoin casino

Before online casinos emerged, people had limited to land-based casinos. However, after online casinos came into existence, players could play games across the globe. On the other hand, online casinos brought the inherent risk such as financial transaction with itself. bitcoin online gambling has become a solution to these problems. Riversweeps offers bitcoin casino software for those who are interested in this topic. To gain insight, contact us.


Although many people are afraid of using bitcoin money because of unawareness, we want to tell those people who are in this condition; there is nothing to be scared. In a traditional casino, you use standard money like dollars, euros and so on, but in bitcoin one you use bitcoins. Those bitcoins are for purchasing credits. The operator sets the price per loan, and that price cannot bypass one Satoshi. People in business have to buy such reliable bitcoin casino software that customers of theirs have to trust those companies or online casinos. But do not worry, if you buy that software you will gain that trust of your consumers.

About Costs


bitcoin casino


It is both complicated and quite interesting theme to negotiate. There are many required factors to take into account, and there are many things to think about them. However, we are going to discuss a few important points here:

Software – Choosing the right software is the most crucial part of bitcoin online gambling. Here is the main problem is to find a company which will offer you an optimized and reasonable price. But you know, those software providers who sell the cheaper product sucks! So how will you find a good company that you can count on it and buy the services or products from it? If you intend to serve various functionalities to your consumers, choose us. This company is in this sector for a while, and with its job that they have done, and support and care that they have shown to their customers, are always applauded by those, who bought the software and other services.


This company also sells these:

  • Excellent Internet Cafe Software
  • Trustworthy Online Casino Software
  • The most preferred Sweepstakes Software
  • Different kinds of Games


Bitcoin Casino software of Riversweeps always has special features that only this company suggest them to their clients. For example:

  • We offer fairness in our software which gets searched by most players.
  • Withdrawals are the integral property of the software, and for gamblers, this feature has a unique role for them in vital situations.
  • Since gamers make a certain amount of deposit here, security and safety are the important points here.
  • Every single player is fond of special bitcoin bonuses that Riversweeps provides this for you to get more customers in a short period.


Other factors


bitcoin casino


Business Plan – While starting online bitcoin business, everything looks perfect in the distance. But the thing that you have to be aware of is that there is fierce competition here that a few businessmen can survive. No other businessmen feel like someone else to come up to this business and spoil their effort entirely or pull their existing customers from them. So, when you start to this way, know that they will attack you to destroy your business. Therefore, you have to have a business plan! When you buy software, you might gain information and get some advice from the company that you are going to choose from it. As we mentioned above, Riversweeps might help you with this subject. Do not hesitate and contact them.

Staff – If you desire a bright work, then you have to hire several employees, for example, a hundred people might be. Most of the personnel will be IT administrators and technical support workers since all the business is on IT.


This kind of bitcoin casino will cost $500, 000 or more if we become honest with you. However, we want to help you. As we said above, select our company and we will offer you its well-developed software which has an optimized price.

How do new slot games for Internet cafe affect the profit?

slot games

Since online casino emerged, each day Online Gambling has been improving. Professional programmers develop new slot games, and these modern games redound more profit to the companies. There are many corporations selling games out there. One of them is Riversweeps which provides well-thrived and affordable casino software to its customers. The services of Riversweeps comply with the pocket of every single customer of ours. For further info, please contact us.


The future of gambling is quite bright if we observe technological advances. What we mean is that technology evolves and Online Gambling also changes and goes forward. But the critical point here is that online casinos also affect technology. How? Of course, with the requirements of the players. People always look for new things, and this factor is forcing both companies and providers to make innovations to satisfy the people who are fond of gambling. People in business also care about this topic, because if they do not, their customers will leave them and go up to the opponent website, for example.

Impact of new games


slot games


As we mentioned above, businesspeople are always scared of losing their customers. Obtaining new slot games will give them these properties:


  • Gaining new fresh customers
  • Keep the existing customers addicted to the games
  • Making more money
  • Beating the opponent companies
  • Being the first-mentioned company in the industry


Therefore, businesspeople always think about buying new games. Riversweeps is professional in this sector. By purchasing the software of this company, you will not get only one product. We mean you will get many excellent features in it. Let us concisely count them here:


  • Since our products are cheaper and high-quality, while people are searching for the most relevant software to their online business, they end up in our company.
  • Our company always keeps itself up to date. Notably, in the games! We lie in a wait on novelty and try ensuring those innovations to our customers as services. You can find brand new slot games.
  • Security is the first factor in our products. Our software is in the hands of the best developers, and they are tightly encrypted and highly secured.

About Our Games


slot games


Games of slot machines have always been popular among the gamblers. Those games are both amusing and bring in a lot of money. Even some people capture the videos of themselves on their smartphones and share those videos social network or on other places like YouTube. Since people are different, their tastes are also different. Not all players like the same games. Therefore, in the games, it has to be diversity for each single people. You can provide this to your customers if you select our company. You might find different kinds of games here. This list shows only a few of them:

  • Buffalo Thunder
  • Wacky Billy
  • Wolf Reels
  • Jungle
  • Rich Life
  • Indian Spirit
  • White Buffalo
  • Heart of Cleopatra
  • Reel Rider
  • Hook a Duck and many more.

Some of these games are similar to each other. They are different in the themes they have, number prizes, bonuses, and symbols. However, in any case, those who played those games know how exciting games they are!


In the end, we would like to emphasize the importance of the updated Slot Games one more time. Just hold yourself up to date and choose the provider company carefully if you want to grow your business.

Which company can help you to build Internet Cafe Software?

internet cafe software

Internet Cafe, also known as Cyber Cafe is such a place that people come here and use the services it offers. Professional people in business always buy Internet Cafe Software to manage their business well and thrive Internet Cafe Gaming in their places. Riversweeps is one of the reliable company in this industry you can ever discover to purchase your software. For a successful business, choose our company.


Internet Cafe services include playing various games, using different computer services, and utilizing the essential one – high-speed internet access for those who have problems with it at home or work. Internet Cafe business is prominent among people in industry across the globe, and its customers might be from any age such as teenagers, adults, travelers, tourists, and even older adults! In these places, drinks and food are also suggestable to customers. People are limited to only playing gambling games or using the internet; they, of course, can chat online and do instant messaging.

Building Internet Cafe


internet cafe software


There are many companies to help you to erect your internet cafe. But today we are going to give the name of the best company for you. Riversweeps has specialized with services such as providing and maintaining online casinos, internet cafes, and sweepstakes to its beloved customers no matter what you are running in this industry. Our products intend to both local internet cafes with the best Internet Cafe Software and online casino business. We keep saying the essence of the software. Why? The reason is that it is the most considered point in every cafe business.  


Let us be honest with you. Technology advanced so quickly that now each field has its specific software to ease the assignment of every employee in the company or the relevant business. Decent software is the necessity of every businessperson in this industry to beat his or her opponents and move forward. The services will assist you in controlling your business and pulling many consumers at the same time.

Why Riversweeps


internet cafe software


In addition to what we said above, you might think you do not have quite a full motive regarding choosing our company Riversweeps. In this part, we are going to give some other reasons to count on us with all your heart.


  • Our software is a verified and reliable product. Those who come up to us fare with a hundred percent contentment.
  • Our Internet Cafe Software is the ready product created and developed carefully and with concern and tested well by expert programmers. Many people go to the cheapest software seller and end up with frustration. Their software starts to be down in every two days, brings disgrace on them in front of the players and other customers. It makes them summon the supporter of the provider company that they applied or the master of another company to fix the issues, errors, and violations. However, our company will save you from these outrages situations.
  • Cashback feature is the indispensable property of our software and what differentiates us from other provider companies. Your consumers will be back to you each time, because they will not lose all their money at once. For more info, please look around on our website.


After reading the whole article, we hope you understand the importance of the situation and choosing the right company. Our company suggests you select Internet Cafe Software of our company and we want to make you sure that you will never regret this choice!

Why Are Bitcoin Casinos So Popular?

bitcoin casino

Bitcoin is the form of currency that is used in casinos nowadays. Up to know there have been many other cryptocurrency forms, but not all of them were used famous like Bitcoin. So it turned to be extremely popular and used in bitcoin casino in the gaming business. It is useful for transferring the money or funds from one destination to another. With the help of bitcoins now it is possible to play any casino games in online gaming platforms. This cryptocurrency has rapidly changed the trend of online casinos, and in recent years it is much more prevalent among players. After using bitcoins in casinos, it has become the most preferred type of currency by casino fans in the gambling industry. That is why now every player like to use bitcoins in the casinos because it is much profitable as well. When the price of it increases, it is possible to purchase different cryptocurrencies.


Advantages of cryptocurrency


bitcoin casino


People prefer bitcoins for many reasons. One of the most important ones is safe. It is because there is no need to share private information of customer in these casinos. That is why the system is secure, so people prefer them. There is no requirement from casino players to use their any data for registration of the account. This process depends on the player if he wants to share without any demand by the casino; he is welcome to do. In another case, the transaction will be anonymously between two parts. It is one of the advantageous of using cryptocurrency in a bitcoin casino.

Another essential factor about this digital currency is that it doesn’t use the assistance of the third party. Due to this, all the regulations made by only two parts which are the online platform and customer. So nobody can get access to the bitcoin account of the casino fan. Privacy is secure without any interruption.

The other benefit that people take from the use of cryptocurrencies in a bitcoin casino is the fees which are at a low level. So anyone can afford the transactions. It is available for many people because of these features as well as fast regulation processes.


Payment with bitcoins


bitcoin casino


Before the payment systems of casinos were different as every other process of gambling. Such as people had to go to the real casinos for making a bet. Now, there are plenty of online casinos available in the industry. So it is possible to place a chance with real money casino slots from anywhere you want with comfort. The use of digital currency is the safest way to make the payment in the casino. Because this is the most secure way to pay, it doesn’t have any restrictions in the majority of countries. So, people who want to use bitcoins may take benefit it gives them from any country without any limitation.

They need to have a BTC wallet to purchase the services in a bitcoin casino. In any other online platform when you make the payment, you should wait for at least two days for processing because of the extended registration and other regulations. But, in casinos where you pay with digital currency, your BTC wallet is the only thing you use. It will be your identification which helps to make all the payment and withdrawals with it. Therefore, this way of instant payment system will assist you to enjoy your funds or wins you got from winning casino games. It seems the use of bitcoins in gambling will increase significantly, even the rapid growth of utilization seen in recent years as well. So anyone who doubts payment methods in casinos can quickly adapt this system due to its safety.

Top 10 Movie Slot Games in 2019

Slot Games

Who does not like movie? It is tough to find such kind of person who is not interested in the film. Games and movies are some types of entertainment means. It becomes more exciting when we meet these two entertainments together. So, the online casino games providers pay special attention to this point and create the best online slot games, but they are unique as the gamer could experience the real environment of the movie. There is a thousand number of slot games with high-quality movie effects. If you like to play online games with a great background, then these type of games may be your presentation. Make sure that these kinds of online games make you feel part of the movie. Let’s look at some examples of these games.


What makes these games so unique?


Slot Games


As we mentioned above, movie-themed slot games give the gamer to be part of the game. Also, such kind of games more dynamic and this feature make the gamer get great pleasure. Most of us like adventure and these games offer us the take action and get immense satisfaction. Free spins, bonuses, prizes give another soul to online gaming. If you also want part of something bigger try the games we recommend you.


Ten best movie-themed games


Slot Games


Jurassic World – this game will take you to the action. In this game, you can see many different sorts of dinosaurs which give another vision about those times.

Gladiator – this games created by Betsoft and get a significant interaction by gamers. Majority of us love the movie which gladiator fight with lions on the central reels. Of course, to feel the same things in the game is another fantastic gaming experience. So, this game is one of our favorites.

Planet of the Apes – NetEnt produced this game, and this company knows to impact gamers, and this game is one of the best in the movie-themed online games.

Beauty and the Beast – this game also one of the interesting for its graphic and design structure. It is possible that a vast number of people have seen the same movie in cinema as outstanding Emma Watson takes the leading role and her performance again make us love this theme.

Emoji Planet – Another fantastic product of the company NetEnt. All of us use emojis in our daily life, so it is really hard to describe our emotions without them. Recently, we have watched a movie about them. So, this video slot game makes you enjoy with amazing and interesting effects.

Game of Thrones – it will be a great sin to ignore this game. As you expect, the majority of Game of Thrones fans are waiting for the new and final season of this movie. So, Microgaming makes a great attempt and present this game and in my opinion it worth to shot.

Jumanji – again NetEnt and again a fantastic movie-themed game. Many of us watched the film, and it has a special place in our hearts. So, if you also one of those who wants to remember that days play and share your experience with us.

Jungle Books – If you also like Mowgli, bear Baloo and Bagheera then be a part of this action. Of course, you too will be faced with Shere Khan as it is impossible to expect the game without this character. So, play and enjoy and write your own Jungle Book history.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones – This game is another beautiful video slot game which majority of gamer is looking for. If you also a fan of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes then this one is a perfect choice for you.

Mighty Kong – This one is also a fantastic choice for those who love King Kong. The quality of this slot game quite useful and make you feel in the Skull Island with a great theme. So, do not lose time and play.

Play these slot games and enjoy with them.